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Meri Saasu Maa 8th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari was upset, she tells Kali that she has severe head ache and how she will reach the top to temple. Kali says God will make way for her. Pari asks what she came here for, she has nothing to offer. Kali says everything has been snatched for her. Pari says she is wrong, until she has a will to do something she can get it. She must know what has priority in her life. She says she is sure there is no life without difficulty. She has two exams today, neither she can fail her family’s nor her life’s exam. Kali says she is sure that Pari will pass both of the exams, she must now brace herself and try to get up. Pari looks around for her bag, she looks in the one in her hand and says thanks God, had the milk of her Pooja fall off how she would do the Pooja. She tells Kali that Maa saa gave her a huge

responsibility, she is without a mother and never learnt small things in life. She tells Kali that she must not accept defeat in life. Kali says she knows what she has to do now, thanks to Pari and leaves.
Maa saa did the prayer in the temple. Bhabi and Babita discuss that along with the day, tonight is also going to be dark. Babita says the day will be brighter then, Bhabi is happy for what is happening to Pari. Maa saa takes a file from her bag and keeps in under the idol. She then tells Sattu to keep it back in the bag. Daddo asks Bhawna to tell in front of God till when she will do this, Bhawna says until she is alive, one must always be precautious. She asks the other daughter in laws to join in Pooja.
Pari calls at a shawled man to return her bag. The man returns her bag to her. The bag fell off Pari’s hand, there was an album in it. Pari watches Maa saa and other family’s photos in the album. She was happy and thanks God, she then looks around who has a camera here. the shawled man had left by then.
Maa saa, Sattu and bhabis perform the rituals of prayers. Pari comes to a lady in temple, she asks for a favor if she can make her video and photos of Pooja and if she can keep her awake not letting her sleep. The lady says night will be long. Pari says tomorrow she has to pray, as well has to take an exam from 9 to 11am. The lady says the pooja is on the same timings as well. She wish best for Pari.
Pari do the prayer ritual. Pandit ji tells Pari to pray for herself. She prays that her Maa saa loves her, Sattu forgives her soon and her paper goes on really well. A lady hands her phone to her, she drops it again. A man in shawl returns her phone to her, she takes it while still dizzy. He goes to Pandit ji and asks if Bhawna didn’t come for Pooja this year. Pari wonders who was asking for Maa saa but the man had left.
Sattu asks maa saa that every year she does the pooja every year in the temple where Pari is, then why she arranged the Pooja here. Maa saa smiles that this year her daughter in law went and she wants to see if her daughter in law will be able to keep the rituals of her family alive.
Pari was asleep in the temple besides the wall. Pandit ji announces that her exam is on 9 am as well, she must go there and then returns soon. Maa saa prays for her family. Bhabi and Babita discuss with each other how tired they are, and how much tired Pari must be. Maa saa says Sattu did alright to drop Daddo home at night, else she must have been tired. She tells Sattu to pick Pari from the temple, the Pooja will end by 11 am. She thinks she will see what Pari has done. Pari prays in the temple that this is her father’s dream to see her a teacher, and achieving something in life.
Pari comes down, she panics how she will go for exam. There is neither an auto rickshaw nor anything. A tonga comes there, she stops him and asks to go for her exam. The tonga man says he has to go home, Pari agrees to pay him double. The man says his body is aching due to pooja. Pari asks if he is really tired and can’t ride the rickshaw, but he can sit behind as well.

PRECAP: In the way, maa saa and other ladies watch Pari riding the tonga.

Update Credit to: Sona

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