Meri Saasu Maa 4th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 4th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s office
Maasa places her condition too, that she shall have to always be alert about her duties towards the house, which is her priority. Maasa says that she has to prove to her, that she wont miss a single of her wifely chores, in her quest of college. pari enthusiastically promises that she wont give her a single chance of complaint, and that she shall prove that before being a good student, she is a good bahu. maasa says that to prove this she only has a week and that in these seven days, if she deviates from her housely duties, then without her intimation, she should leave her job. pari is tensed. she accepts the condition. pari is about to leave happily, when she turns to take maasa’s blessings to do well. she is overwhelmed to eceive it, and

then leaves happily.

Scene 2:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Dadi is overjoyed to hear of pari’s good news. the other bhabhis too come and are boggled, to see her so happy, and are thoroughly shocked when they hear the reason of her happiness. Babita asks how did she manage it. pari narrates what maasa told her, and also told her about the condition. they are throughly amused to hear this, that now they shall find a way to ruin her dream. dadi however expresses her faith in pari’s calibre and takes her away. the ladies start planning their conspiracy to ruin pari’s plans. They start jotting down plans. Dadi meanwhile asks about the identity of chhote babu. pari tells what she heard. pari talks about her intuitive wrong feeling. dadi tells her to be alert all the time. pari then shows her the documents that she retrieved about him. she dials the number given. Meanwhile, maasa’s husband had shrewdly given his own number, as the refernce number of the company that he worked in earlier, under the alias number. pari gets befooled, as he plays a wonderful character of his employer. she is convinced, while he plans maasa’s ruins from tomorrow. dadi is relieved, and says that danger isnt averted, and asks her to be careful too while going to college. pari complies tensedly.

Late at night, pari tries to console sharabi, who is continuously crying. maasa and sattu comes and she asks what happened. sharabi says that her mother is in the hospital. maasa says that she should leave immediately. but pari says that she needs to leave, and she shall take the responsibility. masa asks if she is sure. pari complies. maasa agrees, and asks sattu to take sharabi to the bus station and also give her money for the treatment. the bhabhis are amused, that pari fell in her trap.

in her room, pari strts planning her time, to get all the work done. sattu sees her doing it, and is interested. but feigns disinterest, when pari observes him noticing her. she finds the time too much, and then curtails down every work. with the promise to get at 4 tomorrow, she doses off. babita thinks that the plan is nice, but she wont be able to successfully implement it. Meanwhile, seeing pari’s plan, sattu is unable to sleep, till 4 to see if she wakes up. the alarm rings, and she doesnt wake up, while he gets frustrated as to why isnt she getting up. he takes a pillow and throws it at her, saying that her alarm clock ruined his sleep. she hurriedly goes out, while he wishes her best of luck. she finishes all the work, and is happily satisfied.

Later, at the breakfast table, maasa is content with pari’s work. pari excitedly comes and talks about how she managed to make everything to everyone’s liking. but the bhabhis say that they arent very well, and demand for something else. pari suggests that she shall make for them too. but maasa suspects their plans, and also asks her to make a bitter medicine for them, and they are disgusted but have no option than complying. By 08:15 she is done and then she goes to dadi to get her blessing. she takes nd then dadi blesses her to be successful always, and asks her to be alert and complies. maasa comes in, and reminds that she fulfilled her promise and reminds her their deal. pari happily complies, and takes her blessing. pari goes out. maasa eyes dadi.

Outside, sattu anxiously waits for pari, tensed that she migh get late. he keeps the dahi-sugar as a sign of good luck. he wonders if he should wish her, and she expects it from him. an awkward conversation follows. Then pari leaves.

Scene 3:
Location: In college
Pari arrives and is shocked to know, that she has been marked absent due to being late, nd is also reprimanded that if she continuously is absent or late, she wont be allowed to sit in her first semester.

Scene 4:
Location: Maasa’s office
Maasa’s husband reports for duty in his disguise, and then evilly proceeds towards restricted area, but gets into a collisoon with sattu, who picks him up and asks what was he doing in the restricted area. he thinks that he was preparing for maasa’s ruinage. he says that he got misled. sattu shows him his department. he starts waking. sattu notices that he is easily walking withut his stick, lying on the ground. he is shocked. he picks it up, and then stops him, asking how is he walking without support. maasa’s husband is shocked, and wonders that before sattu says something, he has to do something. The screen freezes on his boggled and tensed face.

Precap: Maasa and others listen when her husband, in his disguise, comes home, and tells them that the person that they thought dead for so long, is actually alive, and is standing right in between them. they are all shocked and stunned, while maasa is aghast. pari and dadi are worried. then he says that he is that man, and turns to sattu, and says that he is their father. sattu is shocked, along with othrs. Maasa is in a furious rage, as he smirks at maasa.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Honey (Sarayu)

    Why can’take this write the update short and simple with not tough words.

  2. Go to Hell THAT PAPPAJI…………

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    Bichari pari …. subha 4 beje se utt kar kaam kiya fir bhi late ho gyi… so sad…..
    And ab to papaji aa gye uska 1 week ka challenge karab krne….

  4. Thank you for the update Rimjhim. It’s very well written.

  5. I don’t think maasaa will accept him back n sattu will take time to know him n who he truly is

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