Meri Zindagi Tum Se Hi (Naagin) Episode 1

The Naagmani is safe for 25 years

In the temple Ritik and Shivanya are praying to Shiv Ji .Suddenly there was storm

Yogiraj : Shiv ji has given a boon to you both
Shivanya : Yogiraj, what is that ?
Yogiraj : You are now united and there will your child but if that child will be a Naagin and will love a human then he/she will not get the boon like you

In the garden Ritik and Shivanya are walking and they romance but Shivanya feels uneasy and vomits.

Ritik : What happened?
Shivanya : Ritik! My stomach and I’m feeling dizzy

Ritik smiles

Ritik : Let’s go to doctor
Shivanya : Why ritik

Ritik sits down and keeps his ear and hand on Shivanya’s stomach

Shivanya : What are you doing Ritik?
Ritik : Shivanya, these symptoms only show up when someone is pregnant .Thank you

Shivanya smiles and they both hug each other

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