Meri Saasu Maa 7th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 7th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Pari tries hard to struggle free from her, as she tries to waive her knife away, while she is in a trance. finally she slaps pari, and wakes her out of her sleep. she asks if she is mad, and what was she doing. roop apologises profusely, and says that she sleepwalks, and berserkedly tells her that she scared her, as she imagined that she herself was being attacked. she says that she shall go right now from here. pari asks her not to, as she didnt do this intentionally, but has a medical problem, and decides to leave herr to the bed. she complies. roop is amused. pari asks her to take care of herself, and show her to the doctor. she makes her lie on the bed. pari resigendly complies as she again apologises. after she leaves, roop smirks. pari locks

the door from otuside. inside she dances with joy at having done this act so nicely. she takes out her bag, and then gets a saree that she plans to wear, and goes in an imaginary sequence of dancing.

Later, the sons and bahus come out, and receive a call, from the ashram of the dark magic baba, fixing an appointment after three days. she also explains the ritual, as to how for three days, three of them have to keep a fast wherein they can only bark and express themselves but not speak, after which his magic shall work instantly. she complies, and then narrates it to everyone else, while they are boggled. the sons say that they cant do it, since they have to deal with people outside. chaaya says that this is the perfect time to get back at maasa, and shall do anything. they start barking.

MEanwhile, that same person from the ashram tells maasa that she did exactly as told. she smirks thinking that they can bark all they want, after which she shall straighten them up, and at the third day, she shall teach the sons’ a lesson too. she awaits her judgement.

Later, sharabi goes to roop’s room, and finds it locked. she unlocks it, and then comes inside. she is boggled to see sattu lying on the bed. Sharabi comes inside sattu’s room, and is very amused to find that he is sleeping with pari on the bed, and thinks that finally they consummated their marriage and united finally. she says that its all good that he changed the room. but she is aghast to find roopmati waking up from under the covers. sattu wakes up and is shocked to find herself in bed with her. she asks him whats he doing here in her bed. sharabi rushes out and collides into pari, who finds her tensed, and asks whats the matter. she hesitates and then rushes away from there. pari is boggled. Just then, pari comes inside the room, and seeing them both under the covers in the same bed, she is shocked and apalled, and rushes out too. roop goes after her.

In the drawing room, maasa eyes the bahus, and think that they planned to do black magic, and now she shall show them who is she. she crosses the boundary and they start barking. the sons are shocked. granny comes and is boggled to find them barking. they try to convey, but the sons keep guesing wrong. granny and maasa are amused. finally, she understands, and tells them, that this must be their new way of meditation. kamlesh says that they are punishing themselves, for being guilty at insulting them. Just then, pari rushes out, dishevelled and distraught, tears streaming down, while all are shocked. sharabi and roop join in too. maasa asks sattu whats going on, while all stay silent. pari is shellshocked. granny asks pari. through her tears, she narrates everything. They are shocked, while shivpal smirks. she says that she couldnt bear it, and hence came running out. granny asks if this is right. he says that he has no clue how this happened. she asks how can he not know, as she herself saw him with roop. roop stands boggled. pari asks who gave her this saree. roop says that sattu gave her. he says that he tried to stop her but she didnt. she asks him to let the saree be, and tell how he landed in roop’s room. he says that he doesnt know how. all are boggled. shivpal comes in between and asks them not to cast unnecessary allegations at him, as they should believe that he doesnt know anything. he asks them to ask roop. she says that she doesnt understand too. he asks how is this possible, as she must have opened the door, then only he entered. she says that this isnt true. granny asks her to speak up. roop says that she has sleepwalking issues, and herself asked pari to lock the door from outside. pari complies to the story, while all are surprised. he says that he cant understand how they can even think that he can do something like this. she asks him not to scream, as she too thought the same, but she was wrong, as if someone who can insult the mother, cant value a husband wife relation too. he is enraged. shivpal asks her to shut up, as he wont stand another word against sattu, as she cant say anything without any reasons, and maybe sattu landed there, in sleep. she says that he shall veil his acts, as he himself has always done the same too. sattu asks her to shut up, as she wont say another word. granny shuts then both, and asks bhavna to speak, before things worsen. she says that she doesnt interfere in others’ matters, but for sattu she shall make an exception, as she knows sattu still respects her in his heart, and by that right, she wishes to say that, he apologises to pari. he says that he shall, and folds his hands in apology, and goes past pari, ignoring her, to apologise to roop, saying that he is sorry for having unintentionally hurt her, due to his act. he says that he doesnt know how it happened, and that she is his guest, and apologises. she asks him not to, as she had slept, and hence nothing must have happened. granny asks if he didnt hear, as he has to apologise to pari. he stoically says that he wont, as he apologised to her, whom he felt right. maasa stands tensedly, and then leaves. granny asks pari to come along, but she says that she too wishes to say soemthing. she apologises to roop, saying that she can understand what she must be going through. roop says that maybe sattu mistook her for pari, in the saree. pari remembers that this saree was gifted by him, and commends his gift. roop says that she shall return, but pari cuts her short, saying that she doesnt want any of his gifts. she rushes away from there, with granny after her. she then tells him that maybe she is to be blamed, and should leave. he stops her, saying that she neednt go, as if she leaves, as their guest, he wont be able to forgive himself for life. she places her hnads on his lips, asking him not to say so. he gets tensed. she refrains and then asks him not to say so. shivpal smirks. she leaves from there, while he too stands tensedly. shivpal remembers how he had taken the asleep sattu and placed him beside roop in the bed. he thinks that he ignited the fire, but maasa and pari got burned, and that not much time remains to break them all.

In her room, pari is aghast remembering what happened, and how sattu stood stoical. she asks why he did this, and that she might not believe it, but cant ignore it either, and wonders how can someone do this. As sharabi gets the saree worn by roop, back to her, she gets berserk, and asks her to burn it, but get rid of it anyhow. she says that she doesnt need anything from sattu at all, any kind of gift at all from him. roop eyes her from the window, and is amused at her plight. she thinks that her plan was successful, as it shattered pari’s faith in him. The screen freezes on pari and sattu’s faces.

Precap: PAri asks him to forget that she shall ever forgive him. he forcibly makes her drink water, while she asks him to let her go. maasa intervenes and asks him to stop right there, saying that she doesnt generally interfere between matters of maried couples, but he shouldnt force her. he asks her to ask pari what were these sleeping pills doing in. maasa stands boggled, while pari is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. What’s all this.Will every thing be fine between pri and sattu?

  2. Abbbbaahhhh I am really bored . Wen will saris miss understandings get cleared<:(

  3. Intense episode… Sattu is dumb

  4. I am also really mad at Sattu these days. He is acting like a fool these days. If I were Pari, I would have left him after today’s drama.

  5. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    All bakwaas!!!! Shiv words are too annoying…wer the f*** was he bfore? Sattu is gone totally stupidly dumb n track as boring n usual of stealing husbands so copy cats…. Maasa ur new avtaar is pretty n pari u the best…

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