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Meri Saasu Maa 9th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
All return with pari, and are boggled to find the door open. they are then amused to find the house decorated, for pari’s welcoming back. they are boggled as to who did it, if they are all here. shona and her friends come holding up placards asking pari to get well soon. all are angry to see her there, and start lashing at her, while she stands embarassed and highly apologetic. maasa declares that she herself gave shona the keys to the house, as she can see that her repentance is true and genuine. sattu too says that she did the right thing. shona is ecstatic while others fume. they all get her in after the puja. before they can step in, shona stops them and they are boggled. she says that she has done something beyond forgiving, but she

still wants to do penance. she says that she wishes to stay here in this house, to take care of her, till she doesnt get better. they are boggled. pari is left speechles. shona continues to ask. the bahus reprimand her along with pari’s mother. pari stops and says that maasa shall decide. maasa asks for opinions. sattu asks her to forgive shona and give her a chance. pari complies too. all are shocked including shona. maasa when asked by ganny, complies that shona can stay here. she is over the moon happy, at this favour. PAri’s father is proud of her, that she turned shona to a nice girl. her mother fumes out angrily, and all are tensed. pari’s father blesses her and leaves too. shona apologises for pari’s mother. pari asks her not to bother.

Later, in the night, shona diligently gives pari the meds. maasa and chhaya come. chaaya tells shona that her guest room is ready. she says that she is going

anywhere.she sends sattu out of the room, saying that she wishes to take care, and hence he can sleep undisturbed. chaaya protests that he is the husband after all.

pari is in a dilemma. they turn to maasa, who doesnt like to get in their matters. they turn towards pari, who says that shona should stay. sattu resignedly complies.

he asks her to take god care of shona. chaaya is amused. sattu complies. then maasa retires too, along with sattu. but shona stops him, saying that she needs his help

for the cupboard. after teasing her, he takes his stuff out and says that she can keep her stuff too. sattu then leaves. shona hugs pari. they retire off for the


Late in the night, someone opens the door, and they both are asleep. the drawer is opened, and someone surfs through sattu’s pic, and takes them and closes the drawer

back again. Then the person moves towards the cupboard, and keeps the pic taken out, in the pile of shona’s clothes. then the person leaves.

The next morning, sattu from outside, asks her to give his black shirt, which he probably left. she complies and goes to the closet. she is unable to find it, and is about to close it, when she finds the pic underneath shona’s t-shirt. she is tensed and boggled. just then, shona comes and asks her to come down for breakfast. she tries to see whether shona knows about the pic or not, but doesnt get a clear picture. she goes down.

At the dining table, shona serves them all, while pari fumes at the growing proximity between her and sattu. she hastily retires for the room, saying that she doesnt wish to eat right now. they are tensd. the bhabhis are amused that another drama unfolds now. In her room, pari sits tensedly. sattu comes behind her, and asks whats the matter, and if she is sick. he praises the food shona made. she gets irritated. she asks him not to force her, while he understands that she is tensed. she apologises for being unjustifiably angry. he asks whats the matter. Pari asks him not to overreact, and then tells him about the pic. he is visibly shocked. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Pari finds a long hair on sattu’s t-shirt, and recognises that it isnt hers. she is tensed. he seems unfazed. Later in the night, pari finds sattu stealthily taking in shona, asking if anyone saw her. they then close the door. pari is distraught, as tears stream down her cheeks.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    Sorry Rimjhim; I thought even today you will not update the episode so i did it…

    1. Rimjhim

      its ohk dear…m happy that u did it for the waiting readers….thank you….loads of love:)

  2. This show is becoming boring like Kumkum Bhagya now… I don’t like Pari for forgiving Shona so easily it’s not even fair to Sattu that that woman is in their home… Stupid people

    1. Hi Jada, Meri Saasu Maa is not boring. Kumkum Bhagya yes I agree it is the worst serial for 2 years the truth never came out.

  3. Oh no… Pari’s state is too pity… Feeling sorry for pari.. I hope these all sattu’s plan to get Shona out… Else I will hate sattu.. Thanksji 4 the update.

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