Meri Saasu Maa 4th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 4th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Bus Stand
Bunty steps down the car with two other men, while pari is shocked to see him, and hides before he can see her. he turns around and tries to search for someone, while she wonders whats he doing here, and where is arpita. they are tensed to know that arpita isnt to be found. he knows that she must have called arpita, and asks them to continue their search. she ducks so as not to be seen. in an isolated location, she tries her cell, but arpita’s phone doesnt get through. she suddenly finds herself confronted by bunty, who approaches her, asking whats she doing here she tries to go, but he stops her. she asks where is arpita, and why not in lucknow. he asks her the same. he finds his men approaching, and ducks her underneath the umbrealla, and tells that

he did this to save her, from his uncle. after they pass, they are still engaged in a tensed eyelock. she then jerks herself away, and he finds that they arent around, and he takes her from there to an isolated location. she asks whats going on. Bunty forcibly tries to search for her purse, while she vehemently resists it. he tells pari that he is very enraged, as he knows that arpita must have called her, and there would be huge trouble, if arpita doesnt reach gorakhpur tomorrow, there would be immense trouble. he says that he shall have to kill her, if need be to get the purse. he finds calls deleted on on pari’s mobile, and is enraged. he pins her against the tree, while she is petrified. she says that they have to help her, since arpita called for that, and they need to be together on protecting her. he asks why didnt she explain this before. she eyes him tensedly.

Scene 2:
Location: Pari’s residence
Meera expresses her desire to only marry bunty, in front of shashi, who is too eager too, to get them married. she wonders what to do. meera says that bunty talks to pari and maasa, and hence they should stop mistreating her and maasa. shashi understands it all, and thinks that arpita likes pari, and she likes bunty, and now she shall cross the two together to make their plan work. She gets to implementation, and then comes to maasa and behaves very politely, helping her in her chores, while maasa is tensed wondering what she shall answer about pari’s whereabouts. she tries to give justifications, but shashi says that this is pari’s house, and she can take her own decisions. pari’s father notices from a distance and wonders whats wrong. maasa is surprised too.

Later, when maasa sits at the dining table, she is lost at what shashi had said when she was angry. pari’s father passes by and notices her like this, and asks her whats the matter, as she seems tensed. maasa starts giving clarifications about pari, and says that she was tensed for her only. he says that its okay if she doesnt wish to disclose, and that pari is fortunate to have gotten a mother like her. maasa gets emotonal. he says that he feels sad that shashi should behave as a mother but she is like an enemy.

Scene 3:
Location: Dhaba
Arpita loiters around in the dhaba, and asks for the owner’s phone, so that she can call her guardians, as her phone’s battery is over. she realises that she doesnt have money and wonders what to do. she begs the shopkeeper to help her. he complies, after eyeing her. the phone rings, and they both rush up. seeing an unknown number, he allows pari to pick up, and she finds that its arpita. they both ask her where is she. she says that she got distracted, and landed at some village near parsabad. pari asks for a landmark, and she names the dhaba, which pari recognises, and asks her not to get scared as they shall come soon. arpita complies. pari begins to leave, but bunty says that he is more concerned. pari says that she can go alone, but he engages in verbal scuffle with her, and she reminds him the law, that he cant get arpita married, at an age lower than 18. he gets tensed. they both get in the car and drive off, after he buckles up her seat belt, when she is unable to, taunting her that this is the law and also due to the poor condition of the roads. she tries to get it done herself, but then finally gives up. then he does it, and they both are aware of their increasing proximity. she calls up maasa, and informs that she shall be late, and also the reason. maasa complies, and asks her to be careful, and also to steer clear from danger as well as bunty, who only means trouble. shashi hears bunty’s name, and gets alert. maasa changes the topic, and says that shashi wants meera to get married to bunty. pari complies, saying that they are meant for each other. she cancels the call. maasa finds shashi standing with a glass of water, for her, and asks if pari is with bunty. maasa denies, and says that she is late for school work. shashi doesnt get angry and says that she shall talk with pari when she returns back. after she leaves, maasa is tensed at this sudden change of behaviour. At the dhaba, arpita hungrily eyes the customers gorging on food.

On the road, while driving, a paper gets stuck on the bonnet, and they both take their hands at the same time, to remove it. their hands meet and they both get tensed. she asks him to understand that arpita wants to study but doesnt want to get married. he is adamant, while she thinks that arpita is minor, and being emotional, she might just ruin her own life, and endanger her future, and is determined that she wont let it happen. they find a police chowki ahead and pari stealthily comes out, and screams to be saved. he is shocked. she raises a hue and cry to be saved, while he asks if she has gone mad. he vehemently says that she is lying. she gets him arrested. bunty threatens the police present there. the inspector asks who is he, and in unfazed when he gets to know. Pari stealthily tries to leave away, but bunty asks for the bag to be checked. he also accuses her. while searching, the wallet comes out from her purse, while she is shocked, and expresses that she has no clue how it came. the police believes his story and arrests her too. both are tensed, as they are tied up together. they signal at each other, to plan a bid to run away. he asks her to wait for her signal. he manages to distract the police. They both run together away from the police, who is surprised and tensed. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Pari says that they should have gotten the key, so that they could have uncuffed themselves. he taunts her by showing her the key and asking if this is what she is talking about, she gets angry and asks why did he keep them captive like this, if he had the key. he draws her close to himself, and they engage in a weird, yet romantic eyelock, while she eyes him boggled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. excited for tomorrow’s episode…….

    1. U like this show but now show become more bore when bunty enter in this show we want sattu come back and gain pari

    2. We pearl come back

  2. I don’t like bunty we want sattu come back to gain pari and no any chemistry between pari and bunty and show goes more day by day

  3. Sattu sacrifice every thing for pari but pari start flirting with other man and forget sattu This too much we think pari is so stupid if sattu come back he feel so sad

  4. Show become more and more without lead sattu and the role of bunty is so irritating we want pearl come back

  5. Some people only read not watch like me and wait for sattu entery

  6. U r rite me also wait for sattu ji


    I donot get that whether team is trying to make focus on child marriage by saving arpita or making bunty and pari fall in love by showing all this incidents… these can be shown afterwards even…

  8. Loosed my interes in this show….:'( sattu plz come back:'( :'((

  9. I hope pari don’t fall for bunty n we is sattu coming back

  10. Hope Pari will match Bunty with Meera.Pari and Bunty’s acting so annoying and irritating.

  11. Wow am really loving this,and Bunty is also a perfect match honestly for the first time I don’t mind the replacement of a lead actor??

    1. Agreed!

      1. The storyline is getting interesting!

      2. Bore story line bunty na bore kar diya hai

  12. Pari is so stupid idiot lady who does not mind her own business instead search her own husband sattu because his dead is not find but she forget sattu and syart flutting other man we know what happen in shaani mandir sattu sacrifice his own life in ordet to save pari but pari forget all these thing pari is not rite type of lady for sattu on the other hand bunty make show so irritating and bore actually bunty too elder than sattu and pari he suit the role of pari and sattu father not Side hero lol

  13. If we want pearl come back not watch this bekwas show without pearl we want trp goes down and sattu come back in pari life

  14. Many true fans of pearl leave this show and read silently online we only want wait for pearl entry siddharth make show so bore and pari irrating behaviour unexpected and start flirting other man

  15. Actually bunty match the role of sattu father because 9 elder than sattu bunty not match the role of hero even he wrote wrong date of birth online actual his date of birth is 1981

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