Meri Zindagi tum ho SS Part 2

Part 2

How many parts do you guys want for this SS?

Omkara’s pov
“Finally I broke up with that chudhail Ridhima, she was a pain in my backside!” “She was so posessive and obsessive about me!” “But Ishana is different than her!” Oh finally I reached my home, but I was shocked, because of what I saw!”
End of his pov

Raumya’s scene
“Sumo, where are you we are getting late, because of you!” “Shut up duffer!” “What did I do now?” Rudra asked her and she replied: “Your such a dumbo, I needed your help in pinning the stole onto my blouse, but what did you do, you pinned it onto my trousers!” “I’m sorry, your highness!” He said over dramatically and ahe punched him in the stomach!” “Baby, your are so hot, when you are angry!” He said, while he pulled her closer by her waist, then she said: “you look hot, when you cry like a baby!” “O, dadi is waiting for you!” “Ok!” Om went and Raumya continued quarreling and romancing?
End of their scene

Dadi and Om’s convo
“Om come here I need to tell you something important!” “What is it dadi!” “I decided to get you married to Ridhima!” “Fhat the wuck!” “Hey, that are my signature words!” Shivaay said. “Mr. SSO everyone can say your signature words by heart!” Anika said. “Dadi, I can’t marry Ridhima, because I broke up with her!” “Finally!” Shivika said. “I knew it already Omkara, that’s why I have chosen somebody else for you and in a few days we will meet her and her family!” “Ok, dadi!” “That’s like my good boy!” Then Omkara went away.
End of their convo

Shivika’s scene
“Mrs. ASSO, where are you going?” “I’m going out to meet a friend of mine!” “Is your friend a man?” Anika could hear the jealousy in Shivaay’s voice. “No, my friend is a she!” “Oh!” An elated Shivaay said and then she went out.
End of their scene

Anika and Ishana’s scene
“Hey Ishu!” “Heya Ani!” “How are you?” “I’m not fine, my parents decided to get me married!” “Oh!” “I don’t want to get married to my parents choice, I want to marry someone that is my choice!” “Look at me I got married to the most arrogant man in the world, but he changed himself for me!” “For our love!” “Wow, that sounds amazing!” “Ishu just meet that guy and then you can decide if he is the one for you!” “Yes, you are right Ani!” “I have to go bye!” “Bye!” “See you soon!” Anika said in her mind.
End of their scene

Author’s note
“Does anyone of you guys want to play Helly, Tejaswi, Vrushika or Ada in my new story: Crazy ladkiyoon ki ghazab kahani?” “Then PM me!”

“For my dear readers, I don’t know how to say thank you to you guys, but today I will say you guys are mindblowing, fabulous, fantastic, awesome and you guys are my motivation!” “Until next time guys, stay blessed, be unique and never change yourself for someone, because you are beautiful the way you are!” “If you guys haven’t read my stories, so here is the link to my profile!”

“The Copyright of this story belongs to me and if you copy paste it, then I will personally kick you where it hurts the most?.”
End of Author’s note

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