Meri Saasu Maa 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 9th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Pari is boggled as she finds a note from sattu, saying that he wishes to speak to her regarding something. She gets nervous and giggles, and then looks at him adoringly, determined that she shall definitely meet him.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Sattu get kulfi packed for home, and also orders for the wedding, and is sitting when he is shocked to find pari in front of him, hesitatingly bringing up the topic of how he wanted to meet her.b Masa in her car, gets a call from the famous kulfi wala, whose dessert she prefers. She is shocked when she gets to knwo from him, that sattu is there to meet her would be bahu. Maasa is shocked and rushes towards there.

In the restaurant meanwhile, pari meanwhile hesitatingly

brings up the topic of how she should present it to maasa, and whether she shall like it or not, and if she doesnt, then they can exchange it. she talks about her long lost mother, and her cherished dream of finding her mother in her mother in law. He is lost, saddened and disappointed. he says that she would like anything that she gives with love. she says that she wants maasa to love and wear this sare lovingly, which is in fact her mother’s favourite colour too. She then hesitatingly asks what he wanted to say. he says that he doesnt have anything to say. she says that he was very sad yesterday at haldi. He says that its nothing. She asks what he wanted to say. he says that he wanted to talk a lot, but now he feels that she should go home. she is boggled, and then asks what about this. she extends the note, and it flies off in the air. they both get down to pick it up. A romantic eyelock follows. maasa meanwhile arrives. sattu stands up, and asks pari to come up too. she extends her hand to him. he holds her hand and helps her get up, while she eyes him lovingly. They are surprised to see maasa standing in front of them. he asks how is she here. she tells pari that girls dont step out after haldi. He butts in and talks about her gift. she presents it to maasa, who eyes it and her tensedly she says that its nice, and she caught this nicely. She sends sattu to call for the car, while she comes. pari blushes, and then she tells pari not to step out now till marriage. Pari complies. Maasa takes sattu’s hand and leaves. pari waives him goodbye.

Scene 3:
Location: Maasa’s residence
The next day, sattu, dressed for the function, eyes the letter that he has written for her, but thinks that he wont let his selfish motives get in the way of family peace. he folds the paper and keeps it in a book. he is full of tears, as he remembers his moments with pari. just then, suman comes asking for something, and then he composes himself and steps aside. meanwhile, the envelops along with sattu’s letter, kept on the book fly off in the wind. She closes the window, and thinks that seeing sattu, it seems he didnt talk to pari nicely. she leaves with the envelopes along with the letter.

Outside, maasa tells suman’s parents to put 500 in every shagun envelope, and takes the stock from suman, containing sattu’s envelope too. Then delgeting everything, maasa thinks that she cant trust anyone. She finds suman, by the gift table, and takes her for some work too.

Scene 4:
Location: Pari’s residence
Pari, drssed as a bride comes with the morning tea for her father, who eyes her adoringly. he talks about how he is habituated to her, and that he doesnt know how he shall be able to live without her around. He says that he wishes just one thing for her, and that it that she receives the world’s choicest blessings and have all the happiness in the world. she says that she shall miss one happiness, and then eyes their scooter, and childishly asks if she can take it there next year. he is amused at her naivety, and they both have a good laugh. They get teary eyed at the prospect of having to leave them soon. They both get emotional, as he says that he shall miss her terribly, as with her, the house lights up. She wipes his tears, crying herself, saying that she resides in his heart, and she wont leave that place ever, just like this. They both smile through their tears. she then hears masi hollering for her. they compose themselves and he asks her to come along, or else it shall be late. he goes in. ankit comes to get her, while she talks about how she couldnt talk to sattu at all yesterday. He says that he shall dial the call. Suman’s mother finds the call, and sees suman and maasa busy in gift packing. she switches off the phone. pari says that they must be busy, and she shall talk later. she goes in to get ready.

People are working at maasa’s place too, while she asks them to hurry up. She then hollers at the middle wife for proper arrangement of the table. Maasa spots sattu’s letter amidst the envelopes and picks it out. she asks about it, and they all deny that they didnt give this envelope. She is boggled and curious too now. Sattu sees this and is aghast as maasa is about to open it. sattu however rushes, before she can open it, and then takes it, asking where is mastana. she asks them to continue with the work, while she leaves to see mastana. He then takes out the letter and places the envelope back amidst the pile. Maasa shuts the door, and is about to tear off the letter, when he finds it embossed and engraved now, with the shubh symbol, and finds that it isnt his. he eyes it tensedly. He rushes out thinking that he needs to check it before it lands in pari’s hands.

Downstairs, maasa finds that the sehra is loose. Mastana asks why is it necessary. Maasa asks if he has ever seen a groom without the sehra. She then asks sattu to do it, and he complies. he then says that he shall get the car out. Just then, suman has a dizzy spell and she faints. Her mother says that she shall stay back along with sattu for suman. maasa asks whats the matter. he complies without hesitating. He thinks that he has to stop the letter anyhow. she thinks that sattu shouldnt reach the mandap at any cost.

Precap: Merriment and festivities are on in full swing, when the baraat finally arrives, with the groom, his face hidden with the sehra. Granny welcomes them with the rest of the family, and then she says that she wishes to see the face of the groom. She sets the sehra aside, when maasa gets tensed. all are surprised and boggled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Hey Rimjhim thanks for the update once again , I liked Sattu-Pari pair a lot they look so cute together, I think sattu may marry Pari at the last moment , I wonder how will he react when he comes to know about Maa saab’s plan

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Pari/Satuu so cute…maasa gangster lol…y in all series they play wit peopkes lives so daaa man

  3. Kya kmaaaal ka serial hai yaaar》

  4. Nipuna Weerasekara

    The story is just like Mere Angne Mein…
    So predictable, yet interesting!!!

    1. Totally agree with u

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