Meri Wife Ki Nautanki (swasan os) by Mars

Hloooo guys!!! This is Mars here with one shot on sweet adorable heavenly swasan. This is just random thought came in my mind so thought to share it with u all. The story will depict the normal life of a married couple. Hope so u will like it.

Meri Wife Ki Nautanki(swasan os)
New Delhi:
A tall building is seen and moving further one come across a flat on third floor with name plate
” Mr and Mrs Sanskar Maheshwari”.
A man in his mid twenties opened the door of his flat and entered inside. He closed the door and loosened his tie coming towards hall.He is Ofcouse Sanskar. As he moved in, he heard sobbing sound.He saw his wife swara sitting on sofa by crossing her legs and crying like anything. Her palms are on her cheeks and non stop tears flowing from her beautiful big eyes.Seeing her condition, sanskar got tensed and instantly kept his laptop bag on table and sit beside her.
Sanskar(worried): swara what happened?? Why are u crying.??
He asked wiping her tears.
Swara (look at him): she died Sanskar.
She again started crying.
Sanskar: who died???
Swara: Rajni

Sanskar got confused bcoz as far as he knew they don’t knew any rajni.
Sanskar: who is rajni??
Swara: Samar’s wife.
Sanskar(hell confused): now who is Samar???
Swara: offfoo u don’t know anything rajni and Samar are husband and wife in serial ” meri jaan tum ho”.(point to TV on which serial was coming)
Sanskar give her unbelievable look.
Sanskar: seriously swara just a serial character died and u are crying like someone died in real.
Swara: u know how much Samar love rajni. Now how he will live but u will never understand.
Sanskar got annoyed listening her rubbish talks.
Sanskar (loudly): then what u want I should call the director of serial and request him plzzz make your rajni alive as my wife is crying.
Swara again started crying loudly.
Sanskar: now who died?
Swara(sniffs): u r shouting at me.
Sanskar closed his eyes and took deep breathe and said
Sanskar(put his arm on her shoulder): sorry Swara, trust me that rajni will come back after few episodes.
Swara: but how do u know. U r writing this story??
Sanskar(signed): in every serial same thing happens.
Swara: hmm
Sanskar: now plzz give me dinner I m starving.
Swara(kiss his cheek): ok u change I will set the dinner.
Swara went to kitchen and Sanskar moved to their room mumbling
Sanskar: at office my boss’s drama and at home my wife’s nautanki. Firstly I will cut this serials channels.
He went inside the room.

Swasan live in New Delhi as Sanskar is doing job in multinational company which provide them well maintained flat and car and high amount salary.So he is living here with his wife swara while their families live in Kolkata.
Swasan are married since 2 years. Earlier Swara was also doing job in private school but then she was not able to manage house and job so she quited as sanskar earns alot for both of them.

Dining table:
Swara served sanskar and herself food. Then they started having it with casual talks.
Sanskar:swara dal is little more salty.
Swara: no it’s okay. If u have so much complains then make yourself.
Sanskar(signed): I just said swara.
Swara: then also.
Then Swara didn’t spoke anything.
After dinner swara was taking leftover food to kitchen when Sanskar came in front.
Sanskar: angry???
Swara roll her eyes.
Sanskar: okay sorry food was very tasty(peck her lips).
Swara(smiles):yes but salt was little more in dal.(winks)
Sanskar laughs.

Swasan room:
Sanskar is lying on bed when Swara came after changing into night dress.
She came near bed when Sanskar said
Sanskar: swara plzz wake up me in the early morning. I have to attend a meeting.
Swara set the alarm and keep it near Sanskar’s pillow and went out.
Later she came and hug sanskar and both slept.

