Meri Saasu Maa 6th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 6th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Police Station
At the wee hours of the night, while all are asleep, a lady constable, finds shona throwing out white bubbles from the mouth, and unconscious. she rushes to her, and the constable is shocked to find a suicide note, and nudges the inspector awake. she then takes him to shona, who lies unconscious. but when they reach the cell, they find her vanished. they are boggled, buut then find a toothpaste kept nearby and understand that its all a pretense. they get a note, saying that the bubble was of toothpaste, and not poison, and is furious that she befooled them. they wonder where could she be going.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Shona takes an auto and finally arrives in front of the hospital.

Scene 3:
Location: Hospital

is distraught, as he eyes pari lying unconscious on the floor, remembering her past romantic moments with her. he starts hallucinating pari in front of him, asking him not to cry. he smiles through his tears, and is then aghast to find that she isnt there. he enters the ward and again finds pari on the bed. the nurse comes and tells him that it isnt allowed to stay in the ICU and asks him to wait outside on the bench. he resignedly complies, while the nurse administers meds to pari.

She thinks that they both didnt do right, but she needs to talk to pari. she wonders how to go, past him. then eyeing the nurse, she gets an idea. she calls her aside, and then says that there is someone’s call, from sattu’s family at the reception, and asks her to send him there. the nurse complies and informs sattu. he gets up and begins to go, after having checked his mobile for any missed calls. as he gets up to go, shona hides behind the pillar. after he leaves, she stealthily moves towards the room, and then eyes pari lying in the ICU. she is distraught to see her in such a condition. she enters the ward and stands beside pari’s bed, and then sits. she is highly apologetic and guilty about what she did, and realises the enormosity of what she did, and begs her not to punish her, by not talking. she begs to be forgiven, and asks her to open her eyes, at any cost.

Scene 4:
Location: Maasa’s residence
The bahus find the food as such, and think that noone is even willing to eat at all. babita points out how maasa is guilty of what happened to pari. chhaya asks her to stay quiet. but maasa hears from a distance, and is shocked. babita continues to point that it was futile for maasa to play this game, knowing that shona is a psycho. they all comment as to how maasa could have avoided, and somewhere she is to be blamed. maasa stands guilty. Later, in her room, babita’s stinging words resonate in maasa’s ears, and she is distraught and apalled, to even imagine that she brought this on pari. then she gets a call, and wonders whose is it, and then anxiously takes thinking that its from the hospital. but its the inspector who informs her about shona escaping, and assures that they shall catch her, but asks them to be alert, as she wished to meet pari, and hope that she doesnt hurt her. she complies. she is aghast that shona is still after pari. she decides to inform at the hospital first. she dials sattu and narrates everything. he is furious and enraged at shona’s daring. he is however tensed for pari’s safety. he rushes to Pari’s ward and finds her there, and drags her out. he asks whats she doing here. shona says that she merely wished to see pari. he blames her for what happened to pari. she finally shuts him up. she retaliates by saying that he is the one who forced her towards this, and lashes at him saying, that had he not played the pretense and been clear since beginning, she wouldnt have been led on. she says that he too is responsible for pari’s condition. he is so enraged that he is almost about to slap her, but checks herself just in time. she instigates him to go on and slap her and hurt her too, now that he has already hurt pari. Meanwhile, the dean and her friends arrive. shona then tells them of sattu’s relationship with pari, and they are all shocked. she says that he is as wrong as she is, and that he too is guilty of pari’s present condition. she tells them all that he didnt want the world to know pari as his wife and that he forced her to conceal their relationship a secret. she says that he is to be blamed, as she thought pari was merely his girlfriend and hence tried to intimidate her. he says that he had a motive for what he did, but what she did is a crime, and she cant repent it enough. The dean too says that shona got her punishment as rustication, but he cant shy away from his responsibility, and if he forced her to keep their relationship a secret, then its wrong, as there was nothing wrong with it. shona says that she knows she made a mistake, and cant forgive herself, and that she just wanted to see pari once, and now she shall go back to the station. she blames him equally for this. all are tensed and shocked. sattu stands distressed. the friends too reprimand and lament him, for being neither a good husband nor a good friend. they all disperse, while he stands shocked and shaken up, as he remembers the accusations against himself. he walks out in haste, after eyeing pari from the glass window.

Scene 5:
Location: On the road
Sattu walks listlessly on the road, remembering pari’s sweet romantic maneuvours, to try and appease him, and then is haunted by hurling accusations at her. A suicidal Sattu stands in the way of heavy oncoming traffic in the highway, and ignores all blaring sirens and honks as a truck drives straight into him, while he stands unfazed in its way, without moving an inch. he apologises to pari, for having done this to her. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Maasa takes pari’s hand, and apologises to her for having done this to her, and is highly guilty, and kisses her forehead. suddenly, she notices pari’s finger moving. she is shocked and pleasantly surprised.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. wow what a cute couple maasa and pari… after sensing the touch of maasa, pari is waken up… sooooooo swweeeeeeet… and sattu, don’t worry everything’ll be alright once pari opens her eyes… don’t be guilty sattu… and shona, u blo*dy b*t*h… she is blaming everyone 4 her mistake… i hope nothing will go wrong after pari’s recovery…

  2. and thanks 4 the authorji for updates

  3. thanks rimjhimji for the updates… i think the serial is going on good track except shona’s part…

  4. Shilpa-Saraj

    I just started seeing it few days before… Im loving it..

  5. I hope maasa catches shona n turn her ass in n nutting cant happen happemto sattu

  6. Such Amazing serial

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