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Meri Saasu Maa 6th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Maasa makes the remaining situps be done by the husbands, while the wives do the patting. they resignedly comply, while pari is amused. Maasa tells the police that they wont need to go with them, as they have been punished here only for the crimes that they committed. she says that she might need him again, while he says that he shall always be at her service. he leaves, while shivpal is tensed. he glances at roopmati behind the pillar and seems to recognise her. she gets scared but doesnt let it be revealed. she feigns innocence saying that it isnt possible. sattu clarifies that she has lost her documents, and is with them, till she recovers and explains the whole situation and then he leaves. after going, maasa says that to set them straight,

she first straightened herself. granny says that she was quite late, in revamping herself. she says that she did sacrifice but they never valued her, instead proved her wrong. she says that things went beyond her control, and that they were dillydallying, between shivpal and her, and that now she shall tell them what it means to be divergent. Maasa says that to teach them a lesson, she shall be a mother in law who is strict and stringent now. she assures them that they shall get a twisted mother in law so that can learn a lesson. she says that after the insult she faced, she knew that if she doesnt tighten them, noone can, and says that what she did outside, as a drama, she did inside, after seeing what the bahus were upto. then she dyed her hair, and revamped herself in the whole new avatar, while still continuing the charade of being depressed and aghast at their insults. she gets up and confronts them, while their bodies ache, she addresses them saying that this is what they have to deal with now. pari is amused. she also asks the sons too, to get used to it now, as from tomorrow, maasa’s every answer shall cost them dearly, as right now. she says that if they feel hungry, then they can eat too. they all disperse resignedly. maasa turns around to find pari. Later, she tells pari indirectly, that to set the house straight, she herself is sufficient, and doesnt need anyone. pari stands tensedly.

In her room, roopmati is amused and overjoyed at the way maasa is a perfect dictator, throughly copying her. but then gets back into the character of the nri girl that she is playing, and starts dancing, thinking about how she needs to initiate her plantoday, of separating the hero and heroine. she is amused.

In granny’s room, pari tells her that she saw this side of maasa for the first time. granny is ecstatic too, saying that they cornered her, and she lashed back rightly. she decides to go and sleep with her only. after she leaves, and pari is setting the covers of the bed, when sattu comes and asks how dare she play with the family’s reputation like this. she says that he is the one toying around, as he crossed the borders to come to her side. he says that he isnt talking about this, and is talking about calling the police and tainting the respect of the family. she says that she did what she felt right, and that the police came at maasa’s call, and not hers. sattu says that she did right, as she wanted to punish them, and then saved them too, but what she did, she ruined the reputation. and hence he says that she shouldnt even try to compare herself to maasa. she says that they shall still see and curse, when the people get to know the treatment that was meted out to maasa, and how her son was amute spectator in all this. he says that she is insulting him. she says that at times, its needed, as when a man cant step up, a woman has to forcibly step up to be a man. roopmati watches this from a siatnce and enjoys. he almost raises his hand to hit her,. and stands midway while she is shocked and disgusted to see it. she says that he just proved her right, by raising his hand on her. Roopmati is amused as she sees the plight, and thinks that everyone throws dialogues here, and sattu must be burning. he waives her away, and then resignedly gets out. but just then, roopmati comes in and says that this isnt right, and she shouldnt talk like to sattu. she asks her to stay in her limits and be a guest, as its between a couple and she shouldnt interfere unnecessarily in their matters, and she shall call for her, when her help is required. roopmati swallows her anger and leaves. sattu eyes her tensedly. Outside, roopmati fumes as to how could pari insult her, and swears to teach her a lesson.

In their room, shivpal and his sons and bahu strike a strategy, but the bahus and sons lash back at shivpal, for his being useless. he walks otu tensedly. chaaya says that shivpal isnt of any use. she talks of a plan, and says that they shall master black magic. babita is shocked. chaya says that she wont do it, but she knows someone. maasa hears this from the window, and thinks that she shall have to develop the strategy to counteract them, and teach them a lesson.

Then, Shivpal goes to sattu’s room, and says that whats happening isnt right, and that he saw the way she behaved with him. he continues to lament, giving him support, saying that he is with him. sattu lashes back asking when would things get better as they are worsening every single minute. he says that the condition is worsening. he asks him to leave as he cant talk to him right now, and then collapses on the bed. shivpal fumes that he isnt used to being treated like this, and thinks that he shall only wait till he gets the property. he raises his hand to touch his shoudler, but then refrains, as he stares blankly. he goes out, while smiling at roopmati, who just enters the room. Chaaya coems inside, and says that she knows he doesnt wish to be bothered, and that what pari did and said, must have hurt him badly, but asks him not to worry as everything shall be okay. she places a reassuring hand on his shoulder, but he shoves it away. he asks her to let be, as he has a headache, and doesnt wish to talk to anyone. she asks him to lie down, while she massages him. she starts doing so, saying that actually pari should be the one doing it, but never does. she says that she is out of her mind. he asks her to remove her hand rightawya. she complies tensedly. he asks her why is she bothering him, when he clearly doesnt want to be disturbed. he asks her to stop instigating against pari all the time, as she is his wife, and he wont stand a word against her, and asks her to remain a house guest. he gets up and walks till the window. she says that its okay and while talking, she distracts him. Roopmati mixes a tablet in his water, and leaves saying that she shall talk later to him. he comes back, and finds the water. after much lucky chances of getting and not drinking, finally he gulps it down, and then starts getting dizzy. he doses off finally, wondering why the water tasted so awkward and he is getting all nauseous.

Later, at night, roopmati gets up in her sleep, as if in a trance, or under the influence of some dark magic, and then picks up a knife and walks out. she crosses the corridors and comes to pari’s room, with the knife, while she is fast asleep. finally, she lands down the knife for a fatal blow, her eyes still fixated ahead, but fortunately pari turns just the, but wakes up hearing the stabbing sound. she is agahst and rushes away to the other corner of the bed. she gets down, while roopmati has her eyes fixed on her. she continues walking towards her as if in a trance, while she id distraught and finally hodls her hand and struggles to tale the knife away. the screen freezes o pari’s frazzled face.

Precap: Sharabi comes to sattu’s room, and is very amused to find that he is sleeping with pari on the bed, and thinks that finally they consummated their marriage and united finally. but she is aghast to find roopmati waking up from under the covers. sattu wakes up and is shocked to find herself in bed with her. she asks him whats he doing here in her bed. Just then, pari comes inside the room, and seeing them both under the covers in the same bed, she is shocked and apalled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Why is Pari and Sattu fighting all the time like they really hate each other. This Roopmati is freaking annoying.

  2. Can’t wait for next episode

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