Meri Teri Love Story (pyaar ki ek anookhi dastan) part-3


It’s noon and Amaya,Arv,Sammar,Pankhuri meet up at the backstage of the college theater to practice their parts of the play. Sammar says the dialouges of Raj and Pankhu says the dialouges of Simran with no expression. Pankhu says Amaya say it with love let me show you PYAAR MEINAI TUMSE KYEHAI I LOVE U RAJ. Everyone claps for Amaya u say so perfect amu.Amaya says thanks.IN the night, Amaya and Pankhuri are getting ready amu wish me luck best of luck and a big hug Pankhu. thanks. The teachers call for the participants for the play of RAJ and SIMRAN
Raj:Simran U R my First love
Simran: i love u too
villian (shanaya): Raj only belongs to me not Simran
The play continues at last Raj and Simran uniets
Everyone claps for them. Now is break time and all the participaints are in backstage teachers were on break so when shanaya noticed tere was noone she put oil on the stage so amaya could slip. Break time was over and amaya and Arv started performing they got all of applauses and in the end Meena (amaya) was suppose to run to rahul (arav) but she twisted her feet and was about to fall just then arv came and picked her up in his arms , they had an eyelock ( a romantic song ) started playing . The play ended everyone stood up and clapped.Arv carried Amaya to the backstage and was mad at her
Amu: arav sorry
Arv: u should have been more careful
Pankhuri and Sammar rush to see what happend

Precap:students are going to a camp .Amaya life in danger

Guys I have thought to pick songs instead of just writing romantic song
Song for the first couple ; JEENA JEENA form Badlapur
2nd couple: TUM HI HO form Ashiqui 2
The couples u will find out later, but u alrady have a guess

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  1. Oh god fariha sooooo nice….

  2. Lagi raho 😎

  3. Nice epi..but I hate this Shanaya yaar..Precap looks worrying..I think her hero Arv will come to save her..waiting for next part eagerly..update soon..take care ?..

  4. Hey fariha, i thnk u should reccmnt the sngs in the situatns rathr dan at the end. Dat wil giv a clear bakground to the scene. Its just my view pnt. . . Sry, if u felt bad. . . N ur stry is going gud:-)

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