Meri Teri Love Story (pyaar ki ek anokhi dastan) part-2

The bell in college rang,and we see amaya, arav, sammar ,and pankhuri come out. We see a bright cute smile in amaya’s face she says wow we having a college play where they show 2 love stories how romantic.Whatever said Arav it’s so ridicuilous. Right said Pankhuri it’s just a waste of time and instead of concentrating on this we should focus on our math exam which is next week. Pankhu, Arav what is this yaar u guys said amaya turning away frustrated.
Sammar: leave it amu (amaya) they will always remain boring like this.
Amaya: how can i leave it like this it’s not done i will see how they not parcitipate .
Arav: amu please
Amaya: arav please please agree please for me
Arav: amu u really know how to convince me u know that i can do anything for u (a romantic tune plays)
Sammar: pankhu (pankhuri) u also agree
Pankhuri: NO
sammar: please please
Pankhuri: no no no
Amaya: ok then me,sammar, arav will not talk to u till u agree
Arav: but I never said that i won’t talk to her
Amaya and Sammar: ARAV
Arav:ok, I will not talk to pankhu
everyone leaves
In the morning amaya, sammar, arav are in the canteen drinking tea and pankhuri comes and trys to say hi but they walk away. In the lecture class pankhuri tries to talk to sammar but he gets up and goes to the teacher to ask some question. In lunch pankhu comes and says why r u guys ignoring me.
Amaya: because u hurt us by not listening to us
Pankhuri: what i am so sorry i didn’t realise i hurt u so much i am a very bad friend (she starts crying) u guys mean the world to me i am sorry I will do whatever u ask me to do i will do the play
All the others laugh
Pankhuri: why r u guys laughing
Amaya: aww pankhu u know ur so cute we were not mad at u we were trying to make u agree sorry
Pankhuri: what so mean
Just then the teacher came and said i am assinging roles for the play we have 2 couples who wants to be the couples amaya raises her hand and so does sammar. Amaya sees arav not rasing his hand so she raises his sammar does the same with pankhu. The teacher says so our first couple Raj and Simran will be played by Sammar and Pankhuri and our 2nd couple Rahul and Menna will be played by amaya and arav. The class is now dissmissed. YES amaya yells. Shanaya comes out crying and says no why do i have to be a villian does the pretty girl shanaya looks like a villan to the akhru teacher. Amaya says shanaya do u know what a villian means it means someone like u. Arav and Sammar giggles. Pankhuri is still sitting in her seat blushing and remembering when the teacher said our first couple is sammar and pankhuri. That’s when sammar comes in and they have and pankhuri is staring at him with alot of love.
Precap: During the play Shanaya puts oil and amaya twisted her feet and arav carrys her in his arms.
This was the 2nd part I hope u guys enjoyed it and thanks for the feedback.
I had a question saying how u pronounce arav name and it’s pronounced AR-V not ar-av the a is silent.

Credit to: fariha


  1. Nice epi buddy..i love emotionally blackmailing by friends to Pankhu..on reading today epi I think Pankhu likes Samar..Keep writing..and waiting for next part eagerly..
    R u studying or working?..
    Take care ?

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