Meri sassu maa ff.. Epi-1


Guys this show has less fans.. But sattu and pari chemistry is talked by many people!!.. So let us start without any Bla bla.


Sattu;He is young boy.. He loves his maasaab sooo much.. He always does what she says.

Pari:She is young.. Open minded girl.. Whatever she thinks she will speak openly..

Maa saab: She loves her son sattu alot! she always accepts all his wish..

Adithya; He is father of pari.. He loves her daughter alot.. He wants to make her as big lawyer..

Ragini:She is mother of pari. She always has her own thought and does not love her. Becoz pari is not her daughter.

Raghul:He is son of ragini and Adithya. He loves pari sister alot.. He always fights with her.

Now let us start…

Adithya shouts to get up from bed. And it is already late!! One girl moves her leg and sees time and runs inside washroom and brushes her teeth and sees mirror and smiles.. She completes brushing and goes inside washroom and comes wearing towel.. She dances infront of mirror.

One boy gets up in mrng and comes near maa Saab and takes her blessing and smiles at her. It is none other than sattu.. He tells her that today u have told that u will give bonus from u r hands..!! She smiles and tells u always remember what I say!

He tells becoz I love u so much than my life. She gets up from chair and hugs him and prays for his future life.. Pari comes out and sits in car with Adithya.. Ragini bids bye curtly.. Pari and Adithya comes out of college and waits for result!!. Adithya runs there and sees Pari name!! He gets amused and tells pari that u got first class!! She smiles and hugs him.

Precap:Pari and Adithya comes to house and distributes sweets to all. Pari and maa Saab gives bonus to workers.

Hope u all liked it.. Soon I will update next epi..

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. naren kch apna b khyal kr lia kro zrori nhi k hr show ki ff ho aur tmhare pas ff ki kmi hai jo 1 aur start kr di main tmhain dant nhi rhi lakin thora sa to demagh ko rest dia kro abhi maine ff nhi prhi abhi to ff k writer ka name prh kr comment kia hai ab ff prh k comment kron gi

  2. good start keep it up in precap pri and maa saab is some confusing

  3. Fan fiction on msm… Great nob. Try to finish it completely with many episodes.. Nice introduction.

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