Early morning (4:00 am)
Sanskar got up with the jerk bcoz of the shriek noise entering his ear and there it was alarm ringing.
He immediately off the alarm and put it on table then looked at swara who was sleeping peacefully.
Sanskar(thought): who keep alarm almost in the ear. Only my wife.
He felt sleepy and again lie on bed.
After 5 mins at 4:05 am again alarm rings. Sanskar got irritated but didn’t got up.Alarm stops itself.He signed in relief and again slept.
After another 5 mins at 4:10 am. Again alarm rings.Now it was tooo much for Sanskar.He switched it off and mumble
Sanskar: how many alarms she has set.
He looked at swara who was not at all disturbed by alarm.He got doubt and jerked her
Sanskar: swara get up. Your this alarm is not stopping.
She slightly opened her eyes and saw him and asked
Swara: what happened Sanskar?
Sanskar; u didn’t listen the alarm.
Swara: wait a min.
She take out cotton from her ears and said
Swara: now speak.
Sanskar look at her with open mouth.
Sanskar: why u put cotton?
Swara: u were going to get up early with alarm so why should I disturb my sleep so for safety.
Sanskar signed when again alarm rings at 4: 15am. Sanskar felt like throwing it somewhere.
Sanskar: and this how many alarms u have set?
Swara: 4 alarms after every five mins.
Sanskar: why?
Swara: if u will not get up with first then after 5 mins second will ring then if not second then third if…
Sanskar: okay okay I got it.
(Even I used to set 5-6 alarms after every 5 mins when I have to get up early ##hehe crazy me)
Swara: now may I sleep.
Sanskar:hmm and i told u early morning not midnight. I mean at 6o’clock.
Swara: then u should have specified the time.
Sanskar (join his hands):okay it was my mistake u r always right.
Swara: yes good boy.
She lie on bed while Sanskar also slept setting another alarm at 6 am.
(Hayee alarm alarm ho gaya hehehe)

Sanskar is in office and swara after completing her household works went to her neighborhood friend kavya Khanna.Kavya’s husband, Nikil khanna is working with sanskar only in same company. Kavya is little gossip lover so every afternoon swara and she used to sit and gossip about serials, what happened in their building all that. Kavya knew all the breaking news of the surroundings.

Kavya’s house:
Her flat is beside swasan flat.
Swara entered inside as she opened the door.
Swara:hi kavya.
Kavya:hello swara plzz take seat.
Kavya bought some snacks and they start chitchating.
Kavya: u know I had done online shopping and I will show u my new saree.
Kavya bought the saree and shown her.
Kavya:its beautiful na. Nikil was saying that as if it is made only for me.
Swara(thinks): huh!! Self praising.
Kavya: I will tell u the site if u want u can also order. But it is bit costly.
I don’t know sanskar will let to take it or not but when I asked my nikil he instantly agreed how sweet of him na.
She was showing off and swara was cursing her in mind but was giving her fake smile.
Later talking for sometimes she went to her house.

Evening (7pm)
Swara is pacing here and there in hall waiting for sanskar and talking to herself.
Swara:what that kavya thinks of herself I can also buy that saree.
Then only door bell rings. She ran to open the the door.
Sanskar give her smile and came inside. Swara instantly held her bag and said
Swara(extra sweetly): sanskarrrr
She show him her all teeths smilingly. He found something fishy but then ignored.
Swara:u get fresh up I had made your favourite dishes with proper salt in them.
Swara vigorously nodded.
Then they had their dinner.
Swara was behaving very nicely and over caringly.
Sanskar was now damm sure that she must want something and was waiting when she will ask.

Swasan room:
Swara sit closely to sanskar and keep her head on his shoulder.
Sanskar :swara
Sanskar: why u r buttering me this much today.
Swara:so my love is buttering for u.
Sanskar: I didn’t mean that.
Swara: it’s okay if u think I m buttering u then u have to give me what I want.
Sanskar: ahah now coming to the point.
Sanskar said seeing her nautanki.
Sanskar: tell me what u want?
Swara: I want saree same like kavya. She was showing off to me(pout).
Sanskar: swara u have sooo many sarees that u can open your own saree showroom but then also…
Swara made cry baby face. Sanskar saw her and said
Sanskar: but then also u can buy it.
Swara jumped on him and hugged him tightly. He stumbled back.
Swara: thank you so much u are best. Love uu.
Sanskar: so now I should also get something in exchange.
He said naughtily caressing her belly under her nighty.
Swara moved back and said
Swara: Sanskar what are u doing tomorrow u have to go to office and we should follow the proverb” early to bed and early to rise makes the man healthy wealthy and wise” so sleep now.
She lie on her side and closed her eyes.
Sanskar looked at her shocked that till now she was ready to do anything but as her work is done she changed her colours.
Swara felt Sanskar’s gaze and opened her eyes.She sits and kiss on his lips astonishing him. Soon she broke the kiss before sanskar could respond.
Swara: this much is enough.
Sanskar pull her through waist and kissed her lips passionately.
After breaking the kiss, he said breathing heavily
Sanskar: now satisfied. Swara’s cheeks turn to darkest shade of pink.
Sanskar smiles and then both slept in each other’s embrace.

