Meri Saasu Maa 8th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 8th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

This is vry short update as new episode will be telecasted within few hrs. Sorry in advance if i miss any point.

The episode started with maa sa and shona reaching shani dev mandir and asking for maha puja for pari. Pandit ask them to provide somthing to god.
Maasaa thinks of giving all her wealth and duddh sagar. She tell pandit ji but he inform arpan is done by someone else. Maasa see shona and enqiure about it. Shona denies and sattu comes inform that pari ji is my wife and my right on arpan is first. Puja start..
In hospital pari breathe heavily almost to die; dr. Provide electrical shock and her heart beat stops..
Puja goes on… After sometry dr. Say she is no more but due to prayers she start gaining life..

Badi bhabhi inform maa saa that pari is saved. All reach hospital where pari’s stepp mom or masi (do not know excatly) confort sattu for not being with pari?? Maasaa say he went to do puja for pari’s life..

Sattu goes and meet pari.. he cries seeing her in that state but pari ask him not to do.. by holding his hand.. sattu kiss her hand… ( very much emtional)..
All come in and maasa and sattu ask for forgivness from pari. Pari say it was past forget it.

Days passes… Pari start recover.. and all take hef back home.
At home Shona open house lock and enters saying pari di i am in your house; now see what will I do???
Everyone reach house and see open door..
And screen freez…

(Actually i saw it online and that did not show precap)

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