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Meri Saasu Maa 8th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Dadi is shocked to know of sattu and pari’s marital truth. he gets angry and says that it was his fault that he was concerned for her, and storms out. she is tensed. dadi is worried.

The next morning, When dadi narrates this to maasa, she is shocked. maasa is aghast and says that she shall have to find out. dadi says that if they remain strangers to each other, it wont lead to a good end. she comments that there is something between them that needs to be clarified. she asks maasa to talk about it to them. maasa swears that they need to find out whats the secret.

In her room, pari is troubled, and tries to get a glass of water, which she is unable to, and ultimately it falls down. she tries to pick it up, but maasa watching

this, asks why is she moving, and then makes her sit down. she asks her to wait, and then herself pours out water for her, which she silently complies, and is about to take, but seeing her wincing in pain, she herself gives her the water. pari thinks that she might try hard to resist, but the motherly instinct can be seen easily. sattu comes, and maasa reprimands him for his carelessness, and asks him to pay attention towards pari. she asks him to help her change her clothes, as she seems very tired. they both are shocked and aghast, and hesitate. but maasa asks him to go and help. when he hesitates, she asks whats the matter. maasa asks why are they so worried, and says that its natural. he complies and silently gets going. pari sits tensedly in the bed. he opens her wardrobe and gets out her clothes awkwardly, and then p-laces them beside her, and she says that she shall manage from hereon. he stands tensedly. but maasa asks if she is ashamed of her, and if he doesnt do it, then who shall. he lifts the covers, and then is about to take away the blanket, when his phone comes, and he receives it. Maasa eyes her tensedly, while he goes out on the important call. he leaves, while she is sure that something is wrong betwee them.

Meanwhile, chote babu pretends to be extremely hurt and wounded, when sattu comes to check on him. he is highly thankful to him for his help or else god knows where would he have been. sattu thanks him for saving pari. he asks how is she. sattu asks how it happened. he makes up a make believe story, and then begs for arrangement of a stay at a cheap hotel. sattu says that its his duty that he extends his hospitality to him. sattu leaves. he smirks.

In her room, maasa is extremely tensed, and wonders why are pari and sattu living like this, and is unable to digest it at all. she is aghast thinking that something is amiss. she starts blaming herself for this, that ion order to become maasa she forgot to become a mother. later, tears streaming down her cheeks, maasa comes down the stairs, wondering why is sattu’s marital life lik this, and that they are all pretending to be happily married. she wonders if she is to be blamed, and then remembers how she had trapped pari into marrying mastana, and wonders if pari told him. she is determined to find out. chote babu eyes her from his room, and wonders why is she looking so tensed. she hastily rushes out, and he wonders whats she upto.

Later, pari is strolling, when dadi comes and asks whats she doing. she narrates that maasa’s husband is behind this, and that actually he is here for something in the disguise of chote babu. Dadi tells her that not only in the office, he has landed at home too. pari is shocked to hear the whole story. they decide that they have to get him out of the house anyhow. they go to the room and find it empty and wonder where he went.
The are boggled where he went. pari wonders what made him save her, as she is the biggest obstacle in his meeting maasa, and if she wanted to reach her, then why he left after being up so close. dadi says that now its time, to tell everyone about him, before he plans the second blow. she says that they might tell, but what of the unanswered questions then. she asks if anyone would understand maasa’s sacrifice, as one truth shall take away two relations. she says that whatever has happened, cant be told. pari says that the truth which harms anyone, doesnt need to be told. she says that they can merely keep a watch on her, and not tell anyone. dadi asks what other secrets are buried in her heart. pari is boggled. dadi says that her eyes tell her that there is something that she and sattu have been hiding. pari vehemently denies, and then says that she is having a headache and then leaves. dadi says that she is very innocent, as she cant even lie properly. she wonders what to do, till they dont find out the root cause behind it.

Scene 2:
Location: on the road
Maasa walks listlessly on the road, when chote babu runs from behind. she feels instinctively that she is being followed, and keeps turning around, but he ducks just in time to avoid being seen. he wonders where is she going through the jungle road, and finds that its leading to the crematorium. meanwhile, maasa prays and pays her tribute at one particular shrine. she apologises that she couldnt fulfill the duties of a mother and that she couldnt even let them have their kind of life. she breaks down wondering where she went wrong. he wonders whose samadhi is she crying at. she continues to apologise, and says that those that have been wronged, she asks for the strength to be able to bear them. she leaves from there. he comes by the shrine and is shocked to see whats written.

Scene 3:
Location: Maasa’s residence
sattu comes back hurriedly, and asks maasa where was she, as they were tensed, when she comes back. she gets overwhelmed and asks why does he love her so much. he asks how would he live if not love her. she gets emotional hearing it. she says that sometimes she is scared that if he loves her so much, then he wouldnt be able to love anyone else. he is boggled. she says that she feels he isnt able to give pari the love that she deserves. he gets tensed and asks if pari told anything, and wards it off as a strife. he then leaves. maasa notices this all tensedly.

In her room, pari sits tensedly, when sattu comes and says that he wants to ask her something, other than her health. she says that maybe he wanted to hear about his wife’s health. he reminds her what she said last night. he said that he thought that things shall stay between them, and asks if she said anything. she asks how can he even think, that she can say this. he says that she is highly unpredictable. they start having a verbal arguement. he is tensed. Meanwhile, dadi and maasa try to find the strategy to solve this. they decide to confront pari and sattu. meanwhile, Pari and sattu continue to fight on their age old fight, about him not believeing maasa tried to marry her to mastana, by deceiving her, while she says that maasa did. dadi and maasa hear it and are shocked. the screen freezes on maasa’s shocked face.

Precap: Dadi gets the 3 bahus and ask them to pack up pari’s stuff for her, while she is shocked. they comply resigendly. sattu asks sattu to get the suitcase outside. in front of everyone, dadi declares that being the eldest in the house, she throws pari out along with the stuff, as noone can insinuate wrong charges against bhavna and they would let her live in the house built by bhavna herself. Pari is distraught, as she takes her stuff and starts walking out of the house.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Sad episode.. ..
    I think sattu is not maasa’s son….
    And why everyone is not beliving pari.??? But accha hai kam se kam maa saa kud sach keh dengi and pari ko maa and maa sa ko beti mil jayegi….

  2. hat ill be the result of their this strategy

  3. Maasaa just don’t like pari n her truth n she will end up going to get pari back

  4. I hope maasaa speak the truth to everyone

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