After two days:
Sanskar saw swara sitting on bed with cute pout on her lips.She has spreaded her new saree like kavya’s saree in front of her. Beside her was present her tab.
Sanskar: what happened swara?
Swara: this saree is not looking good on me.
Sanskar: u are looking gorgeous in it.
Swara: no u r lying.
Sanskar: why would I lie.
Swara: see I had posted its pic on fb and I got only 36 likes and that kavya also posted and she got 93 likes.It means she is looking more beautiful.
Sanskar signed and said
Sanskar: firstly u were crying to buy this saree and now u are doing this drama.
Swara: this seems drama to u. Then why did u asked what happened to me.
Sanskar: okay tell me when u posted this pic.
Swara: two hours back.
Sanskar: and when kavya posted?
Swara: two days back.
Sanskar: then it has been 48 hours since she posted and for u its just two hours.
Swara(confused): means??
Sanskar: in two hours u got 36 likes then in 48 hours how many likes u will get?
Swara: let me calculate.
She opened calculator of tab and did calculation.
Swara(raise her hand in shock): 1728 likes.Its much more then kavya.
Sanskar: yup. Now happy.
Swara: super happy.
Swara stand up and show her saree to sanskar by twirling and he laughs seeing her excitement.

After one week:
Swara is in kitchen preparing for dinner when two strong hands wrap around her waist and who else can be except Sanskar.
Swara looked at him and smiles.
Sanskar: Mrs Sanskar Maheshwari there is good news.
Swara(chuckles): don’t tell be u r pregnant.
Sanskar(make faces): very funny.
Swara: okay tell your good news.
Sanskar: I got promotion(kiss her cheek)
Swara turn in happiness and in excitement she kept her palms smuggered in flour on her cheeks and said
Swara: I m proud of u hubby.
Sanskar(yukk face): swara
Then only swara realized that his whole face is covered with flour due to her hands.
Swara: sorrryyyy. BTW I applied facepack.hihihi
Both laughs.
Swara: okay what u bought for me.
Sanskar: first wash your hands.
Swara(giggles): okay.
After washing her hands and Sanskar also cleared the flour from her face.
Sanskar opened a small box and take out chain in which a locket was there with $$ symbol.
Swara: woow its beautiful.
Sanskar: u liked it.???
Swara: I loved it so much.(Peck his lips)
Then swara took sweets and feed him and same he did. Then they went out for dinner and night movie show to celebrate.

Next day
Swara went to kavya’s house with sweet box.
Kavya: plzz come Swara
Swara: thanks and have these sweets. Sanskar got promotion nikil must have told you.
Kavya(fake smile): yeah he told me.
She took the box and keep on table.
Kavya: Swara if u don’t mind may I say you something.
Swara: sure
Kavya: how can sanskar get promotion. Nikil is also working with him only.
Swara(smiles): he works very hard and my Sanskar is very dedicated towards his work.
Kavya: believe me or not nikil was saying that now sanskar and his boss’s daughter is very close to each other.
Swara: what rubbish kavya its nothing like that.
Kavya: nikil works with him all day so he see what all your husband do in office. But u r at home only.
Swara: huh!! U people are jealous of my Sanskar.
Kavya: its your choice if u don’t want to accept that Sanskar has affair with his boss’s daughter otherwise promotions are not like that only.
Swara; just shut up kavya. How can u say to my husband like this. He got promotion bcoz of him company got the new project.
Kavya: okay then just wait for the day when Sanskar will come and ask for the divorce.
Swara(teary eyes): u r disgusting kavya.
Swara left from there.

Night(9 pm)
Its raining outside and swara is waiting for Sanskar as he is late today
His mobile is also switched off. Swara is tensed now. So she went to kavya’s house.
Kavya opened the door.
Kavya: yes now?
Swara(fidgeting her fingers): actually I want to ask that nikil came or not?
Kavya: he came at his regular time.why Sanskar didn’t came??
Swara(sad): no.
Kavya: must be enjoying with his girlfriend in office. Weather is also very romantic.
Swara glare at her and left.

