Meri Saasu Maa 6th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 6th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence and College
Chhote babu relieves them all saying that their father is alive, in their memories, every moment and their lives, and he is watching them, nd sends them his blessings. maasa and dadi, along with pari is frustrated. sattu likes what he said, and says that it feels his father himself sent him, to give this message. chote babu asks him to consider him as their father only, or like their father. sattu revers him, and then gets to distributing prashad. maasa and pari are tensed. chote babu thinks that prayers are needed for maasa, and smirks. Maasa leaves. he is amused at the irony of eating prashad of his own barsi.

Later in the night, babita takes some clothes, and hides them in a carton, in the store room.

The next morning,

all the bahus start, lamenting about things are disappearing all of a sudden, items of clothing. maasa enquires what happened, and they narrate. the eldest bahu goes and gets the carton, that contains all the clothes. sattu asks how did they land there. the bahus insinuate that pari must have deliberately hidden them so that she doesnt have to wash them and she can save on time to get to college on proper time. he is tensed, while maasa is in a rage, saying that she shall teach her a lesson today.

Meanwhile in the college, the lecturer praises pari for her splendid performance and then informs them of a freshers’ party, so that they get to know their teachers, and tells about the rounds, one of introduction, then the fashion show, and a speech why they want to be a teacher, which shall be evaluated and the scores added to the term result. she gets tensed, and says that she is okay with everything else, but not the fashion show. he asks them to come out of the comfort zone, to become confident and champion. she asks about the time, and knows that its from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. she says that she would have to take permission from her mother in law. he agrees. she decides to call sattu, but then decides to message him, as he must be busy in the office. but the bahus receive it and are amused. babita then responds on sattu’s behalf, saying that its okay. they are amused of the consequences. when pari receives the message, she is superjoyed, and types thank you. the bahus are amused to receive that too.

Meanwhile, sattu searches for his phone, and remembers that he left it for charging, but in the meanwhile, the bahus delete the messages, so that he doesnt have any knowledge of it. when he comes down, he finds his phone placed on the table, is a little tensed to find it out of charging but leaves. the bahus come out, and discuss as to how they deleted the message.

Meanwhile, a peon comes and gives them dresses for their fashion show, one of which he finds with a loose hook and keeps it aside. when he leaves, the girls get to selecting their dresses. pari likes the saree with the defective blouse only. Later, after they are all dressed, the girls are wished best of luck by the lecturer, who informs that the competition is about to start. The fashion show starts. meanwhile, maasa comments that now they shall see, how long it takes for pari to return. Back home, maasa waits anxiously for pari to return back, while the bahus enjoy the fun. In front of the bahus, maasa asks sattu, what time her college gets over, and he responds, 01:30. she asks about the time, and he responds its past two. she asks then whats taking so long for pari to return back home. he stands tensedly. Just then, Babita tells maasa that it shall take time for pari to return home, as she calls up at her college and found out, that pari is realising her dream of modelling in the college, in the freshers’ party. maasa is shocked. Sattu is tensed.

Meanwhile, pari attends her freshers’ party, and ramp walks on the stage, and then introduces herself, and then talks about her dream of becoming a teacher, and how her long felt dream brougth her here, and talks about how her father is in the inspiration behind this dream, while the hook which is defective keeps coming loose, of which she is oblivious. the jury panel is immensely happy of her answer, and all clap. she is happy and overjoyed. As she turns around, her button snaps, revealing a lot of her back than intended. all are shocked and stunned. she is embarassed and mortified, while maasa and sattu, who have just come in, are aghast and enraged. sattu clenches his fists in anger, and then rushes up to the stage, and composes her and drapes the pallu around her, while she eyes him overwhelmingly, and he is enraged. pari then turns to find maasa there with angry, raging eyes. he is tensed, as he takes her down with him. she tries to speak, but maasa shuts her up, while pari is angered, and just asks her to come along home. Pari is petrified.

Back home, maasa is unable to control her anger. the bhabhis are amused, but they pretend to be extremely sympathetic about what could have happened. maasa turns to pari and asks how dare she step on the stage. she asks if she sent her to the college for all this, and reminds her of the high promises pari had made when she had stepped out to go to college. they are apalled at her severe rage. Pari is shit scared. Dadi asks her to let be, as she is scared, and that she mustnt have planned wardrobe malfunction, and it might have been an accident. maasa says that she considers it, but what about her gallivanting around on the stage, and enjoying in collefge, without even bothering to inform that she shall be late. she eyes sattu, while he eyes her tensedly. maasa says that the truth is she doesnt remember anything, when she steps out of the college. pari is shell shocked and stunned. pari apologises and says that she had told it all and sought permission prior, as she didnt forget even for a moment. he is oblivious of the entire morning episode and asks who did she tell. she is shocked and boggled. she tells maasa that she informed sattu only, who denies it outright, shocking her. Sattu denies that he doesnt know about it. pari asks why is he lying, and why, as he had been told, and he had given permission that she can takes part in the fashion show and cme late. the middle bahu asks if sattu is lying. pari denies, and says that she had told sattu, via message. babita says that if this is so, then maybe she had sent, but he didnt read. maasa asks him to check his phone. he checks and says that there is no such message. she is shocked, while maasa eyes her angrily. she says tht she had sent, and they should check in the sent messages. she takes her phone, and the bhabhis are tensed. but she doesnt find her message anywhere, while maasa starts fuming. all are shocked, while the bahus smirk, when the middle bahu remembers that she had deleted it. they are amused. maasa asks her to stop now, as its enough, and asks her to stop this drama, tht she is doing to stop her drama, and had sattu known, he wouldnt have hidden it from her, and asks if she thinks, they are fools, that they shall be played. maasa shows her the clothes that she had hidden away to save sometime in the morning. Pari denies this too. maasa says that this is true, that she can do anything to realise her dream. she is aghast and apalled. the eldest bahu asks how would she punish her now, if she beat them up with a stick for their slightest mistake. maasa eyes her tensedly. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: As pari walks listlessly in the office, she finds a masked stranger, trying to break into restricted entry, and immediately runs after her. she gets his blanket down, but he runs away just in time. then she grabs him by the hair, which come off too. she is shocked, to see the disguise, but the man runs away. she stops him and runs after him, after she hits him on the leg and he falls down. she is about to see the face of the person. meanwhile, a truck comes from behind and hits pari, and she falls on the floor, unconscious, blood gushing out of her head.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Oooooh! Precap is scary.

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Oh God n now? I hate dat babira n the other two blind sheep! Serial is like the point system n becoming a bit mmmmmm not nice to watch.
    Tnx for so quick update Rijhmin…

  3. They need to show some romance in this serial. getting nowhere these days.

  4. wah wah sattu what kind of love is yours!!!

  5. Y the 3 witches doing that to her n i hope sattu will feel her pain now

    1. the 3 witches want maa saa to consider pri a bad bahu and ants to destroy her as she was praised by maa saa and about sattu i hope this too

  6. Wen sattu will see pari is not at fault

    1. usually it doesn’t happen but i hope today’s accident will solve some of the misunderstandings between them

  7. Can’t wait for 7 th April’s update

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