Meri Saasu Maa 3rd May 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 3rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
The unknown lady is shown walking on the road, that they are about to cross. then he plays on some music, while she shuts him down. they indirectly fight through conveying their message by sharabi. sharabi is tensed to see their animosity. they continue passing quibs at each other. Pari fights with sattu, in the car, that he is hell bent on not listening to her, and continuously warns him that soemthing is not right instinctively. he asks her to keep her opinion to herself. in their scuffle, he accidentally collides with the girl, who was trying to pass the road. she gets hit and falls down. they both are shocked. Pari is aghast as to what happened to the girl. pari says that they cant leave her like this, and rush down with sattu. they turn her

around, and they see the girl heavily woudned, and bleeding from the hand and head. sharabi wonders what to do, and whether she is alive or not. he asks her to stay quiet, so that he can think. they load her in the car, so that they can carry her to home, where she can get treated.

Scene 2:
Location: Sharabi’s place
The bahus are unable to believe that maasa actually has been this generous to them, but wonder whats taking shivpal so long. the lawyer asks them to hurriedly call shivpal, as they have been waiting for 3 hours, and cant wait anymore. kamlesh wonders whats taking him so long. she says that shivpal doesnt care for them, and then asks them to understand that he doesnt mean good, and that if he doesnt return by six, she shall tear these papers. they are distraught. babita calls and finds the cell isnt going through. they are all tensed. chaay assures that shivpal must be coming soon. maasa thinks that shivpal wouldnt be able to before 8 hours, being in delhi, and that today he shall be exposed anyhow, in front of the family, and they shall know why she did this drama. maasa is amused, and then assures them, that shivpal wont come. babita asks if this is her plan all along. maasa asks her to control herself, and understand the difference between right and wrong, and that he has lied to them, and he is in delhi, and lied to them about aminabad. she makes them hear the recording, hearing which they are all aghast. arti starts cursing shivpal. shivpal comes in just then, and says that he had gotten the delhi tickets booked. they are all relieved and happy to see him. maasa and granny are shocked. babita asks why did he lie. he says that he had some work, which he cancelled due to his friend’s health. he blames bhavna that he isnt a conspirator like her. she asks if this means he went straight for aminabad, without even going to the airport. he wonders why is she investigating so much, and whether she knows the truth. he asks what difference does it make, and then clarifies that he did go, but when his friend called, he left. he explains the battery of his phone went dead. the sons and bahus are satisfied, and also shows the bill and medicines from the hospital. maasa fumes, and wonders how long would he save his skin. he thinks that sh can merely fume, and since she couldnt be a mother, but she shouldnt keep them away from their father’s love.

Just then, sattu comes with the girl in his arms, and pari and sharabi coming behind him. they are all shocked. she asks what happened, and if everything is okay. he comes in and places the girl on the bed. maasa crosses the line, but then refrains back. he explains everything, while all are tensed. shivpal says that he did the right thing, and that she looks from a respectable family. pari sprays water on her face, and she wakes up, dazed, asking where is she, and who are they all. pari explains everything, as she starts insinuating whether their are thieves. the lady is confused. pari offers for medication, but the lady stops her, and says that what she is doing might just cause more infection, and that she shall clean herself. she says that she has just come to India, and doesnt know much yet. she explains about the way after she landed, she immediately got robbed. maasa asks her to file a police complaint , and then inform her parents. she misconstrues her meaning in hindi language, and arti explains it nicely. but she denies going to the police, who wouldnt believe her at all. they are tensed. she explains the pitiable condition of the law order here. he asls her not to worry, as she needs a place to rest and recuperate, and she can stay here till her wounds arfe treated. she thanks them proufsely. she says that she had learnt about india’s hospitality which she witnessed today itseld. she gets an introduction about the members, and then demands foe her room to be shown. he complies. she praises him, while others are tensed. pari fumes.

In her room, maasa says that shivpal got saved by his skin, but she is sure that shivpal is playing a horrible game with them. she is unable to understand what to do. granny and meher is tensed. pari tells maasa that the truth shall always triumph, and shivpal shall be exposed too. pari says that she shall be by her side. maasa says that she doesnt need her help. granny tries to point out how her family has left her, and pari stands by her as a steel rock. maasa leaves to get sharabi, saying that from this day, she shall handle her work. p-ari is distraught. granny is tensed.

In her room, Ms. oberoi is flanked by the bahus who demand to know of her welath. she immediately gets tensed. she has a hard time convrsing with the people, as they dont understand her english and she doesnt quiet understand her english. she says that she has come to india on a professional trip, she indirectly tells them to leave saying that she feels tired. they bid her off and then they all leave, smirking about this latest trend. after they leave, the girl gets up and hurriedly closes the door. then she stands in frotn of the mirror, and gladly proclaims that she is very shrewd, and is upset with the extensive use of english, and identifies herself as Roopmati. she puts on the music, and at an appropriate item song, she starts dancing seductively and gracefully in the confines of the room. Later.

Meanwhile, sattu is freshening up, when a dupatta falls down on his head. and ms. oberoi immediately rushes to get it from her, whil striking a conversation. He asks her to keep her things properly. Pari cribs about her closing proximity to sattu, as she addresses him by a first name, while accidentally dropping water. pari is aghast and leaves inside. ms. oberoi points out what what a snob pari is. he asks her4 to stick to her own work. he leaves, while she smirks. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Babita wrenches maasa’s hand and turns her around, while arti takes off the dupatta from over her head while szhe is shocked and mortified. the bahus eye her glaringly. she says that they have crossed her limit, and now she shall set them straight and teach them a lesson. they are shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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