Meri Saasu Maa 7th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 7th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence and College
Maasa hollers at her and asks for her identity card. she hesitatingly gives it, while staring at her distraught. maasa goes to the lamp, and then burns it into ashes, while pari is disheartened, and all others are shocked. pari is apalled as she is unable to believe it. he sees tears streaming down her cheeks, and clenches his fists in anger. Maasa says that she declares pari isnt the ideal bahu. babita and other ladies are amused. maasa continues that from this day forth, all advantages end here today, and from tomorrow, she wont go to college. pari is shocked and aghast, as her id burns down to ashes.

Later, pari holds her half burnt card and keeps crying. he eyes her intently. she asks whats he seeing. he asks her how long

would she see that piece of paper. she asks whats her mistake, that she wants to study and she got such a big punishment for it. she says that maasa stopped her college. he says that its her fault, as she lied and then blamed maasa for it. she vehemently denies about lying, and on top of it, had keeping her captive is too big a punishment for a lie. he asks her not to misunderstand maasa, as she doesnt think that steep. he says that only college going has been stopped not studies. she is boggled. he talks about correspondence, and she is set to thinking.

Scene 2:
Location: Maasa’s husband’s residence
Maasa’s husband sits by the bonfire, and is fuming that bhawna declared his dead when he is very much alive. Maasa’s husband swears revenge on her, and says that he shall make her life a living hell. he says that pari had stopped her from getting to her, and now she only shall take him there.

Scene 3:
Location: Maasa’s office.
The next morning, maasa starts going through the reports, while sattu and chhote babu stand. he mirks evilly and thinks that, she wouldnt understand a word of it, but can read reports. sattu shows him his fault in the reports, and he marvels at the genius of the illiterate wife that was once his. he swears to ruin her, and moevs out, and collides with pari on the way out. he is startled, and then asks why did he have to lie, about being sattu’s secretary. she says that she cant say it, but she needed to lie for a good work, and apologises. he says that at time, life makes you do things you dont want to do. she goes in, he smirks. she comes inside the office. maasa works tensedly. pari wonders if she should talk about correspondence. maasa asks if she thinks she is still angry. she says that she doesnt carry things over, as she has already been punished for her mistake. Pari apologises. maasa asks if she wanted to say anything else. he asks if there is anything. she is unable to muster up the courage, and asks them how is the food. they are startled.

Outside, he finds that noone is looking around, when he approaches the restricted area, and then masks himself in the blanket. he decides to break into that area. As pari walks listlessly in the office, she finds the masked stranger, trying to break into restricted entry, and immediately runs after her. she gets his blanket down, but he runs away just in time. she runs after him on the road. then she grabs him by the hair, which come off too. she is shocked, to see the disguise, but the man runs away. he then calls up someone, and asks him to do as planned. she stops him and runs after him, after she hits him on the leg and he falls down. she is about to see the face of the person, when his moustache and beard come in her hands, and he runs off. she stands stunned. meanwhile, a truck comes from behind and hits pari, and she falls on the floor, unconscious, blood gushing out of her head. In her minimal state of consciousness, she sees the face of the person barely.

Scene 4:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Back home, babita gets sharabi’s call, stating that the letter was fake, and her mother is alright. babita pretends to be relieved. babita asks her not to tell anyone at home, as people shall think that she deliberately did it. sharabi says that this isnt true. babita convinces her to be quiet, and asks her to come back. the eldest doesnt understand it, but babita says that they have done enough work. Maasa and sattu come back home, and she asks about pari, and is told that she hasnt returned back from the office. babita plants the idea in her head maybe pari went to college, despite her telling her not to. she is enraged. he is tensed. just then, a woudned and bruised chhote babu comes with another man, along with an unconscious pari in his hands. Sattu is shocked to see her in such a state. all others are shocked. he rushes to her, while chote babu pretends to fall down and go unconscious too. the person carrying pari narrates how chote babu’s bravery saved pari. maasa immediately asks babita to get the doctor. she is immensely tensed.

When the doctor arrives, he administers an injection, as she is unconscious. sattu asks when would she get okay, and maasa asks if they need to shift her to a hospital. he says that there are some wounds and brusies, but with homely care, and his course of treatment, he says that she shall recover soon, and prescribes medicines. maasa asks about chote babu. the doctor sits quiet, she asks if he is okay. he remembers how he had threatened to kill his five year o0ld, if he tells the others of his fake wounds. he tells maasa that he suffered internal injuries. hee says that he shall take sometime to recover due to his age, and he should take meds regularly. they thank him, and sattu sends him off. maasa instructs the ladies to take good care of him, as he risked his life for pari, till he doesnt get well. she asks them all to take this responsibility. they comply and leave.

Later at night, when she sleeps, she has nightmares of what happened earlier in the day, and she wakes up with a start, immensely disturbed. she wonders if chote babu is sattu’s father, and decides to tell it to dadi. she takes her glasses, and then with great difficulty walks out of the room, to search for dadi. but she doesnt find her in her bed and then comes back to the room. he comes with medicines, and asks where had she gone. she says that she went to meet dadi. he asks her why at this time of the night, and then asks her not to move around much, as the doctor has prescribed. he hears her wincing clutching at her leg and rushes to her care. He feeds her the medicines himself. he asks how is she feeling. she says that she is better. he asks how it happened. she is in a dilemma as to whether she should tell him or not, and whether she can risk him finding out whether he is his father or not. she decides against it.

Meanwhile, chote babu walks in the middle of the night, and comes to maasa’s room. he eyes her sleeping and smirks evilly. He says that he is her good times’ bad news. Meanwhile, dadi strolling in the corridor, finds a shadow outside bhawna’s room, and tries to find who is there. she reaches there but doesnt find anyone. she leaves to check on pari. he smirks from his hiding.

In their room, sattu asks pari whats she hiding, as he is sure something is bothering her, which she isnt able to share. she asks why is he so bothered. he says that he can ask as he is her husband. she asks what kind of husband, as he doesnt believe in this marriage. dadi overhears their animated fight. Pari asks him not to forget that they are just playing the role of a happily married couple. he is hurt by her barbed words. she reminds him that they are merely strangers, who dont even know each other, the kind of husband-wife who havent even consummated their relationsip yet too. dadi is shocked. the screen freezes on pari’s distraught face.

Precap: When dadi narrates this to maasa, she is shocked. dadi says that if they remain strangers to each other, it wont lead to a good end. she comments that there is something between them that needs to be clarified. she asks maasa to talk about it to them. maasa swears that they need to find out whats the secret.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I love this show xoxo

  2. when will they start trusting each other and i didn’t hope this from pri that she will not try to understand his feelings and she should try to understand him not to taunt or hurt him as he cares for her and always try to become a source of happiness and relief for her although she doesn’t understands and not even try

  3. ohh…so now masaa will tell them the truth about their marriage…that what pari was saying was right…but poor sattu… he trusted his masaa so much… he fought wid pari because of masaa and now he will feel guilty and it will be hard for him to accept that his maasa did that to pari :p

  4. Huhh….When will the Saas Bahu Drama will end???
    Irritated by Sattu n Pari plz Make them one Pattu

  5. no ,i don’t think that maa saa will reveal the truth of their marriage .she will come up with somthing .

    1. yaa. even i am of the same opinion.

  6. me in think the maasa gun day one thing fore next thing yuh no sattu gun hate n she would neva want sattu hate she
    fay fay was hey

  7. please update 8th april’s episode quickly.waiting

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