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Meri Saasu Maa 5th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s office
Maasa’s husband pretends to fall down, and sattu helps him get up. he says that he wished the power in his heart was in the feet, and presents a sympathetic case, as to how he is helpless. sattu composes him, and asks him not to worry. her husband gets to his work, smiling evilly.

Scene 2:
Location: Maasa’s residence
dadi calls all the bahus, and says that she has something for all three that shall please them, and they are distraught, when they find bittergourd juice for them, so that their stomachs get better, which was so upset in the morning. highly reluctantly, they take their glasses, and begin to drink, the highly bitter juice. they fume as they find pari coming in on the scooty. they are disgusted that they

have to drink it because of her. sattu comes with maasa. babita asks pari if she asked from maasa about the scooty, so that maasa overhears it, and then tells it to maasa. pari stands dumb. maasa eyes pari tensedly, and asks if this is true. pari says that she doesnt find rickshaw in the morning, and she gets late finishing household chores, hence she went by the scooter. maasa listens intently, and says that since she has taken the week long challenge, she shall not stop pari, hearing which the ladies are irritated. maasa says that noone shall pose a problem to her, or her route, and pari can do what she wants to, but within limits. pari thanks and says that she shall respect her limits. the bahus are frustrated. dadi smiles.

Late at night, pari sleeps, while sattu stays awake, on the sofa, frustrated that he isnt able to get sleep due to her college. she wakes up, and asks him to stop. she says that he is blabbering like an idiot. he asks her to stop her nonsense, and go to sleep, and let him sleep too. they both dose off. the alarm rings, and pari sleeps intently. sattu gets frustrated and again throws the pillow at her, saying that he wants to stop the alarm, while she wakes up with a startle. she hurriedly goes to get the job done. after finishing up, she is happy that today she shall reach in time, as she still has 15 minutes left. but she finds that her tyres are punctured. the ladies are overjoyed on the terrace, that now she wont reach the college in time, as rickshaw pullers are on strike. pari wonders what to do, as today is her last and fatal chance to be in the semester. sattu comes, and finds what happened, and pari is shocked to know of the strike by him. she wonders what to do now. sattu take it on himself to give him a lift to the college. They finally reach in time, and she thanks him. he asks her to be home on time, and then adds that he shall get her scooter fixed and sent to the college, so that she can come back easily. she asks if he cares for her so much. he denies, and says that he just wants her to reach on time. she says that she shall reach on time, but asks why. he says that there is a puja today in the house, for his father’s death anniversary. she is reminded of her father in law being alive. she asks if maasa knows. he says that she does, but she doesnt like it. she asks how could she like it. he asks what she means. she thinks that she cant say the truth, and then fumbles and says that her memories might be getting fresh, and that would hurt maasa, but since his brother gets it done, they dont resist. she complies to coming on time. sattu leaves. she stands tensedly and then goes in.

Scene 3:
Location: College
The lecturer calls out the roll call, and finds with shock that pari is on time. Later pari starts getting anxious as the clock starts ticking towards two.

Scene 4:
Location: Maasa’s office
Maasa’s husband asks about her, for the signing of documents regarding overhead charged. sattu says that it would be tomorrow, as she wont come today, due to a puja. he asks what puja is it. sattu informs about the death anniversary and then leaves. he smirks that he has been dec;ared dead when he is alive, and thinks that he shall come too.

Scene 5:
Location: Maasa’s residence and college
Back home, maasa is terribly tensed as to how long can she do this, when her husband is alive. dadi asks how long can she carry this lie. maasa says that she cant let them know the true reality of the children, as they would be devastated. dadi says that this shall remain a secret then. but adds that she knows her sons shall stand by her, when they get to know the truth. Maasa listens intently.

Meanwhile, seeing that the class is getting late, Pari calls babita if the puja has started. babita lies that the puja hasnt even started yet, as it would take time for the pandit ji to come. the bahus are amused at having misled pari. maasa and dadi too come to sit in the puja. babita says that she informed pari about the puja. maasa listens resignedly, and sits for the puja. sattu looks around but doesnt find pari there. maasa sits tensedly. meanwhile, pari gets on the road, to reach home faster. Finally she arrives, but is shocked at seeing the puja midway. sattu looks at her tensedly, as she takes her seat hurriedly. While the rituals are going on, her husband arrives, in his disguise, and sees them all. maasa is visibly disturbed as she opens her eyes, on her name being called out. all others are boggled. he tells her that he needs urgent signatures, hence came here. she asks him to keep them on the stool, as sattu shall see it, then she shall sign. he complies, and then comments to maasa that it must have been difficult for her to raise 4 kids, and then asks how did he die. maasa is startled, and gives an excuse, that he died on voyage to Dubai. he laments that she must have been heartbroken at seeing the dead body, while maasa is tensed. pari asks him not to talk like this to maasa, as during puja, everyone should stay silent. he complies, and says that now that he has come, he shall take the prashad and go. they resignedly comply. the priest finishes the puja and asks for the prashad to be served.

When pari questions her, why she lied about puja starting, Babita makes an excuse that the priest came right after she kept the phone, and then she tried her number several times, but didnt get through. the other bhabhis are amused. the priest asks sattu to give the prashad to everyone. pari comes ahead to take it from him, but he tells pari that those who werent in the puja, shouldnt be allowed to distribute prashad too, as clearly, his father’s puja meant very less to her, in front of her college. she tries to vehemently protest, but he doesnt listen and ignores. she says that it isnt like that, and gives her the prashad and then goes to distributing others. chote babu takes the plate and serves to everyone. he again asks dadi how she must have felt to see the dead body of her young son. he gives her prashad. she says that she is fasting. he says that people can eat during fasting. she resignedly takes it. he smirks. Maasa and others listen when her husband, in his disguise, asks them to listen clearly and tells them that the person that they thought dead for so long, is actually alive, and is standing right amidst them. they are all shocked and stunned, while maasa is aghast. pari and dadi are worried. then he says that he is that man, and turns to sattu, and says that he is their father. sattu is shocked, along with othrs. Maasa is in a furious rage, as he smirks at maasa. The screen freezes on maasa’s angry face.

Precap: In front of the bahus, maasa asks sattu, what time her college gets over, and he responds, 01:30. she asks about the time, and he responds its past two. she asks then whats taking so long for pari to return back home. he stands tensedly. Just then, Babita tells maasa that it shall take time for pari to return home, as she calls up at her college and found out, that pari is realising her dream of modelling in the college. maasa is shocked. Meanwhile, pari attends her freshers’ party, and ramp walks on the stage, and then turns around, but her button snaps, revealing a lot of her back than intended. she is embarassed and mortified, while maasa and sattu, who have just come in, are aghast and enraged.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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