Meri Saasu Maa 7th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 7th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Before the truck can hit sattu, maasa saves him in the nick of time, and slaps him tight across his face, enraged and shocked. she asks if he has lost his senses, and asks what was he doing, and asks how couldnt he think about pari and others, what would they go through. he says that its all his fault, and that pari is in the hospital, due to him, as he didnt want her to disclose the relation, and hence he should die. she is aghast, and tells him that if he is important, then so is she, and that this wouldnt have happened, had she not told shona, and she is more to be blamed. she tells him that they cant fall weak like this, and that thy shall be punished, for what they did. she swears they shall penance, once she comes to her senses. he is left speechless.


Location: Hospital
The next morning, sattu and maasa wait outside the ward. she says that maybwe shona realised her mistake, and hence herself went to the police. he however is unconvinced as to whats going on in shona’s mind. she is tensed. he says that pari being okay is paramount right now. she says that she shall go in the ward and see, as the visiting hours have started. he sits tensedly. she is apalled to find pari lying unconscious on the bed. she enters wiping her tears, and gets overwhelmed as she sees her. she comes and sits beside the bed, taking pari’s hand in hers. maasa says that she is the reason why pari lies like this. she says that she accepts all mistakes and also deserves any punishment that she gives her. Maasa takes pari’s hand, and apologises to her for having done this to her, and is highly guilty, and kisses her forehead. suddenly, she notices pari’s finger moving. she is shocked and pleasantly surprised. she eyes pari for other signs of movement. she asks pari to open her eyes, rushing out, asking sattu to come in, as she is returning to her senses. she rushes back to the ward, and they both are overwhelmed as pari groggily opens her eyes. she thanks the lord, and asks pari to get well soon, as the house is waiting for her. he asks her to get well soon, as she shall order anything, and it shall be done. they both eye her, as she takes off the oxygen mask, and is barely able to address his name, and asks him about shona. they both are shocked. she barely asks him not to let anything happen to shona, as she is innocent, and asks him to forgive her. he asks how can she talk like this. she begs him not to let anything happen to her, while he asks her to calm down first. pari goes into convulsions, and they get distraught. Just then, the doctor walks in, with the nurse and ward boys. they are shoved out, by the attendants, as they stand apalled and helpless, while the doctor gets to her treatment, while she has difficulty breathing. they do chest compressions, while maasa and sattuw ait outside haplessly, and inanticipation of any news. inside, the team tries to calm pari down. The doctor comes and tells them that the case is critical and nothing can be said of certain, and asks them not to disturb the patient, as they had been instructed, as any truma can be fatal to the patient, and asks them to be cautious and co-operate. he rushes in. sattu is tensed that even in times like this, she is concerned for shona. maasa points out how selfless she is, that she thinks about shona even in such times of pain. maasa points out how they were blaming each other, but pari is fighting death, and still thinking about saving shona, the one who tried to kill her. she points out how lucky they are to have pari, as she is blessed by the lord. she tells him that he should go and fulfill his studies, that she so fervently wanted, and maybe that acts as a medicine for her, and also asks him to get shona out of jail. he is tensed.

Later, Maasa begs the lord, to protect pari. But just then, she hears herself being reprimanded by pari’s step mother, who blames her for pari’s condition. her father tries to shut her up, but she goes on a rant of blaming her, pointing that pari isnt her daughter after all. he asks her to shut down, and not crate a drama in the hospital. he says that pari’s condition is as it is very tense. sattu’s family arrives too. granny asks how is pari. maasa narrates what happened in the morning. they are tensed to hear this. she says that sattu had gone to get shona out, and he must be back soon. they are shocked. babita starts pointing out how wrong this is, as shona is unpredictable. Meanwhile inside, Pari starts flatlining, and they start with the CPR’s and then get onto preparing the elctric paddles for shock treatment.

