Meri Saasu Maa 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 8th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Pari is tensed to hear masi propositioning suman’s marriage with ankit. maasa is enraged, but complies, sensing the situation, and that she shall get them married in the next 2 years, after they complete their studies. Maasa asks pari if she trusts her. pari says that she trusts Maasa completely. Masi comments that they she should also don the ring on her ahu’s finger. maasa swallows her anger quietly, while pari is ecstatic as maasa places the finger in her hand, and her masi does the same to suman’s hands. Sattu watches apalled, as she is happy. suman and others are tensed. just then, the lights go off, pari decides to take a look, as she does in father’s house, and sattu says that she shall help him along. her father

complies. pari then lights a lantern, while sattu watches her intently, barely able to control his emotions. She then gets on the stool, and he holds up the lantern. he asks her to step down, as he shall manage. But she is overconfident, and says that she shall manage. sattu asks if she likes the boy. she gets unnerved, and slips right in his arms, and then composes back. Maasa meanwhile asks mastana to go and get his fiancee. he complies. Pari manages to get the lights back on, but finds her ring missing. He finds it on the floor. She extends her hand gleefully, and he dons the ring on her finger, while both oblivious of what tai is upto. She says that she doesnt like the boy, and he gets happy to hear it. But he is disappointed when she says that she likes him immensely. She is amused while he is sad. Mastana comes looking for them. Pari leaves. Sattu fights back his tears. pari meanwhile comes back to them, while maasa says that she shall now take her leave, and asks them to come tomorrow for haldi. Masi taunts that they shall definitely come.

Scene 2:
Location: Maasa’s residence
The next morning, all arrive for the haldi ceremony, at Maasa’s place. granny asks pari to make this house as much hers, as the other one if. she blesses her for a happy marital home. pari says that she knows that exactly what she told has happened, but expresses that she is highly nervous. She gets a rose thats fallen from above, and granny asks her to preserve it as the lord’s blessing. meanwhile, Maasa comes with the family, and does her arti. Pari bends to touch her feet, but maasa hugs her, while all are amused at this charade. masi tells maasa while hugging, that if she so wishes, they can have a combined wedding. Maasa says that she shall have a much grander wedding for ankit and suman, and thats her promise. All sit down for the haldi ceremony. Meanwhile, Sattu collides into babita, who asks why is he so sad and upset, and asks whether he is wondering when shall his turn come. She again begins to flirt with him, while he hastily rushes off.

As pari stands tensed, granny comes to ease and tease her, that she is already missing her husband and she shall find out where is he. She goes to maasa and asks about the groom, while mastana stands right beside her. maasa asks mastana to touch her feet and he complies. Just then, sattu comes and touches granny’s feet, and pari blushes. Granny blesses him to be forever happy. Some entertainers come, and they all start dancing, while all enjoy. they all get pari to dance too, along with sattu. pari says that she wishes to say something, and that she wishes to give this special rose to him. he takes it boggled. All watch this and just then, babita comes in and then takes pari away. Meanwhile, Mastana’s girlfirnd, who is in that team assures from under the ghunghat to mastana that she wont let him marry so easily. pari accidentally falls and maasa composes her. she thinks that she knows maasa would never let her fall, while maasa thinks that she saved her, so that she can make her fall from greater heights.

In the kitchen, Babita finds the same lady mixing up chilli in the haldi and asks who is she. she vehemenyl denies that she isnt a thief. babita says that she knows as she would be lurking in the rooms then rather than the kitchen. the girl blurts out her story. babita says that nothing shall change maasa’s decision. she starts crying. Babita gives her a plan amusingly.

Outside, Maasa asks sattu to get haldi done, so that he can get a beautiful bride too. he complies resignedly. Masi thinks that this is a good time to blackmail maasa. Masi asks maasa to let her daughter apply the first haldi to her brother in law. maasa is shocked. Masi takes it from maasa, and then gives it to her daughter. maasa is shocked, as she sits down to put haldi, but she dons it on mastana first. masi explains that she told her daughter that its better that she does this to the servant first for good health of the groom. masa complies, while masi makes her listen to how she expects a lavish wedding fr suman and ankit. Frustrated with all this, sattu finally leaves from there. pari is shocked to see that sattu gets up from there and hastily leaves keeping the flower back there only.Her father tells maasa that before pari’s haldi is done, he wishes to speak to the groom. He is about to go, when maasa stops him, saying that he can go upstairs, as this isnt the right place to talk, while she gets him. he complies. Maasa comes with mastana fully covered in haldi from the face so that it isnt easy to recognise him. He says that he wants to talk about pari, and then says that he just wants that he gives his daughter all the happiness in the world.

Outside, Maasa blesses pari and then gives her a gift too. Suman too comes for haldi with an envelope. she gives it to pari saying that its from sattu. Just then, she finds sattu coming with her father, and he caringly attending to him. Granny comments overwhelmingly on the same. pari eyes sattu overwhelmingly. the screen freezes on her face.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Hey Rimjhim thanks for the update finally a update of MSM after 3 days I felt so bad for Sattu poor Sattu but I wonder how will he reach when he gets to know what’s his mother up to
    , I think somehow Pari n Sattu will be the ones who will get married, I wonder how Maa Saab will react?

  2. Tnq sooooooooo much fr d updates dr:)

  3. Hello friends don’t expect written updates other than Monday. Now I found from India-forums Written updates signup sheet, there is only one writer signed up for monday (Aha121) all other days are empty. So Rimjim may not be able to paste other updates. very sad. I like this serial much but unable to follow properly.

  4. in this story sattu own son or servant

  5. Rimjhim

    Bhavu and fatarajo, please forgive me for not being able to update…ws suffering from severe sick health…and finally m back with u people…..Thanks for ur patience

    1. Sorry pls take care sir and thnx for your update can you pls update previous epi pls sir

    2. Hey Rimjhim no prob health is more important we understand

  6. is there going to be a precap?

  7. is there going to be a precap? And sorry about your health issue. Do feel better 🙂

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