Meri Saasu Maa 9th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 9th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Pari’s residence
Pari’s father is overjoyed and ecstatic, as he reads that its the passing certificate for pari, qualifying her B. Ed with first class, and how she is appointed in a college for lecturership. while shashi is least impressed, maasa and others are overjoyed as they come in later, and hear the news. sattu and pari return, and seeing them hand in hand, all smirk, while they are embarassed. they remove hands. pari then greets her entire family. they all bless her to be happy. as they share the news to her, she is ecstatic too. she takes everyone’s blessings, while sattu enjoys her moment with her. as guests arrive, they too hear the good news, and congratulate her and her family. maasa comments that its a lucky sday, that her daughter became

a teacher, and an investor has come in her son’s company. they are all thrilled. Kamlesh comes with a sullen face. he sends a signal to maasa and stands tensedly. she asks him whats the matter. he hesitates, while she asks him not to, as they are all their people only. he informs the the investor refused to invest in their company. she asks whats the reason. he hesitantly answers that the investors think it isnt worth investing in a company, belonging to a person, who is barely inter passed. the guests gathered there start whispering, as to how the girl is so highly qualified compared to the groom. sattu walks out in a huff, while pari and others watch tensedly. pari begins to go, but maasa stops her and asks her to stay back for the ritual. pari says that he must have felt bad. maasa says that she shall explain and asks her not to worry

In the night, pari too talks to her granny, about how bad she felt when sattu is tensed. she is all praise for sattu’s innocent and kind hearted nature. granny says that she knows it, and he shouldnt be affected by such small talks. pari complies, but says that he shouldnt have left the home like that.

Later, at the dining table, pari is tensed that sattu hasnt called up yet. her father talks. he finds her lost and asks whats the matter. she apologises. granny and others crack jokes and are amused.

Scene 2:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Maasa, in the night, places a reassuring shoulder on sattu’s shoulder, who is tensed, and says that she can understand how he must have felt, but its all due to his hard work and talent, and that they shouldnt be bothered with what the people think. he says that he isnt bothered with his degree or investors, but is thinking about pari, who must be thinking about her underqualified husband. she says that she is proud that he is thinking from pari’s angle, but pari isnt like this. he asks her to try and understand what pari must have an opinion about her. Maasa explains that pari didnt like that he left like that, not because she loves him, but because she cares for him, and she can say without a doubt, that she is proud of him. he asks if she is sure. she asks him to go and ask pari herself then.

Later, granny and maasa try and cheer up sattu too with a dessert, but he insists that he infact feels more free than ever, trying hard to disguise his real feelings. he then gets pari’s call, and cancels it. they are amused, and keeping the dessert, they leave. after they are gone, sattu calls her up, and she is very happy to receive it, as she leaves the dining table. she comes to the room, and then finds him there only. he extends his hand, and then she joins and hugs him. a romantic eyelock and embrace follows, after which he sensually lifts her up, and places her on the bed. but contrary to her expectations, he lovingly lullabies her into sleep.

The next morning, the bahus gossip amongst themselves, about other women and men of the society, while working in the kitchen. maasa comes from behind, and they are petrified at ehr sudden appearance. but surprisingly, she too joins in their gossip and banter. they are boggled. she says that she isnt just pari’s but their other too. they are still awkward. she begins to leave, but then remembers to ask them to send tea to sattu. babita informs that sattu left for the temple in the morning only. she is boggled.

In her room, the bahus all get dressed up, and are about to go, when maasa steps in. they are tensed to see her. she asks where are they all going. they say that its a child naming ceremony, and they wish to go. she happily complies, asking them to give a nice gift. they comply and leave. granny comments that they are pwetrified of her. maasa says that she knows, but wants their fear to be ovr now, as she wants to love them like mother too.

Scene 3:
Location: At the temple
Sattu prays to the lord, apologetic that pari has to face such barbed comments due to him, and god knows what she must be thinking about him. pari comes and pretends to be god and says that she doesnt think anything wrong about him. he thinks that he is hallucinating pari everywhere and again closes his eyes. he again starts praying, while she smiles. she then pinches him to make him realise that its reality. he is shell shocked. she says that she instinctively felt that he would be here and hence she came. he apologises for what happened yesterday. she asks him to let bygones be so, and look ahead in life. she says that now they too need to move in life. he is boggled. she shows him the admission form that she has got for him, for pursuing his graduation. he angrily asks whats this. she says that its a form for him, and that he shall go with her to college, wherein she shall be the teacher and he her student too. she asks hopefully if he shall come. he asks if she too thinks of him as an illiterate. she says that she didnt mean it like that, nor she married him, for his degrees but for his nature. she says that if his lack of education, comes in the thriving of business, then its a matter of concern. he says that he has and he shall be able to run the business smotthly, and she neednt be bothered over that. she says that he misunderstands her, as she knows he is very talented and hard working, and a degree alongside it, would make him impossible to stop, as she doesnt want people raising questions on her capability due to his lack of degree. she says that she wants to shut people’s mouth commenting on him, for his lack of education. he hands her the form back. he leaves from there while she stands tensed. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Kamlesh comments that she is welcome in the company too. she is boggled. they inform her of their decision to make her the director, so that investors can agree. she is apprehensive, while sattu stands tensed. maasa says that she is the right choice. pari has eyes only on sattu, who seems tensed and lost. maasa says that they both can take the decision which they shall together comply with.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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