Meri Saasu Maa 4th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 4th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari takes blessings from Massa, but she stares at her as she is wearing night dress and then walks ahead. Pari then decides to give good news to Sattu. She calls him and Sattu is overjoyed hearing this news. She calls everyone outside and gives them the news. No one seems to be happy except 2 or 3 family members. Brothers show fake happiness. Sattu tells everyone to make preparations for Massa’s welcome. Bhabhis wonder what would have happened in police station. They go to ask their husbands.

Massa comes outside jail. Pari comes there on a bike. Massa feels embarrassing. Pari asks her to come home. She will make her tea. Massa looks around, but there are no vehicles. Pari insists her to come. Massa tells her she doesn’t need her hand tea or her bike ride. Sattu must be coming.

Pari says she knows she is curious to meet Sattu and him too, but if she stands here, then how they will meet. She insists her again saying Sattu will get late to come here. She tells her not to be afraid, she won’t make her fall. In end she is her bahu. Massa finally looks at her and sits on her bike. They go. Pari hits brake and Massa then takes her support. Pari says it’s such a beautiful morning. Doesn’t she feel like smiling ever? Massa makes faces.

Bhabhis are cursing Pari and they are afraid what if Pari tells Massa why she took case back. Elder brother is confused why she didn’t say the truth. One bhabhi says, she is very smart. Middle bhabhi sees Daddu and changes the topic.

Sattu comes all ready and he waits looking at the door. Pari and Massa arrive. He senses it and opens the door. He is very happy seeing Massa back home. Massa also gives him a small smile. All family members come to welcome Massa. Daddu says Pari did what she promised. She brought her mother back. Massa makes face. Sattu welcomes her in. Bhabhi comes with arti, but Massa stops her and grabs Pari’s hand. She says without Pari she won’t step in the house. Bhabhi then does the arti. Pari thinks she brought Massa back home, but she will have to make space in her heart. Massa thinks Pari brought her home, but she will never be able to make space in her or Sattu’s heart. She will make sure she defeats her. Pari thinks no matter how many difficulties come, she will win Massa’s heart.

Other side, Pari’s family gets the news. Dadi says she knew Pari ends up doing what she decides. She tells Ramesh to get half kilo laddu. Shashikala says no need for half kilo, 100 gram is enough. She then says in her mind, half kg will be when her work is done.

Sattu Massa feed each other and have some talk. Massa tells him he looks after her so much and she couldn’t do anything for him. Sattu says he just needs love from her. Massa says her crazy son and they continue feeding each other. Pari gets emotional seeing their bond.

In night, Pari expresses her happiness to her Dadi. She says it seemed like time had stopped and Sattu was so happy. Dadi says and in his happiness, her happiness. Pari smiles and says yes. She then tells Dadi, Sattu still hasn’t forgiven her, he is not even talking. Dadi says he will forgive her. Ramesh then reminds her about her exams. After call, Pari looks herself in mirror and says Bhabhis get ready so nicely and her wanders around just like that and then thinks why no one likes her. She removes her glasses and looks at herself. Sattu comes and sees Pari smiling looking at herself in mirror. Pari puts on her glasses and sees he was looking at her. She tries to talk, but he says he hasn’t forgiven her and he will never forgive. She knew Massa was innocent, and still sent her to jail. Laxman rekha (boundary) between them will never go away. She says fine. She is not dying to talk to him either. He always scolds her. There is limit for everything. There is no one to talk to her with love. She asks what he thinks of himself? He’s shocked. She takes blankets and pillow and says she will make him bed. She calls him “lalten”. He just watches her confusingly. She signs him his bed is ready. He walks there and she was coming back. They bump. His bracelet gets stuck in her dress. They have eye lock and a song plays in background. After removing, they walk into their directions. He sleeps and she sits to read. After a while, she falls asleep reading the book.

Elder Bhabhi is tired of working. Other bhabhis tell her keep working, they got no choice. Massa comes and asks Sharabhi where Pari is. Sattu left home already. She says Pari is sleeping. Massa is amazed., so are Bhabhis.

Precap: Massa wakes Pari by throwing water at her and says she will do all Maha Shivratri puja’s work. Pari says she will do all work, but she has an exam tomorrow. Massa tells her she is Bahu of that house now, so she better do her duties.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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