Meri Teri Love Story (pyaar ki ek anokhi dastaan) part-4


Hi guys today is my birthday nov 11 i turn 19 today, so i am writing a special episode today hope u guys enjoy it and bless me.
After, Amaya twisted her feet she is being taked care by her friends and dad.

3 days later
It’s morning and the teacher says that some students are taking a field trip to a camp the students who wants to go can fill out the sheet. Amaya says i am going and so r u all (arv, sammar,pankhuri) no i am not going, but why sammar because i have to practice for musical night . Pankhu says i am not going either i have to study math. Amaya says fine then Arv will come with me.
Arv: actully, amu i can’t
Amaya: oh so nun of u want to come ok i get ur friendship now i will go alone then
Arv: amu
Amaya leaves

The next day amaya is going to the field trip with other students and arv, pankhu ,sammar come to see her off but amaya ingores them and leaves in the bus. Arv says i should have gone with amu she is alone and bored without us pankhu and sammar agrees. On the way some goons stop the college bus and tells everyone to handover their money and valuable things Amaya says what who r u to take over our bus
GOONS: hey shut up and handover ur things otherwise i will shoot u
Amaya: says tere baab ka raj hai kya that i will listen to u

the goons see a gold picture frame with pankhuri,sammar,arv, and amaya’s picture and asks amaya to give it. The proffeser tells amaya to give the frame . Amaya says no sir this picture is more valueable to me than my life. Arv is on his way to catch up with the bus. Amu smartly snatches the guns from the goons and tells them to get out of the bus and if they show any smartness she will shoot them. Amu calls the police and tells them to reach the spot. she points the gun at the goons. when amaya turns around a goon pushes her off the cliff, but arv comes and holds her hand they have an eyelock and (dahalise pe mere zindigi jo rakhe hai to na kadam tere naam paar meri zindagi likhe de mere humdam ha seikha mene jeena jeena kaise jeena ha seikha mene jeena merehumdam) plays. Arv then turn arounds and beats the goons just then police come and arrest the goons. Amaya hugs arv and cries r u ok amu says arv. Meanwhile, pankhu plays violent an sammar comes and claps for her. sammar tells pankhu to teach him violent pankhu say ok. Pnakhuri was about to get up and slips sammar catcher her ( tum hi ho) plays. The screen frezees at amu hugging arv;pankhu falls and sammar catches her

PRECAP: Amaya and Arv spending time at camp and Pankhu tries to confess her love

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  1. Happy birthday dr…. May God bless u nd your all wish come true nd plz keep writing..wonderful story

  2. Wish u many more happy returns of the day dr…… u will get all happiness in ur life….. nice update…. ???

  3. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY ?..May God fulfil all ur Legal Desires and wishes and bless u with HAPPINESS and PROSPERITY in ur life..? Keep Smiling ?..
    Nice epi di….this time emotional blackmail works out late..Arv came at right time..
    Precap looks good..Waiting for next part eagerly..update soon..take care ? di..

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