Meri sassu maa ff.. Epi-2

The episode starts with Sattu and maa Saab comes to office and distributes bonus and sweets to all.. All workers thnx them. Suddenly some one shouts that they are cheating!! Man comes out it is Adithya.. He tells they are giving less money and their profit of this year is 28cr.. But our salary is increased to 12,000.. Just 100rs.. She increased.

Adithya shouts with all workers.. He demands for more salary.. Pari waits outside for adithya… Sattu tells sure we will increase salary to 15,000.. They all smiles at each other.. They all thnx Adithya and leaves from there to start their work. Sattu and maa Saab sees him and leaves from there.. Maa Saab goes first.

Sattu comes back with flowers in his basket. He comes near pari.. She turns and hits at his head.. All flowers falls from up. They share an eyelock.. While she was about to slip.. He holds her hand.. Allah warriyan plays.. She smiles.. He gets up and tells her don’t u have eyes? She tells then u? I have eyes. He and she starts fighting.. Maa Saab waits for sattu.. Adithya comes there and asks what? He sees sattu fighting and tells him to stay away from her daughter.. He tells she wasted my flowers.

She tells u wasted my time.. They again starts.. Adithya tells sattu to leave.. Sattu leaves from there and sits in car. Sattu tells maa Saab that Adithya daughter is over reacting. She asks who is she?sattu shows her in mirror. Maa Saab sees her and smiles. She tells she will be correct girl for sattu!! Then stops and tells she is worker daughter. Then!! She tells so what!

Precap: Pari comes in scooter and hits sattu Duke bike.. They starts fighting..

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. episode was nice specially sattu and pri’s scene and fight

    1. Narendran

      thnx ooshi..i will post next epi on friday..sorry i have some work

  2. The ff pic!!which epi??

    1. Narendran

      it is ff an imaginary story!!

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