Meri Zindagi tum ho SS Part 9 (Possibly the last part)

I’m back my lovely Twistinians(a name for you my readers). I hope you guys enjoy this part, if you don’t then my name queen of twists and twist ki dukaan will be taken away from me????

Ishana’s pov
I went after Gauri and Omkara and heard him saying this shayari to Gauri: “Tere liye yeh dil kurbaan ho gaya , tere liye yeh dil kurbaan ho gaya(this heart is sacrificed for you).” “Teri khushi ke liye saab karunga main, teri khushi ke liye saab karrunga main(I will do everything for your happiness).” “Paagal ho gaya main tere liye, paagal ho gaya main tere liye(I’m crazy for you).” After I heard it, I was sure that Om doesn’t love me, but Gauri. I cryingly went away, I didn’t notice that someone was running after me, until that person held my hand and it was……
End of her pov

Meanwhile at OM

Anika’s pov
“Gauri what happened to Ishana?” “Di heard the shayari that Omkara ji has written for her!” “So why is she upset?” Shivaay asked her and she replied back: “because she thinks that Omkara ji loves me and not her!” “Phel gaya raita!” I said. “Where is O?” Rudra asked. “He went after Ishana di.” Saumya answered back. “I hope that di’s missunderstanding gets cleared soon.” An upset Gauri said. “Everything will be fine!” Shivaay said.
End of her pov

Back to Ishkara

IshKara’s convo and scene
(Guys imagine the scene on a lonely road with only a few cars)
Om held Ishana’s hand and Ishana said: “leave my hand!” “No, I have held your hand not to leave it.” “What about you and Gauri?” “There is nothing between us.” Ishana calmed a little bit down and asked: “what about the shayari?” “You heard it and how is it?” “It’s beautiful and Gauri must be happy, take care of her.” “Now, I get it!” “What?” “You thought that this shayari is for Gauri, but it isn’t, because it’s for you!” “You must be joking Om!” “No, I’m not!” “How can you be so sure about that?” “Because you haven’t heard the end of it.” “Ok, I wanna hear it!” “Meri haar saanson pe bas tera haq hai, meri haar saanson pe bas tera haq hai(You have a right on every breath of mine).” “Tu meri hai aur main tera hoon Ishana, tu meri hai aur main tera hoon Ishana(You are mine and I’m yours Ishana).” When she heard his last words of the shayar she hugged him after she punched his chest for a few times. “Honk!” “Honk!” They were so lost in eachother, so that they didn’t notice the car coming towards them, but it was too late. At the last moment Om tried to push Ishana away, but she didn’t let him, because she said: “No, Om I can’t live without you, let me die with you!” “Are you crazy Ishana!” “Yeah, I’m crazilly in love with you!” “You are so stubborn!” He said and the last thing she said, before she closed her eyes: “I’m stubborn, because I want to live with, die with you and want to be with you forever.” “I’m yours forever Ishana.” He said and he closed his eyes forever too.
End of their scene and convo

Shivaay’s pov
“Hello!” “What?” “I’m coming!” “What happened Shivaay?” Tej asked. “Bade papa, I’m sorry to say that, but Ishkara met with an accident and they died there on the spot.” After I completed my sentence bade papa fell down the stairs, but luckilly badi maa saved him. “Where is my Om?” Dadi asked. “Dadi his body is in Rimjhim(made up) Road.” “What the lonely road!” Rudra said. “Yeah Rudra and Gauri, you are coming with me.” “Anika and Saumya, can you please take care of dadi, bade papa, badi maa, mom and dad?” “Yes, we will!” Both replied back and then we went.
End of his pov

Gauri’s pov
“I can’t believe it di and Omkara ji are dead.” “Not every story has an happy ending!” Rudra bhaiya said and Shivaay bhaiya said: “wow, for the first time you said something logical Rudra, hats off to you for that!” Soon we reached the road and saw IshKara in eachothers arms, it looked like they were sleeping peacefully next to eachother.” “Looking at them, I have realized that love isn’t weakness, it is strenght.” Shivaay bhaiya said, while he had tears in his eyes.
End of her pov

“Like it’s said not ever story has a an happy ending and IshKara didn’t have an happy ending, but they were with eachother when they died.”

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    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot UF?????

  2. Critic of the day

    I have a doubt, is this how shivaay and rudra or anybody in the family will react when they get to know that om is dead. I mean i m sure that shivaay will probably die of shock, i mean the scene would be extremely sad and emotional and even aggressive as in shivaays case. How can the last part be like that?

    1. AMkideewani

      Because the Shivaay in my story is different than the real IB, so the writer can end the story whenever and the way they like to do it

  3. Aashi9

    You did not explain other’s reaction
    I hate sad endings but luved the story

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot Aashi for loving the story, I didn’t know, how to explain the others feelings, I hate sad endings too???

  4. Liya

    Up to ishkara dead scene I just loved the chapter their last scene were so emotional how they said they wanna live and die together??were so emotional,but I find the rest things little weird , I am not able to digest the casual behaviour of Rudra,shivaye,annika and gauri hearing the death of their sibling….I will miss this ff especially rumya??their njok jhok??

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot Jaana, I actually don’t know, how to write emotional scenes, because I would start crying even though it isn’t real and I wouldn’t be able to stop.

      They behaved quite normally for their family, they wanted to be strong for them and that’s why they tried to support them, without falling weak

      1. Liya

        Aww mera innocent baccha???no worries we will work together in writing emotional scenes???love you yaara?

      2. AMkideewani

        I always had this probleme????

  5. Alekhika20

    Emotional ending

  6. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear.. But you made ishkara die….

    1. AMkideewani

      I’m so sorry for that, I cried while writing this part????

  7. Aarti32

    Ishkara died!! So sad yaar??
    U need not explain’s your story, u can end it d way u like..
    N Ishkara are immortal in our hearts?

    1. AMkideewani

      Hey dear I have a great news for you In love with my stalker will have two versions and one will be with IshKara.

      I was crying while I wrote this part of IshKara’s death. I have problems in writing emotional scenes?

      Yup you are right about IshKaraa❤️

  8. Sairish

    perfect ❤❤

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks Sairish❤️❤️❤️

  9. Fenil

    Sad ending.
    Loved it.
    Ishkara love u .
    Sam ki bachhi yeh expect nhi kiya tha. , aapne likha na ki lonely road with few cars that time this thought came in mind but i brushes off thinking Sam will not do this but …..:|:|;);):(:(

    1. AMkideewani

      Sorry bhaiya, yesterday my mood wasn’t great, it was sad, I cried while writing this part?????, but the good news is that In love with my stalker will have two versions one with IshKara and the other one with RagLak?

  10. Ankita27

    Sad ending.. but as u said not every story has a happy ending… Nice one n waiting for ur new ff..

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot dear and It’s updated????

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