Meri Teri Love Story (pyaar ki ek anokhi dastan) part-8


hi guys i am writing after a long time i know but today’s episode is sepcial that’s why the PRECAP: Suprise
So, it’s morning and Pankhuri is shown waking up and drinking her coffee but it’s hot and she burns her tounge then she thinks of something and goes into a flashback
( in college pankhu is in canteen doing her work and took a sip of coffee and burns her tounge then sammar comes and scolds pankhuri saying u should have been more careful and pankhu stares at him with love) FB ends
in the other hand Amaya is driving to reach office just then a car in the front comes and amaya truns her car she then comes out and knocks on the window of the other car
the person gets down Amaya turns without seeing the face she says don’t u know know how to drive we were about to have an accident the person says i am sorry i didn’t notice amu turns and they both say tum tum (it’s arv)
Amaya: of course i should know
Arv:excuse me i said sorry but i guess u don’t deserv it
Amaya: oh please i know u did this on purpose so i can get late to office and u get mr.kurana’s deal
Arv: i am not that cruel that i will try to kill someone
(they both leave)
Pankhuri tells titli( her nieghboor) that she is going to mumbai to attend an important surgey
Pankhuri leaves for the flight
Amaya and Arv reach Mr.khurana’s office and mr.khurana says i will tell who got the deal later after my daughter’s wedding
Amaya: your daughter meaning nia it’s her wedding
MK: yes
MK: and Ms.Amaya and Mr.Arv u guys r invited because during your wedding nia attended it and she loved it and she grew friendshp with both of u
Amaya:mr.khurana u know what happend right we are now divorced
MK: but she doesn’t know and i want to see her happy if u guys could please act like a married couple
Arv: ok we will come

Precap: Amaya and Arv act like a married couple for the wedding and amaya and pankhuri meets today the picture i put is pankhuri’s aka SANAYA Irani

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