Meri Saasu Maa 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
survi and kartik are sleeping besides khushi, who wakes up, to find them sleeping like that. khushi starts imagining that she needs to ensure that they dont fight and sit like this only. she says that the first thing is she needs to stop them from fighting unnecessarily. she takes the lipstick and powder and decides that she shall get them fighting yet again. when kartik wakes up, he gets a shock. survi wakes up due to that, and they wake up to realise that her face has been smared with powder while the other’s been moustached with lipstick. They both start making fun of each other. Downstairs, tai and pyare hear this animated banter and she gets frustrated. he starts pointing out how kartik is seemingly happy with his life yet back again.

he shows how khushi is outsmarting every move of hers and she gets enraged. she decides to do something, that shall spoil them forever, as she decides to ruin khushi.

Meanwhile, survi and kartik start hurling accusations at each other, each blaming the other for what happened. then khushi intervenes, and clicks a picture, and they start fighting again, about how one always tries to demean the other. khushi again intervenes that this is how its easy to create misunderstanding between them, as they dont even wait to verify the facts, and look for a reason to fight with each other. she rushes down, while they both start introspecting about whats going on.

Downstairs, khushi is extremely happy, about how she managed to get them to think. meanwhile, at the dining table, lata calls out to khushi, but tai stops her, saying that khushi would be scared about what happened. but khushi rushes to lata, and says that she is sorry if by any way she has hurt her, but she wants them all to live like one happy family. lata hugs her overwhelmingly. tai fumes.

Upstairs, kartik comes to see survi getting dressed and wearing the mangalsutra, he gets mesmserised. she too eyes him stoically. when she begins to leave, he asks if what khushi said was right, and presents the proposal of acting on it, and sititng down to talk. she starts talking there only, and says that they dont need to go anywhere out, to sort things out. she is hell bent on saving the money for the date, as he only likes her food. he eyes her, and she realises what she just said. she says that he can order outside food too. but he denies and says that he shall come in the evening to talk, and begins to leave asking her to take care of khushi and give her meds. as they accidentally collide, kartik begins to talk, but she cups his face, as they eye each other romantically. she reminds him of a special date thats today, reminding them of their childhood. he begins to leave, with a smile, but his handcuff gets entangled in her dupatta, as they remember their intimate moments. he caresses her face and leaves.

Downatairs, kartik thanks the lord for the sense that khushi put into him, and hopes that she becomes the uniting factor in their lives. he decides to himself apologise to survi and sort it out with her. he leaves. survi comes and reciprocates and thanks the lord too, for this latests turn of developments, and thanks him for almost returning her original kartik back to her.

In the garden, tai is fuming, and thinks that she wont sit in peace, and then finds a pothole right outside the house, thats being cleaned. she is warned to take care, that noone should wander around as that would lead to accidents. she gets an evil crooked idea to get rid of khushi. The screen freezes on her evil face.

Precap: Tai finds khushi cribbing to go out, while survi trying to keep her in, as she isnt well. when she insists, survi resigendly agrees, and sends her out. tai instructs ria to drive her to the pothole, while they are playing. she complies. khushi falls in it, much to tai and ria’s amusement. rohit is shocked and screams out.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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