Meri Zindagi Tum Se Hi (Naagin) Episode 11


Shivanya : But ….

Ritik : But what Shivanya?

Shivanya : Ritik, In Naagin world there is a rule that  girl who is below 100 years and wants to marry then will have a Swayamvar where all nags from everywhere come . If Shivriti denies to marry them then She have to give reason . If she likes Sheshrad then Sheshrad will fight that guy.

Ritik : And Shivriti is 22 years old means swayamvar ….

Shivriti : Maa

Shivanya : Don’t worry beta , I’ll do something

Sheshrad : Shivimaa (Guys Sheshrad calls Shivanya “Shivima”)

Shivanya :  What happened Sheshrad?

Sheshrad : I’m very thankful for your kindness.  After knowing my mother’s deeds you accepted me.

Shivanya : Sssssh!  Never tell like this

In the evening

Shivanya was watering the plants and Ritik was sitting on the chair in their garden. When suddenly snakes started to rain on Shivanya.  Ritik screamed.

Shivanya : Ritik,  its nothing. Don’t worry . The Nagpatra has came . It is sent by Naagrani .

Then a snake like stick appears.  Shivanya holds that stick and breaks it .Then the letter is visible . In that letter it was written that Shivriti has to go to Rani

Shivanya : Ritik,  In this letter it is written that Shivriti has to go to Rani

Ritik : Shivanya,  Nothing will happen . Sheshrad will marry Shivriti only .

In the night Ritik tells Shivriti all the news and in the morning they set out for Rani . In the Rani palace

Rani :I know that you love some other naag.

Shivriti : Yes.

Rani :How much you love him?

Shivriti : I will not say that I love him more than my life.  My answer would be “The amount of love I want to give him would be enough for both of us .”

Rani : I will agree only in one condition  .

Shivanya: What condition?

Rani : Shivanya, be cool and calm. So, my condition is that I want to see your groom . What’s his name?

Shivriti : Sheshrad

Rani : I want to see Sheshrad ..

Precap : ( sorry the precap is not decided )

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  1. Siddhi

    It’s nice but added Rivanya scene


      Ok will try to do that …..and request for love will be published by 11am


      Thanks lucky ! Also read my ffs Tere Sang Pyaar Mein, Meri Zindagi Tum Se Hi , Phulo ka taro ka sab ka kehna hai ek hazaro mein meri behna hai, Mohabbatein, Romedra ff and Request for Love

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