Meri Zindagi tum ho SS Part 3

Important note
“Some fans are mocking my favourite couple as calling them Rag___san or Swa___lak, but before the other couple existed it was Swalak all the way!” “RagSan’s chemistry was undenyingly mindblowing, some people didn’t see their chemistry, because they were obsessed with the other two couples!” “Only to make the ratings high the CVS didn’t see the potential of RagSan beeing a couple!”
End of the important note

Ishana’s pov
I went home after talking to Anika. I was so tired, when I reached home my dear sis Gauri was waiting for me. “Did you meet Anika didi?” “Yes, I did!” “How is she?” “She is fine!” “You look tired di, it’s better if I let you rest!” “You still can stay with me, if you want to!” “No, di it’s ok!” Then she went and I went to my room. Before falling asleep it thought to myself: “I hope that he is the one!” Then sleep took over me.
End of her pov

Meanwhile at OM

Omkara’s pov
“I hope she is the one!” I said to myself before I fell asleep.

Omkara’s dream
“Who are you?” I asked a girl, but I couldn’t see her face and she replied back: “your soon to be wife!” “What?” “Yes, in a few days you are going to meet me!” I still was confused even after she left. Then I woke up and saw Rudra sleeping on top of me.
End of his dream

“Ahhhh!” I screamed and I woke everyone up except for Rudy, they came into my room and started laughing at me. “Why is this idiot in my room?” I asked Saumya, while I was waiting for her to answer. “Because he was making fun of me and he called me a fat cow, so I kicked him out of our room!” “That’s great Saumya, but now I won’t get any sleep!” I pouted at her and then she picked Rudra up and threw him outside of my room, then everyone left my room and I locked the door. “Sleep well Rudra!” I said evilly, then I went to sleep with a smile on my face.
End of his pov

The next morning

Rudra’s pov
“Why am I sleeping on the floor, infront of O’s room?” I asked myself. “Good morning Rudy!” A smilling Om said. “O what am I doing on the floor, I was sleeping beside you!” “Actually you were sleeping on top of me!” What?” “Yes, that’s why Saumya picked you up and threw you on the floor!” “What the helll Sumo!” “What happened cry baby?” “Did you throw me out of O’s room!” “Yes, I did, because Om bhai asked me too.” “O mera bhai tune mujhe tumhara kamre se nikala(O my bro, you kicked me out from your room).” I said cryingly. “You are such an drama queen!” “No, I’m not!” “Yes, you are!” Shivaay bhaiya said. “You too bhaiya!” “Yes!” “I hate you all!” I said and then I ran to my room.
End of his pov

Saumya’s pov
“Bade waal wale bhaiya and Shivaay bhaiya(long haired bro and Shivaay bro), I’m going to calm Rudra down!” “All the best Saumya!” “Rudra, just listen to me!” “No, I won’t!” I went towards him and kissed him on his lips only to calm him down(?). “Wow, Sumo!” “What?” “Why did you kiss me?” “It was Om bhaiya, who kissd you!” I extra naughtilly? said, the Om bhaiya came in. “O stay away from you took my izaat when you kissed me on my lips!” “Are you stupid Rudra, I would never kiss you on your lips!” “Then who kissed me!” “Your wife!”
End of her pov

Author’s note
“The Copyright of this story belongs to me and if you copy paste it, then I will personally kick you where it hurts the most?.”
End of Author’s note

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