At 9: 45pm
Sanskar entered inside the house all tired.Swara ran to him.
Swara: Sanskar why are u late. U know how much tensed I was.
Sanskar: sorry I was busy in work and my phone is also dead.
Swara: ok u change I will give dinner.
Sanskar; no swara I already had dinner at office. Boss had ordered as it was getting late.
Swara immediately remembered kavya’s words about boss’s daughter. But she brushed away her thoughts bcoz she trust sanskar.

Swasan room:
Even swara didn’t have her dinner as she was not feeling to eat. She was upset bcoz Sanskar didn’t talk once also with her. She saw him already asleep on his side of bed.Her eyes got filled with tears bcoz sanskar always says that he can’t sleep without hugging her but today he slept before she came.she lie on her side and soon drifted to sleep.

After one week:
It has been one week now since sanskar is ignoring Swara.He goes to office early and come late at night.
Actually he was not doing intentionally as he got promoted so his responsibilities increased with that work load also so he was trying to manage it by over working.
Swara was really sad seeing his negligence. For her it’s just like sanskar just come to sleep at home.
How much she don’t want to think about kavya’s words but its human nature,your mind will strike at that thing which u don’t want to remember.
Now Swara decided to confront Sanskar.

Sanskar is getting ready for office. When swara said
Swara: why are u ignoring me sanskar?
Sanskar (look at her): I m not ignoring you.
Swara: u don’t care about me since one week. Bcoz of your such behaviour people started talking.
Sanskar: from where people came??
Swara told him what all kavya said
Sanskar:so u also have doubt on me that I have affair with my boss’s daughter.
Swara: no Sanskar I trust you.
Sanskar: ohh really but I think you believe kavya’s words. I never knew u will trust some outsider not me.
Saying this he angrily left from there to office.
Swara stood there crying.
Later, she composed herself and planned something.

Sanskar was upset bcoz he unnecessarily got angry at Swara and didn’t give her chance to speak. He knew his wife is bit childish and innocent to dangerous level. So she believe on anyone.
He thought to surprise her by gifting her something and ask sorry.

Evening (7 pm)
Sanskar came inside but didn’t find swara.He got sad as she is always there to welcome him.
He went to his room.

Swasan room:
Sanskar entered inside and saw whole room decorated beautifully. A big sorry board was hanging in the centre and under it there was written I love you and trust u Sanskar. He was seeing around when he felt two soft hands around his chest. Swara back hugged him
Swara (whispers): I m sorry. I didn’t mean to doubt you.
Sanskar felt wetness on her shoulder and realized that she is crying.
He instantly held her hand and bought her in front.
Sanskar(wipes her tears): even I m sorry I should not have overreacted.
Swara(happy): it means u are not angry?
Sanskar: not at all. I know u can’t think wrong about me.
Swara hugged him and he also tightened the hug. After breaking hug..
Swara: Sanskar u will not give me divorce na?
Sanskar (confused): why will I divorce u?
Swara:kavya said that u will leave me.
Sanskar: swara u r my half part. How can I survive without you.
Swara: I love u sooooo much.
Sanskar: love u till infinity.
Then sanskar gifted swara saree and she liked it alot.
Sanskar looked in her eyes with desire. He placed his lips on her and both closed their eyes and kissed each other passionately.Then Sanskar picked her in bridal style and gently place her on bed. He was rubbing his nose on her cheeks when Swara said
Swara: sanskar kavya was saying…..
Before she could complete. Sanskar put his finger on her lips and said
Sanskar(huskily): now I want to listen only one name and that is..
He bite her neck
Swara:(mourn): Sa..nskar
Sanskar: yes this one (# besharam sanskar and me)
Sanskar: and one thing, my boss don’t have any daughter. (Laughs)
Swara(shock): but kavya said
Sanskar: she is stupid lady. Don’t visit her all the time. She just manipulate u.
Then they got busy doing very important work.
(Give them privacy yarrrr)

The End.

I know there was no proper story and it was not any different concept but I just thought to write. If any scene u find similar to something then sorry as such scenes are common on TV.

One important thing, the response on my stories is decreasing. See I know u can get bore as reading same way of writing everyday. So if u all want then I can take leave for few days so u all can refresh. Do tell me frankly I don’t mind.

Don’t forget to give your views about this os.
Kindly leave your comments.
Silent readers its humble request if possible leave your feedback.
Thank you
Take care.

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