The doctor stands sullen, when pari doesnt respond. maasa continuously asks if pari is awake yet again, while he doesnt respond. they start getting ominously scared. he says that she is still critical, and despite them trying their best, she is still in coma. maasa lashes at them questioning their calibre, as to how and why cant they get pari to get conscious. all stand tensed. KAmlesh asks her to stop screaming, as they are doing what they can, and assure that everything shall be fine soon. she is beyond consolation, and says that her faith is waivering now, and she cant leave pari in the hands of fate now, and cries inconsolably, and says that the lord shall have to answer her prayers. all are distraught and tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Police station
Shona is informed that she has been bailed out. she is unable to believe that sattu got her out. the police informs that she may be out, but she shall have to present herself in the station tomorrow for incase related investigation and other formalities. he begins to leave, after eyeing her tensedly. she asks why he did this. he says that maasa told her to, or else he would have let her rot forever in jail, as thats what she deserves after what she did but regretfully, pari doesnt think like that about her, and doesnt want her life to be ruined, and has forgiven her. she asks how is pari. he informs what happened at the hospital. she is distraught to know this. he points out the differences between her behaviour and pari’s, and how lowlife she is. he leaves angrily, while she stands guilty.

Scene 4:
Location: Shona’s residence
Shona tells her friends, what sattu did, because pari told her to, and is very ashamed and apologetic for this condition of pari, and hopes that she recovers soon, so that her guilt can be salvaged a little, or else she wouldnt be able to forgive herself. they are all tensed.

Scene 5:
Location: Hospital and shona’s residence
Maasa is determined and says that she is ready to do anything for pari, and hence she shall do what she has never done, and go to a place where noone else can go with her, and that shall show its effect, and decides to go to Amavashi Temple. Shona too reiterates and says that she shall do what she has never do, and go where she shall be alone, only for pari’s sake, and talks about the same temple. The screen freezes on Shona’s, Maasa’s and Pari’s faces.

Precap: Maasa tells sattu, as she receives a call, that pari is back to her senses. she asks him to hurry up, so that they can return back. but before they can go, shona stops them, saying that she came here for her bahu, then what does she get. shona says that she has come here for her bahu, and now she wants something from her in return and what she is about to ask, she wont be able to refuse too. maasa and sattu stand shocked and boggled too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    After all this even shona is behaving weired… i hope pari is not in coma for long and gets fine soon….

    1. swetha kannan

      i think she will ask sattu or forgivenrss

      1. No i think she will ask for marrying sattu.. :3 as the story wont end so easily and hence the stupid writers will continue this shona track till 1 month..!


        I agree with you Reem; shona will ask sattu for marring her and leaving pari; and sattu will do in order to save pari and show will take leap….

  2. I think shona will ask to live with them as pari care taker or her sister but they should push her ass out

  3. Jada

    Pari is so dumb for caring for Shona ugh

  4. Get her married to another boy and close her chapter.

    1. Exactly… That’s what I also want… End her chapter


    Update today episode fast

  6. Every Week end there wont have any written updates.


    This is vry short update as new episode will be telecasted within few hrs. Sorry in advance if i miss any point.

    The episode started with maa sa and shona reaching shani dev mandir and asking for maha puja for pari. Pandit ask them to provide somthing to god.
    Maasaa thinks of giving all her wealth and duddh sagar. She tell pandit ji but he inform arpan is done by someone else. Maasa see shona and enqiure about it. Shona denies and sattu comes inform that pari ji is my wife and my right on arpan is first. Puja start..
    In hospital pari breathe heavily almost to die; dr. Provide electrical shock and her heart beat stops..
    Puja goes on… After sometry dr. Say she is no more but due to prayers she start gaining life..

    Badi bhabhi inform maa saa that pari is saved. All reach hospital where pari’s stepp mom or masi (do not know excatly) confort sattu for not being with pari?? Maasaa say he went to do puja for pari’s life..

    Sattu goes and meet pari.. he cries seeing her in that state but pari ask him not to do.. by holding his hand.. sattu kiss her hand… ( very much emtional)..
    All come in and maasa and sattu ask for forgivness from pari. Pari say it was past forget it.

    Days passes… Pari start recover.. and all take hef back home.
    At home Shona open house lock and enters saying pari di i am in your house; now see what will I do???
    Everyone reach house and see open door..
    And screen freez…

    (Actually i saw it online and that did not show precap)

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