Meri Zindagi tum ho SS Part 5

Anika’s pov
“You are impossible!” Shivaay said and because he made me get angry, I took a glass of water and threw it at him, whick made him angry, he picked me up and threw me onto the sofa, then he came on top of me and pinned me between him and the sofa. The rest were shocked by his sudden act except for Rudra. “Ajj bhaiya ko bhabhi pe itna pyaar aya(my brother is loveing my sister-in-law today)!” Rudy sang, untill everyone except for Shivaay and me shouted: “shut up Cry baby/Rudra!” “Why does everyone always tell me to shut up?” “Because you are an dumbo Singh Oberoi!” Shivaay said and Saumya replied back: “no bade bhaiya he’s not a dumbo but a dumbell Singh Oberoi!” “Jaan that was a good one!” Om said while he HiFied with her. “Is she your gf?” Gauri asked Om and he answered back: “No, she is Rudra’s wife and my bestie!” “So do you like my daughter Ishana?” Her parents asked Om and he replied back without thinking: “yes!” “Congrats beta. Dadi and TejVi said. “What about you Ishana?” Dadi asked her.
End of her pov

Ishana’s pov
“It’s a yes!” I answered back, while I felt someone staring at me, but I felt save. “Can I please talk to my soon-to-be-wife, somewhere in private?” Omkara asked my parents and his. “Yeah, sure!” Dadi said. So we both went to my room.
End of her pov

IshKara’s convo
“About what did you want to talk to me?” “About our marriage, I don’t know, if I ever will fall in love with you!” Om said, while Ishana just looked at him and she said: “even I don’t know about that!” “We can be friends, until we realize our feelings for eachother!” “Yes, that’s a good idea!” They both heard Rudra was cryingly singing: “Pyaar pyaar nahi raha aur dosti dosti nahi rahi tere liye mera protein shake(there isn’t any love left and friendship isn’t left either for you my protein shake).” “Shut up cry baby!” Omkara shouted, while the rest tried to surpress their laughter. “Why me O!” Rudy said while he fake cried. “Because you are a dumbo and an idiot!” Om said, while Rudy was pouting. Saumya came towards him and kissed his cheek without hesitating.
End of their convo

Saumya’s pov
I went towards Rudra and I ?his cheek without hesitation. He looked at me and said: “for what was that Sumo?” “For my cutie pie!” “Am I your cutie pie?” He cutely asked me and I replied back, while trying to surpress my laughter: “no, it’s for Shivaay bhaiya!” “Kya?” “You heard it Rudy!” “So you don’t love me Sumo!” “Saalo Kutro I only love you!” I shouted at him. “I’m only yours!” “Sumo, I love you, I always have and always will, because you’re the ? to me!” Rudra said while he hugged me. “Clap!” “Clap!” Our lovely family members ? ? for a few minutes, making us blush for an enternity. “Aww, main toh marjawan(aww, I will die right now).” “Don’t you dare say that again Anika!” “Solly Jaane maan!” Anika di said. We all talked for a while, after the marriage date was fixed and then we left.
End of her pov

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