Meri Teri Love Story (pyaar ki ek anokhi dastan) part-6 MAHAEPISODE

recap: Twist, 6 years leap
Guys form now on the story will go backwards it’s in the future and the story will make it’s way back to the past covering what happend before the leap,so let’s get started

6 years later,
we see a car coming form a far distance and the car is approching torward a big bunglow the car stops in front of the bunglow and we see a lady come out of there and she is talking to someone on phone. The lady is wearing a red saree with a shade of pink, her hair is in a long braid on one side of her shoulder, she is wearing a simple diomand necklace. all of sudden someone calls out ma’am the lady turns and the face is shown it’s noneother than our Amaya.
Amaya is now a big buissness women who is really rich
The screen shifts to an office building where an guy says sir u have meeting with Ms.Amaya regreding to the new deal. the boss is turned the other way with his face unshown
He turns and says thanks for reminding me Aman but i already know how can i forget this meeting . The boss is none other than Arv Rizada.
The scene shifts to the meeting where amaya and arv try to enter the room at the same time, but arv says excuese me i was the to come first so i will go first
Amaya: Actually i think u have some problems because i was the one to come first
Arv:Tum khoud hi ek problem ho meri zindigi ka jiska koye solution nahi ha
Amaya: Arv this is office not the time to disscuiss personal problem and who r u calling a problem me Mr.Riazada don’t forget that 6 years ago what happend was not my fault it was someone else and u know who it is
Amaya and Arv stare at each other with angry looks
Someone calls out pankhu. Pankhuri turns and says Mera Namm Pankhu nahi hai agar Pankhuri bolna nahi ata toh phir mojhe mat pokaro.
Pankhuri is shown wearing a mangalsutra and sindoor.Ok Pankhuri itna angry kue ho ra he ha. Titly the people that used to call me pankhu is now seperated form me Amu and Arv whom i miss alot and the other person that used to call me pankhu has changed me, broken my heart, and only gave me pain. Now i have moved on as u can see.
Sammar has now moved to London and is a famous musician who now hates pankhuri.
Precap: Amaya is hiding a secrate from Arv

So guys please tell what u feel about this leap, i know that some of u might not like it but it’s a love story and a love story without a twist is not fun and never forget that

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  1. dr, its a mahaepisode. . . Bt story is of miniepisode lngth. . . I lyk ur story vry much. . . Plz make it longer. . .plz. . . 🙂 n to whom is pankhu married to?

  2. What panku shadi kar liya god what isvthis yaar…. no way

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