Meri Saasu Maa 4th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 4th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Bandhavgarh Resort
sattu is packing his bags, when pari comes and starts helping him out, while the bellboy waits to take the luggage. they both start packing. he watches as she entire takes over, the bahus enter too. PAri packs it all, while the bahus guffaw. he asks whats the matter. they both come to them, and says that pari is helping him, but she sounds like a teacher more than a wife. she is flustered while he is amused too. they both leave. as the bahus and the bellboy leaves, sattu and pari follow. he grabs her hand and stops her. but just then, he gets shalen up by hearing maasa’s voice, who comes with the entire family. pari is amused. maasa tells him to look at the bill and make payments. pari meanwhile confirms with the bellboy that all the bags have

been placed safely. also while he is continuously eyeing the bill, she snatches and points out blatant errors. the brothers are amused that he isnt paying attention and shall learn from his wife. sattu doesnt like it, while others are amused. he goes in and says that he shall get the phone, handing pari the bills and money. they continuously crack jokes. pari signals to maasa, and then goes in.

In his room, while sattu stands tensedly, pari comes and tries to cheer him up, but he is angry. she pretends to be hurt, and he immediately strts showing concern. she smirks, and he asks if she is playing with her. she smiles. Sattu takes pari by the hand, and leeringly asks what else is in store for him and asks her to come close, while she says that everyone is waiting. he asks her to let them wait, as he is with his wife. she says that people are waiting on the bus to get back. he asks her to let them hold on. she gets nervous with anticipation of whats to come. she asks what if maasa came. he draws her close to him, while she is shy as she retreats away. he pulls her close to him, and then lowers his lips while she closes her eyes in shyness. just then, sattu’s sister comes and they both are embarassed. she teases him and takes them out.

Outside, maasa shows a packet to pari and sattu, that she retrived from roop’s room. he asks enraged to throw it away. Pari asks him to calm down. she asks her not to get angry as its just things. pari asks him to get rid of the bitterness. maasa agrees saying that she got her due punishment, and that he shouldnt be thinking bad about her now, and that its due to roop they came back together. granny says that its time to go home now, as they need to start afresh. she asks them to leave the baggage and leave. all disperse.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
ALl have an enjoyable journey, while granny wishes and prays to the lord for a safe journey. they miss babita who had to go to her mother’s place. amused bantering and merriment follows, while all have a good laugh. they start their musical journey, as sattu is asked first. he starts singing. then pari too dedicates a romantic number. songs start, while all enjoy, as pari and sattu have eyes only for each other. fi nally maasa joins in the fun too. the elders too start one by one. as night descends in, all start to get sleepy and dose off. maasa eyes them all tensedly.

Scene 3:
Location: Maasa’s residence
The next morning, they finally arrive back home, relaxed. pari gets her father’s call, asking if they reached. she is angry why wasnt she woken up, when their stop came. he asks her not to worry as they are all fine. asking each other, to take care, they cancel the call. maasa takes keys from granny, and tries to unlock it, but it doesnt open. sattu too tries but in vain. granny asks pari to try, as the new bahu shall do miracles. she tries and it actually happens. all are amused. before she can enter, his sister gets in saying that they shall have to come in with proper rituals, and goes into do the arti. the bahus too go to help suman in. everyone gets in, with the bags and luggage. finally, with the proper rituals, pari is once again welcomed in the house, with sattu, as the bahu, this time with everyone’s happiness. then the kalash and the alta ritual too proceed, and pari eyes it overwhelmed. she knocks over the kalash, and then dipping her feet in the alta, she makes her entry back in the house. she is about to fall as sattu holds her. all get tensed, while they have a romantic eyelock. he promises to be with her, every second and every step of the way. together they step inside the house, and then the entire family goes to their temple, to pray to the lord as one united, happy family. maasa gets tensed yet again. she eyes her entire family together, and then comments to pari and sattu, that they complete each other. she asks them to promise that they shall never leave each other, and shall always alight like this. they comply. maasa gets emotional as a tears trickles down her cheek, from her eyes. kamlesh asks why the tears as everything is okay now. they are all tensed. maasa says that these are happy tears. granny finds maasa’s behaviour weird. maasa hastily leaves from there while all are boggled. they wonder why she went like that. Just then, Maasa arrives with her suitcase, and then everyone wonders whats the matter. all eye her boggled, as she stoically says that since her identity and everything else is out in the open, and things have settled back to normalcy, she doesnt think she should stay here anymore, and she doesnt even need to be here. she says that she shall have to leave. all are shocked. pari asks how can this be, as where would she go leaving them. maasa says that this is right. granny asks whats wrong. maasa tells that she is indeed rachan and not bhavna. all are aghast to hear this. The screen freezes on maasa’s tensed face.

Precap: Sattu is tensed and distraught, and asks maasa passive aggressively, that she can go abandoning them if she so believes but before going, he hands her a brown cloth, and asks her to burnt it up. maasa is shocked and visibly furious, while all eye him shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. What the heck is this? Maa Saab don’t do anything like that… You are the best in that home… I can never take that. Don’t leave.. I hope sattu will able to stop her…

    1. You are absolutely right. Hope Maasaab dont leave.

      1. Let’s see what happens next…

  2. This is one of the best zee tv dramas i have been watching without much frustrations and there was no dragging….but as usual I hope it is not a short happiness thingy..and back to negativities again and dragging….

  3. What song was Satu singing today and which movie is it from? Thanks

    1. Hi the song is from Fanaa. Kajol and Amir Khan. Beautiful song.

  4. Yes this serial is the best.

  5. Today’s episode was super cute. Couldn’t stop smiling.. Love Sattu and Pari..

  6. Yes..agree with akann…today episode really super…hopefully everything goes well…

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