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Meri Saasu Maa 7th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari was about to drink water when Maa saa comes and says she had forbidden her not to cook anything. Maa saa asks if the pooris are done. Babita comes to announce that Pandit is here. Maa saa asks Babita to cout the poori. Pari says she has count them. Babita hides some of them, Bhabi also comes there and says there are eighty. Pari asks them to count them well. Maa saa says this is what she had expected. She calls Barki who brings a full tray of Poori. Maa saa tells her to get Pandit ji else they will get late. Maa saa says the first duty of a daughter in law is that the guests at home don’t return hungry. She leaves.
Pari calls dadi who says no one makes the 4 Raksan kheer these days, it takes a lot of time. Sattu comes to the room and asks why she came to his side in the room. Pari says

her phone had dropped. Pari calls him a crying child of parents, she was worried how she will do all the work and opens her books. She looks at Sattu from the corner of her eyes, she comes to Sattu and says if he remembers what he had vowed her in the wedding. Sattu asks her not to start something new. Pari says he had promised to help her ever, she tells him to get ready and go to market with her. Sattu says he has to go to temple right now. Pari pretends that no one cares for her, she is having headache. Suman comes there and asks about the partition. Pari asks her to ask her uncle. Sattu says Pari’s saree got wet, he was drying it. Suman tells Pari to eat something as her mother does, hidden from Maa saa. Pari says she won’t break the fast if Maa saa wants her to keep one. Suman asks if she has kept it for Maa saa or for the long life of Sattu. Pari turns to Sattu and asks if he won’t take her? Suman asks how she will go alone, she hasn’t eaten anything since morning and will have to hold a lot of bags as well. Pari says she will go by herself, she is just a bit dizzy. Some stranger will come to help her seeing her in difficulty.
Pari was standing on the road when Sattu come son bike. She thanks him and gets on the bike. The Pandit tells Maa Saa that this is Adhivarsh, this time also someone from her family will end the pooja in temple. Maa Saa asks if this is Adhivarsh? She has arranged the pooja in a nearby temple. He says someone else can come from her family. Maa says says her new daughter in law will. Pandit ji asks if she would be able to to so, the way is really difficult. Maa says she will do it, it is just one thousand stairs.
Pari purchases the Pooja things in market. Sattu tells her to do all the work soon, else he will leave. Pari stops him and says only one thing is left, Maa saa asked to make a type of kheer that no one knows. She gets on the bike but stops Sattu in front of a shop, she says she got the recipe and goes inside. Daddo asks Maa saa why she is being so curt at Pari, she is fasting and how she will climb the thousand stairs. Pari and Sattu come home, Maa saa asks her to show her the shopping. Pari shows her all the items. Maa saa says one thing is missing. Pari says she will get it from market too. Maa saa says no one will tell her about anything, a daughter in law must know it by herself. She tells Pari about her pooja as well. Pari goes inside worried about how she will do all the work. Babita says her dreams never came true at home, how should Pari’s come true? Pari says relaxing, that hers will.
Sattu says to Maa saa that every year she goes to the temple, but this year he wants her to take rest. The way is must difficult. Pari says she will go to the temple, she wants to fulfil any wish of Maa saa. At once she fell faint. Daddo says she hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday and working for ten men. She tells Sattu to take her upstairs and take some rest for sometime. He holds Pari to room in his arms, she had held his collar. He gets rid of it smiling. He notices the injury on her hand, removes the partition from between the room and brings the cotton to clean the bed. He then goes out shutting the door carefully. Pari opens her eyes smiling. Pari sits up and says she is really hungry. Babita comes in the room and offers her a drink saying Daddo sent it, she asked Pandit ji and said she can drink the Pooja drink. She turns away saying now she won’t be able to walk on Maa saa’s desired way. Pari drinks it and was asleep when she wakes up at once at Maa saa’s call. Maa saa tells Sattu to drop her at the temple and then join the family for Pooja. Pari felt dizzy.
Sattu drops Pari at the temple and tells her to proceed for the pooja. Pari looks in her bag, she wonders where her shoes are. There, at the other temple, Bhabi asks Babita if she has done her work? Babita remembers replacing Pari’s joggers in her bag.
As Pari climbs upstairs, she gets dizzy and wonders what is happening to her. She was about to fell off, Kali holds her and tells her to sit there. She introduces herself as Kali. She says she is Pari.

PRECAP: Pari asks Kali why she has nothing to present in temple. Kali says life snatched everything from her. Pari says what a life it can be that has no problems in it. Kali tells Pari that she will pass both of her testimonies. Pari tells Kali to only listen her heart. Kali says she knows what she must do now.

Update Credit to: Sona

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