meri zindagi (chapter 1)


hy guys its my new story and it does bas upon the characters in series, i created it so plse read it…

ashwin : a boss of big company and he had a great family ,his lovable papa( eshwar ji) ma ( rani ji) and he had a sister aarul.aarul is gd kind of a girl loved by all, she is at college level

nisha : she is p.a of ashwin’s company. she is fair,middle class girl. she lost her parents but she has a brother niven. Niven is nice looking guy, caring of her sister and soo charming.

k guys its my intro i hop all will love it. may be its my dream story and its non from the series except ashwin from ipkknd

chapter 1

nisha was working in her cabin, she heard a familiar voice ..yaa her frnd ranbir is calling her
ranbir is gd frnd of nisha and her family frnd too.
ranbir: hey nisha ..wat u r dng here? every girls r dying fr our boss bcauze its his arrival

nisha thought in hrr mind.
ss every girl in her office will die fr him and make themselves to look beautiful before him he will never look at them and ..
she was disturbed by ranbir
ranbir : wat a type of girl u r?
nisha : i want one thing. my little bro niven to be happy. so i am working tats it.

At the time ashwin enters all jumps at him except nisha, he came to her and ask her to come to cabin.

in the cabin
ashwin : all the work had been completed?
nisha : yes sir, i fnshed checking all.
ashwin : ohh god thank u nisha
nisha : its k its my duty and leaves

by the tym aarul calls ashwin.
ashwin : haa aarul! wat hapnd nw?
aarul : bhai! tmrw ma- papa ka anniv, so invite all ur staffs
ashwin : ohh k madam as ur wish and calls nisha
nisha: yes sir
ashwin’: tmrw is my parents anniv, so i want all to participate in it
nisha ‘: sure sir, i will infrm all.
nisha comes out and says the info ,all pampers out bcoz ashwin had invited and all gets happy.

next day
in the party
ashwin cmes witb his family down all claps fr him and all congrats them
nisha stands by side with a red saree,light make up looking gorgeous
ashwin is wearing a black suit damm osum and aarul announces tat she is gng to perform fr hr parents

and she dances on and everyone claps fr her. ashwin comes to nisha and compliments her. she says u too looking good. both of them know abt their history well and though nisha is his p.a he comforts with her.
aarul comes and hugs nisha as she is big fan of nisha. she wonders how simple she is within her world and her rolmodel is also her.

nisha smiles at her. and ranbir drags her side. she ask wat, he says niven is calling u!
niven: dii where r u? its party over. can i pick u.
nisha : yes niven ,come and pick me yaar
niven : k dii bye

niven arrives and sees nisha and ask her to cme.
nisha says to aarul tat she is leaving and didnt able to fnd ashwin, so she leaves.

niven and nisha had a talk. suddenly nisha feels dizzy so she left saying tat she is feeling sleep and leaves to her room
nisha falls sleep quickly

next mrng
in office
ashwin ask nisha y she left soon? nisha was nt able to answer as she feels dizzy.

she makes herself strong,try to hold bt fnally she falls

to her goodness, ashwin was near her. he take her in his arms and shiuts asking her to wake bt could nt.
he takes her to hospital and doc says nthg to worry, she is little bit wek and ask him to take care.

ashwin does know y he falls fr her everytime. though he doesnt look at any other girls bt his eye look around fr her, and he calls ranbir to info her bro

precap : niven says thanks to ashwin and takes nisha. nisha looks at ashwin with tears saying sry ashwin within her mind

i hop u alk love tis. plse comment to continue

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