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Meri Saasu Maa 5th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maa saa asks Tiravai where is Pari as Satu has already left for office. Tiravai says Pari is asleep. Maa saa comes to Pari’s room and throws water jug on her face. Pari gets up at once, Maa saa says that today is Mahashivastri. Maa saa asks Manjhli to tell Pari what is done at this home on Mahashrivatri. Manjhli tells Pari about the whole list. Maa saa asks the other daughter in law to tell the norm of their house, she says all the ladies work with each other. Maa saa asks Babita if this work is hard. Babita says not at all. Maa saa says she wants them all to take rest this year, this year Pari will do all the preparations of the Pooja. She won’t go anywhere or meet anyone and will complete her work alone. She tells the ladies to leave, and gives Pari a stare before leaving. Pari was worried that

she doesn’t even know what happens in this house and then she has an admission test tomorrow as well. She wonders what trouble she has been put into. Sattu comes inside when Pari tried to focus through yoga. She straightens up at once and asks why he entered without knocking. Sattu says this is his room as well, Pari says its her as well. He asks in what clothes she is standing here. She says she is his now, she will have to bear her anyway. She asks him for Prasad. He watches her pray and eat the Prasad. She tells him to go to his specifin corner, she needs to change. He says it is different at night, but what people will think during day. She suggests about dividing the room, and both put a curtain in the centre. Pari says one day he himself will remove this division.
Maa saa tells the ladies that this is one month rashan. It must not end before date. She asks bahus what they had done for Mahashivastri last year. All of them tell her they had prepared Halwa, Poori and the arrangements of Pooja. Maa saa says this time the new daughter in law will do this all alone, Poori, Halwa and the arrangements of Pooja. Pari says before that she will prepare breakfast for everyone. Maa saa asks if she doesn’t know today is fast, she will also fast and if she kept asleep she will even then eat tomorrow morning. Pari says she is really hungry, she can’t bear hunger. Her grandmother always kept milk near her bed so that if she gets hungry at night she can have it. Maa saa scolds her that this isn’t her grandmother’s house, she will fast here. She tells Pari to sit on the balance. Pari gets there. Sattu watches this from upstairs and makes a photo of her. Pari was being weighed against bags. She watches Sattu upstairs. Maa saa asks her to come down now. Maa saa says she now needs to prepare kheer equal to her weight. She says that Pari also needs to prepare 100 poori before evening. Pari says she will do all the work, but tomorrow is her test as well; if she gets time for it as well… Maa sas says that Mahashivastri is a great occasion. Education suits before wedding, now she is a daughter in law and must take the responsibility. Pari says her education is also important, if she becomes a teacher she will be able to do something for society and this will get this family respect as well. Maa asks if she is really this innocent or just makes up to be. She tells Pari to go and complete her work, after that she can do studies as well. Pari cheers and says thank you. Maa saa smiles, she thinks Pari can never complete this much of work alone. Pari says it is 7 o clock, Maa saa says she must be done with 100 Pooris till 9 o clock. Pari brace herself and leaves. Maa saa deters the other ladies that if she watches them helping Pari, they will have to work in kitchen for whole of their lives.
Pari comes to kitchen and begins the cooking. She gets done with the first poori and thinks her mouth is watering now. She was worried about the kheer. Bhabis come in the kitchen. Pari asks them for the other preparations and how the kheer is prepared. Bhabis say that they all do what Maa saa says, Babita says she is giving her a hint. Their grandmothers used to talk about it, she must take care of the rituals of this house herself. Pari heads to work again. Bhabis wink at Pari, Babita takes away a plate of Poori with her. Pari was studying her books along with Pooris. She prays to God that she will complete her fast well if they take care about tomorrow. She gets cough and takes a glass of water. Maa saa comes there and holds her hand saying she had forbidden Pari not to eat anything.

PRECAP: Pari goes to shopping with Sattu on bike. Maa saa tells the Pandit that her daughter in law will do that Pooja. She says that if Pari has to live in the house she will have to pass this testimony, else she can go back to her parent’s house.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Uff this Maa Saab is so annoying 😛 and finally a PaTtu scene in the precap

  2. Sona pl update Satrangi Sasural also

  3. pari you are also stupid in my point if view… but for the family sake you did was right… hope you will win ur mother-in-law’s heart…

  4. Tabassum Angel

    Zazak allah sona…plz atleast You update serial fast …Thank

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