Meri Zindagi Tum Se Hi (Naagin) Episode 3


When Ritik came back bringing a glass of water he saw Shivanya sleeping peacefully. He kissed her cheek went away to work on his laptop . Ritik was thinking to call Divya, Angad and Amrita so that they can take care of Shivanya while he goes to office . After some time Shivanya gets up and goes to the kitchen where she saw Amrita and Divya working and Angad sitting on the sofa.

Shivanya : When you all came?

Angad : Just now when Ritik Bhaiya went to office. But Bhabhi we’re  angry with you

Shivanya : Why?

Divya : Bhabhi, you didn’t tell the good news

Shivanya : Which good news?

Amrita : What Bhabhi ? This good news (pointing to Shivanya’s stomach )

Angad : Bhabhi why you came out ? Go and rest and if you need anything then tell the three of us . Bhaiya has told us to care of you
Divya : Yes Bhabhi! Now you go . We’re making lunch so that you can eat .

When Ritik returned home he went to their bedroom and his siblings and Shivanya were talking .

Shivanya : Welcome back home.

Ritik : Shivanya, have you taken rest ?

Amrita : Bhabhi has not lifted a part of her body today.

Ritik : Well! You three can go now and take rest

Angad : Ok We’re going you romance with  Bhabhi

Ritik : Shut up  and go.

Shivanya : You’ll be tired . Take rest

Ritik : Shivanya,  taking rest is not enough for me to relax my self. I need to spend time with  you .

Shivanya : As you wish

Ritik came nearer to Shivanya. He kissed her cheek and hugged her.  She also hugged him back . They spent hours together . Shivanya slept in Ritik’s arm . And Ritik thought

Ritik : Shivanya should not sleep like this in this condition.  I should make her comfortable with pillows. But i cant move her because she is sleeping and if i do that then she’ll get up.

However Ritik managed make Shivanya sleep comfortably. But he didn’t want to remove his hand from Shivanya because she was sleeping peacefully by holding it. In the morning when Ritik woke up and was about to go when he heard Shivanya mumbling Sleepily
She was mumbling :Ritik ….. I ………Love. …… ………to the…….moon………and………back
Ritik smiled and kissed her fore head and went away .

Like this Nine months passed away peacefully. And it was the day of delivery.

Credit to: RS

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