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Meri Saasu Maa 9th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari asks the cart man if he can be a passenger. He asks what she means. She takes another dress from her bag.
Maa saa asks Sattu to bring Pari back from Amavas Temple. He takes Maa saa’s blessings and leave. Babita tells Bhabi to think about Pari whose dream has gone to some drain.
There, Pari drives the cart speedily. Maa Saa tells the driver to stop the car and gets out of the car. Bhabis were still asleep in the car. Maa saa notices a black car behind them. Babita watches the file in the bag lying on the front seat, she points it to Bhabhi. Babita opens the file but maa saa comes out there and then. Babita keeps the file back as it was. Maa saa gets in the car and tells the driver to go home. The black car still follows them.
Maa saa stops the car in the way, Pari passes

by driving the cart. Maa saa wonders who was there in the cart. The cart man asks Pari for money, Pari says she will only give him 30 rupees as she rode the rickshaw. Nearby, a car hits a man who gets injured. Pari goes to help the man and gives him water to drink. She asks someone for help, there was no rickshaw nearby as well. A man comes out of the gate, Pari tells him to send him to hospital as her exam would miss. The guard tells Pari she is late and can’t go in. She insists that her father and Maa saa, for both, this exam is really important. The man tells guard to let her go in. Pari thanks him and takes the exam.
Daddo asks Bhawna if she is doing alright. Bhawna says if she keeps a milk pot’s lid empty the cats would come. Daddo says she takes care of all the matters, the house, the shop and everything. Bhawna shares with Daddo that a car was stalking her when she was coming back. Daddo says this must only be a suspect. Bhawna says no, it isn’t. she says she is worried and feels as if something bad is going to happen.
There in the temple, the prayers went on. Sattu comes there and looks around. He watches Pari doing the pooja. She turns to see Sattu, smiles and comes to him. He also smiles, she gives him Prasad. He asks if she took the exam. She says both of her exams are over. She is really happy that she fulfilled the resposibiity maa saa gave her. He asks how she did this. Pari says she isn’t that idiot, she took the exam in an hour and then came here. She took enough exam to get the admission, later she will study hard. She asks Sattu to lets go to home.
At home, Pari comes to Maa saa and says she did the Pooja well, did the aarti in every 3 hours as well. Maa saa tells the ladies to shut the door, they lock all the doors. Pari gulps. Maa saa removes the saree off Pari’s head and unfolds it around her body. Pari was shocked as she had been draped in blouse and pants. Everyone was shocked. Maa saa throws the saree at her saying she hates lies. Pari says she doesn’t lie, she doesn’t like to but she had no other way. Maa saa asks what was such a liability that she had been wandering in jeans in the city. Pari says she thought she won’t be able to climb the temple stairs in saree so she wore saree over jeans, still she climbed all the stairs in saree. Maa saa asks why she was roaming around the city in this. Pari says she had an exam, she had to reach it; the cart driver denied taking her so she drove it herself. Maa saa asks if this was the only thing left? Maa saa says Pari will get the punishment for this. Pari says exam was important. Maa saa says for her, everything is important for her but the ethics and morales of this family. Pari asks if wearing jeans is so bad, she did the pooja well. Maa saa says what Pari did was out of the limits in this house, she will get punished for it. Pari says to Maa saa that she had given some photos in royal studio, she must see that she did the Pooja well. Maa saa says this doesn’t mean she won’t be punished.

PRECAP: Pari asks Maa saa to allow her wear jeans when she goes to college. Maa says grants the permission but gets Pari’s legs tied first and asks her to practice walking with it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Tabassum Angel

    U can do it pari…Do it and show massa that who r u…? & zazak allah for fastest update sona….!

  2. thank u for this super fast update…pari i love u..i’m happy that the writers have chosen my name for u..

  3. this show is becoming stupider by the moment

    1. yup yup yup

  4. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Hahaaaa yip n so it is.maasa is ridiculously manly n aaaaggggg man move on to catching culprits…y only nice pari…if u want to be boss treat all alike…lollll

    1. It’s obvious. Maasa needs a man in her life.

  5. Pari should do wat she want

  6. Kassie BIS Samaroo

    sattu needs to man up for the sake of his wife and her rights

  7. I have a feeling the man who was following maa sa is her long lost husband and sattu’s father.. and thats the storm that will happen as what maa sa said.. maa sa said that she senses a bad storm coming in her life . Which i think is her ex husband

  8. Precap seems interesting

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