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Meri Saasu Maa 4th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
sharabi turns towards the bahus side, of the house, when maasa stops her and asks where is she going. she tells that the bahus have asked her to finish some works and get something. she dares her notr to even think of going. sharabi is tensed. then the bahus come and say the same about maasa, as to not even think about cxrossing the line, and getting maasa’s work done. maasa starts venting out her frustration, as to how dare they talk to her like this forgetting all manners. they too retaliate back with stinging insults, saying that she is the one full of lies, betrayal and conspiracies. they ask her to get to her side, or else they have shall have her thrown out with disrespect. she is aghast to hear this. she turns around to go. Babita wrenches

maasa’s hand and turns her around, while arti takes off the dupatta from over her head while szhe is shocked and mortified. the bahus eye her glaringly. she says that they have crossed her limit, and now she shall set them straight and teach them a lesson. they are shocked. but they dont stop disrespecting her as they continue to hurl abuses and insults at her. Pari meanwhile comes and is aghast to see them treating maasa like that. she tries to speak as to how they are doing wrong, but maasa shuts her up, and then reprimanding them, she leaves. pari rushes aftre her, but she lock the door from inside. pari comes down and tries hard to get her to open but sh doesnt. they continue passing comments from down while pari stands tensed. granny comes and asks them to shut up, and asks them to leave the house rightaway. but babita retorts back, that if anyone shall leave, it shall be her, maasa and pari. their husbands come and stand by the wives. sattu meanwhile comes and finds the ladies behaving rudely with granny, and lashes at tyhem, and then asks why are they disrespecting maasa since she is senior and brought them up, if nothing else. he reminds how he has never disrespected shivpal, yet they go on torturing maasa f0r no reason. shivapl comes and finds thje brothers warring amongst themselves. he intervenes and sides with sattu as he asks them to atleast respect maasa for her age, despite all that she has done to them and their mother. he leaves in a huff. he says that even if she isnt thir maasa, she is their aunt, and is worthy of respect even if its for her age. as he begins to go, pari stops him and claps tauntingly as to how he is so casual about the way the ladies mortified maasa with embarassment and insult today, and had he been the earlier sattu, he would have made them apologise for their behaviour, but instead of doing that, he is pointing out as to how she isnt their maasa, and that he is letting them go, merely by a verbal warning. he eyes her tensedly, while she is frustrated. The new girl, ms. oberoi sees this from a distance and wonders that the house is already in such turmoil, and what shall happen when she does her work.

Later, maasa is asked by granmny and pari, to open the door and let them in, but she lashes back at them, saying that today her self respect has been wounded, and that she finds it better to die than to live in a hell like environment here, where there is noone who wants her around them. they are shocked to hear this. granny hears this, and tells pari that she is very tensed as to maasa might do something. pari assures her that nothing like that would happen. he bahus hear this and smirk. in their room, they discuss as to how they would benefit greatly from her death, and decide to act towards it, completely indifferent of the way, they insulted and humiliated her.

Meanwhile, pari hides behind the door, and when sattu comes, she intentionally puts her leg out, so that he trips out. he falls and then gets up, boggled asking why she did so, and whats she doing on his side of the line. she points out as to how he is still indulged in petty affairs instead of going and finding out what maasa is going through. she narrates what maasa just talked about killing herself and how she hasnt even had water since the time she locked herself inside. but he asks her not to worry, a its nothing serious. she is disgusted with his indifference and walks out. he turns around. when someone calls him yet again, he presumes its pari, but it turns out to the be new house guest, ms. oberoi. he is tensed, while she reprimands him lovingly, for the rude behaviour he has to his wife, quite opposed to what she thinks about him. then she asks for some clothes, of pari, as she needsthem. she herlps herself to her wardrobe, and picks some out. he says that she cant have them, but she says that she knows he wouldnt want anyone else to wear them, but sh needs them badly, and leaves with them. then, hile going through the corridor, pari watches her from the opposite end, as sh walks out of sttu’s room, and is peplexed as to what she was doing in his room. the girl eyes her with a mischievous twinkle.

Later, granny and pari continue to try and badger maasa into opening the door, and get her to eat. sharabi gets them food too. granny retires, when pari asks her to rest, or else she would become ill. the bahus see this, and decide to act. after sometime, pari hears a clank noise from the kitchen, she rushes to find milk spilled in the kitchen, and gets to cleaning it, wondering how it fell. chaaya and babita take this oppurtunity to instigate maasa, by standing outside her door, as to how thick skinned she is, as had they faced such insult, they would have died of embarassment, and wouldnt be able to face anyone ever again. maasa hears this from inside, and gets distraught. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: As pari comes to maasa’s door, she finds chaya and babita smirking outside, evilly, and asks maasa if she is fine inside, wondering what they have been upto. maasa screams from inside, that now their maasa is going to be dead forever. pari is aghast while they are amused to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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