Meri Teri Love Story ( pyaar ki ek anokhi dastan)

This is a love story of 4 best friends. Amaya, Arav, Sammar, and Pankhuri. Amaya Shrivastav, the only daughter of mr.harish shrivastav who is a well knowed buisnessman. Amaya is a very good singer and dancer at her college.She is a brave girl who is no less then boys and she is really generous and kind. 7 things Amaya is crazy about is shopping, street food,fitness,fun and her 3 best friends Arav, Pankhuri,and Sammar. 4 things Amaya hates is shanaya (a girl in their college who likes to show off and woo boys) next thing is breaking someones heart,seeing poor kids begging in the street,and her best friends getting mad at her. Next up is Arav Riazada, whose father is a rich and selfish bussines owner.he is a little bit spoilt but very helpful and caring also very clever in both good and crazy ways. Arav never wants to see tears at his bestfriends eyes ( specially amaya) 3 things Arav loves his mom, his friends and his college.2 things he hates shopping , and is scared that if he falls in love he may be heartbroken.Then comes our sweet,cute,and shy Pankhuri Deewan. Pankhuri was bought up by her sister Navya who died in an accident and ever since that she became less talkitive and serious. Pankhuri has a secrate crush on someone ( will be revealed later) she also loves her best friends and playing violante. The cool Sammar Dixit brother of Naran Dixit who is a famous doctor. Sammar wants to be a musician. Girls go crazy on him and Arav specially shanaya . Samar hates his step-mom. Smamar also loves his bff’s. Samar’s only love is music . He doesn’t have time for real love.Amaya and Pankhuri considerd St.Yearls most beautiful girls Arav and Sammar considerd St.Yearls handsome hunks. So how is love story form between 4 different characters Amaya: lives to love, Arav: who is scared to love, Pankhuri: who is unable to confess her and Sammar: who has no time to love.

TO KNOW MORE KEEP READING THE FAN FIC OF MERI TERI LOVE STORY(pyaar ki ek anokhi dastan) and please let me know how you feel about it.
Precap: College Play and Pankhuri’s secrate crush reveal.

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  1. So guys this is a new story i thought of only if u guys love it that’s when i will continue i will try my best to put in early updates. I really need ur help please let me know ur feedbacks. love u guys and thanks for reading.

  2. Oh fariha nice start…. and friendship bonding between 4 simply super

  3. Interesting..Superb intro and Narration..pls looks somewhat different story..waiting for ur updates..ALL D BEST FOR UR STORY..take care ?..

  4. girl u got this i really like this great start

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