Meri Teri Love Story (pyaar ki ek anokhi dastaan) part-5


REMINDER: amaya got saved by arv and pankhuri and sammar are in college together

After amaya gets save and the police arrest the goons everyone gets back into the bus including arv. Amu and Arv sit next to each other
Amaya: arv thank u so much
Arv: amu r u mad u r the one who thaught us no sorry and no thank u in friendship
Amaya; but…
ARV: no buts
Arv: amaya u r really jhasi ki rani.
Amaya: thanks
Arv; if possible u should have showed ur fighting skills
Amu: i was going too but one them pushed me and u saved me
In college:
Pankhuri teaches Sammar how to play violent
Sammar: wow pankhu u play so good
Pankhu: thanks
sammar i want to tell u something
Sammar: tell me what u want to say
Pankhuri: i i i i i i…
Sammar: r u ok panku because u are stuck at i is there anything after i
Pankhuri: i am ok i was just wondering something but it’s ok i will tell u later
Sammar: bye pankhu
Pankhuri wants sammar to stop but can’t say nothing while sammar tries to leave his watch and pankhuri’s dupatta gets stuck (tum hi ho plays)
The students reach the camp and they go to their rooms amu room is next to arv’s room but they can’t see each other because the curtains cover the window

Precap: Twist, 6 years leap Amaya, Arv, Sammar, Pankhuri lives change, new entries.

Sorry guys for the late update I was real sick but the upcoming episode of MTLS will experience a change so stay tuned

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  1. What what is this twist yaar

  2. hayathi stay tuned for the Mahaepisode of Meri Teri Love Story where u will learn everything

  3. Y der is a suddn leap, woh bi 6 yrs. . .?

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