Meri Saasu Maa 8th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
As sattu waits impatiently for pari to come out, who is taking too long to dress up, pari makes her entrance in a bful saree. he is mesmerised, as he is unable to take his eyes off her, while she eyes him smilingly. they both have a romantic eyelock, while he wonders how can someone look so good every single time. she says that if he stares at her like this, it would be awkward and asks him to hurry up. he asks if he has been the reason of the delay. she is amused knowing his likeness and respect for salman khan. but he informs that they are going for action movie, while she wishes to go for a romantic movie, and is surprised that he would take his newly wed wife to a action movie instead of a romantic one. she say that she wont go. he says that

he too wont go for action movie then, and tears the tickets. she is shocked, and says that she was merely joking. but he says tht he shall go for a romantic movie with her. she says that they dont have tickets. he says that then they can set out for a romantic date. she smiles.

Inside the house, chhaya, arti and babita discuss amongst themselves, as to how they should work and finish up the chores, so that the load doesnt come on pari, and she can enjoy her new marital days with sattu, since later on, she shall get busy with household chores. Maasa finds them all working together, and is happy, and comments on the same, that she likes the fact that they are so concerned about pari. chaya says that they shall keep the relations with love now, as they unnecessarily got angry with pari. maasa gets a call, and then steps aside. she talks to pari’s father who asks about the pagphera ritual. maasa informs him that she shall herself come with sattu to pari’s place tomorrow. maasa then asks the ladies to prepare for the ritual, and also buy gifts for everyone. they happily comply.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Sattu and pari enjoy their romantic date together, while onlookers are amused to see their romance. they have their eyes only for each other, as hand in hand, they take a romantic stroll together.

Scene 3:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Later, maasa happily eyes the gifts for tomorrow’s ritual, when granny comes and joins her. granny says that she has seen her happy and motherly nature after a long time. maasa says that she has got a daughter for the first time, and a daughter always gets the mother emotional. the bahus return back with sweets. Just then, sattu and pari return too, and they are hounded with questions about their date. he gets embarassed as he answers questions. he hastily begins to leave, but then notices the gifts and asks whats the matter. the bahus say that its for the ritual. Maasa informs pari of the pagphera ritual, and how she shall be sent to her parents place after which sattu shall go and get her. she cites that she needs to learn a lot here, and can go later, as it isnt necessary. the bahus are amused, while maasa makes her understand the importance of this ritual. he gets tensed and asks if this is actually required. he asks if this ritual can be done later. the other members are amused. granny makes him understand that these rituals need to be followed, and also about her father’s call. he resignedly complies and leaves. the bahus smirk amongst themselves.

In the room, sattu is depressed, when pari comes in. she says that there have been so many prepartions, and instead of praising them, he came here. he says that he doesnt like any ritual, that keeps her away from him. she turns him around and says that she shall stay a lifetime with him, but marriage is between two families, and not people, and this relation extends beyond individuals, and they have to perform it with love and respect. he says that he cant stay without her, and shall remember and miss her. he gets teary eyed. she reciprocates, and says that she needs to fulfill these, and asks him to allow her to go. he presents two conditions, one of calling three times a day, and then has to come in the evening everyday to meet her. she happily complies. he again points out how he shall miss her. she says that she shall go and compose maasa.

In her room, maasa eyes sattu’s marriage pic, when pari enters tensedly. she then apologises to maasa for sattu’s behaviour. maasa asks her not to, as she isnt angry or sad, a it was sattu’s love. pari says that she is so happy that she has got a husband like him, and a mother in law like her, who loves her so much, and understands her truly. maasa says that she is responsible for igniting her maternal instincts, and making her feel like a mother yet again, but asks her to take care that this relation is very hard to materialise, as daughters stay as guest in the maternal house, but bahus remain forever, and that many decisions shall be wrong, and that they might have a clash of opinions, but that shall be a testing time for their relationship and they have to pass it with flying colours. she asks pari if she shall make this relation beautiful with her. pari gets overwhelmed and says that she has always longed for mother’s love, and now that she has got such a lovely mother, she would do anything to salvage this relation and assures that she shall always be on her toes, to make this relationship successful and beautiful, and never give a chance for the world to question their relationship. they both hug each other, as tears stream down their cheeks.

The next morning, granny along with maasa completes all the prepartions with the bahus’ help. then they look for pari, and she arrives with sattu. all are amused seeing them eyeing each other. Kamlesh interrupts their eyelock, much to their embarassment. chaya too has sattu flustered, and now that she is going to be gone for a week, how would he manage to stay. all are amused at his plight. kamlesh then talks business with maasa, about their profeessional meeting client. she says thats okay, but what if they could postpone it tomorrow. kamlesh asks why. she says that it would have been better had they conducted the meeting with sattu, since the company is in his name. kamlesh says that he shall handle, and then comments that sattu doesnt have time for meetings these days. he points how the husband is sad when the wife is going to ehr house. all are amused. Maasa presents her a gold chain, while granny looks on happily, as a gift from her mother to her daughter. pari asks why is this needed. maasa says that its not a need, but her love. Maasa asks her to wear it considering it as a mother’s blessing, and gives her the godl chain. the bahus are shocked and evidently displeased. Sattu is asked by maasa to come back straight home after dropping home. pari takes everyone’s blessings and then leaves with sattu. the bahus fume about her gold chain. They instantly start comparing as to how they didnt get anything so heavy during their pagphera.

Scene 4:
Location: Pari’s residence
While pari’s family is entirely geared up for pari and sattu’s welcome, a postmaster comes with a delivery. her father signs it and then opens the parcel, to find a registry letter for pari. he opens it to find a provisional certificate, and wonders how is the impossible happening. all look on boggled. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Kamlesh comes to maasa and stands tensedly. she asks him whats the matter. he informs the the investor refused to invest in their company. she asks whats the reason. he hesitantly answers that the investors think it isnt worth investing in a company, belonging to a person, who is barely inter passed. the guests gathered there start whispering, as to how the girl is so highly qualified compared to the groom. sattu walks out in a huff, while pari and others watch tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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