Meri Saasu Maa 7th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 7th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
As pari and sattu try to locate the source of the coughing sound, she is shocked, as she looks behind the couch. they ultimately find that its the bahus hiding, who guffaw and smirk, while sattu is frustrated. he asks why did they have to do this. chaaya says that they came for a walk, as they were getting bored. he opens the door, and then says that they shall be taught a lesson. he hollers for maasa and granny. when they come, the bahus say that they just came to find out, who would make the first move asking indirectly. maasa and granny are amused, while sattu is boggled. pari is shy and embarassed. maasa asks them to leave before sattu gets anymore angry. the bahus ask for money, to leave the room. sattu says that they just got the money, through

their husbands. the bahus say that if he doesnt give money, then he can sttare at the fan, and they shall take pari away. he resignedly complies, and pays them all, while all are amused at his plight. Maasa asks if they are done now. they hurriedly comply and all leave finally. then sattu closes the door, and turns around romantically, while she gives him a shy smile, as they both progress towards each other. they smile at each other. they hold hands, and a romantic embrace follows. then they sit on the bed, and she closes her eyes in nervousness as he takes off her glasses and the pallu over her head. he then takes off the gajra, as he continuously keeps eyeing and teasing her with it, while she smirks and smiles at him. he holds her close to him, as he untangles her hair. he caresses her cheeks, as she sensitises at the mere touch, and shyly restrains herself, while he leans in close to her. he takes off her earring, sensually, and progresses off, to finally seal their love with a lipkiss. Pari wakes him from this stance, and he realises that he had been dreaming all along. she asks him whats the matter and then taking him by the hand, she takes him to the bed. he asks her to wait for a minute. she turns to confront him. he says that he is very happy to have a partner like her, and this feels like a dream, as she did so much for him, his family and his maasa, even while knowing what maasa did to her, what the brothers did to the company, she remained silent. he says that no amount of thank you is enough, but he still wishes to thank her for the same. he says that he knows she has a dream, and wants to fulfill it. she gets overwhelmed, and he says that he is her husband and its his right to know and fulfill her dream, and till he doesnt do that, he shall not consummate his relation with her. she asks him not to say this, as he cant refrain himself due to her dreams. he cups her face, and asks her to think that its his wish and his desire too, and that this dream is his too now with her, and asks if she shall fulfill it. she asks if he loves her so much. he says that he does more than himself. she gets overwhelmed with tears and hugs her.

The next morning, as pari dresses in front of the mirror, she eyes sattu fast asleep, and then intentionally jerks her head so that water droplets fall on his face, waking him up. pari immediately composes herself, as if nothing happened. he gets up and says that she is looking very bful, and goes back to sleep again. she gets frustrated and says that she wont let him sleep at all. she tries to get him to wake up, and in that jerking, she falls right atop him, and they both are aware of their physical proximity, as a romantic eyelock follows. hearing the maid’s hollers, they compose themselves.

At the dining table, granny comments to babita that its good she came back, as she was missed at the party. maasa asks about her husband, akhilesh. chaya says that he is sleeping, having carried babita’s heavy bags. they are all amused. then pari serves them breakfast. granny asks why is she serving. the bahus again comment that they asked her not to, but she is still doing the work. maasa asks them to let be. Maasa asks pari, what sattu gave her for the munh dikhayi ritual last night. the bahus are anxious to hear too. they all wait. before she can say, sattu comes and says that he didnt give her anything. maasa says that this is wrong. the bahus give pari marital advice, that she shouldnt have been there in the room, if he hadnt given the gift. Amused, Pari tells sattu that he owes her a gift. he smiles at her romantically. he says that he shall give her, whatever and whenever she needs anything, for her munh dikayi.

In his room, sattu thinks that it must be very good, when pari finds out what he has planned for her. he hollers for her. but before she can go, the bahus stop her, with tensed looks. she asks them to say something, and and what has she done. the bahus smirk that they wish to know what all happened last night. they tease her that its a ritual that heh new bahu has to say everything about what happened. pari is embarassed and flustered. meanwhile, sattu starts getting impatient in the room. Pari begs them to let go, as he is caling her. they ask her to pay tax, everytime she needs to cross them, and the tax is that they need to be told what was done last night. sattu starts shouting. the bahus tell him to wait, as she is talking with them. he gets more irritated and decides to do something. he starts screaming, pretending to be in severe stomach pain. the bahus understand whats going on, and ask if they should get the meds. but he says that pari knows what meds he needs, and begs them to send her. she gets concerned and asks if they can leave her. they are amused and agree. she then hurriedly gets up, and apologises for being late, and asks if he was actually sick. he continues his charade as to how badly his stomach is hurting. she gets concerned and says that she shall immediately give the medicine, and starts looking in the drawer and almirah, where he guides her, and finally, he guides her to some papers. she then understands that these are movie tickets, and eyes him boggled, while he is amused. she understands her plan, while he gets up, and says that this was his medicine and cracks a joke about it. she is amused too. she asks who the other ticket for. he leans her close, and says that the other one is for the person, who he loves the most. they eye each other romantically. she refrains him, and he asks her if she is free for him, for the afternoon show. she says that she is available for him all life, but then wonders what would the family say, as there is so much time. he gets angry and says that they can tear the tickets then. she says that they should ask for maasa’s permission first. he resignedly complies.

In her room, Sattu and pari hesitantly ask maasa for the permission to go out and roam for sometime. she immediately loses her temper, asking how can they even think so. She asks how dare they thought, they could ask her about this. they have just been to bandhavgarh and back, after marriage, and again they wish to go out for sometime. they are all tensed. sattu and pari are scared. pari lashes at him, while maasa asks whats going on, and asks if they think, that they would be permitted to go out for this, then they are absolutely right. they are plesantly surprised, as she says that this is the time to enjoy, and tells them to leave but return back on time, so that they can eat together at night. they comply. the screen freezes on pari’s happy face.

Precap: Maasa informs pari of the pagphera ritual, and how she shall be sent to her parents place after which sattu shall go and get her. he gets tensed and asks if this is actually required. he asks if this ritual can be done later. the other members are amused. granny makes him understand that these rituals need to be followed. he resignedly complies.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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