Meri Saasu Maa 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 31st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
The bahus and roop discuss tensedly, as to how they need to find maasa asap, or else their plan shall fail, and he shall not be able to maary for his stupid promise to granny. they wonder what to do in the meantime. they wonder what to do in the meanwhile, as they are stuck here inadventurous. pari comes, and asks if anyone is in the mood for horror, as she can narrate one. shivpal gets tensed, and says that he wouldnt want any horror stories. the others arent interested. pari tlks about the mysterious horror instances in this very resort. sattu comes and reprimands pari for trying to intimidate them, as he brands each one of them, as a coward, who wouldnt be able to take the scare of the horror. he manages to successfully instigate them. but pari says that

the storey that she shall say is about this resort only, and its true based on the store room that has never been opened. shivpal gets tenseed. pari starts her dramatic encore, and the bahu, roop and shivpal start getting tensed, while sattu is amused. she creates similar background horror, so that they are petrified. she talks about the story of a woman, who walked alone in the night, on the roof, and how she was killed as her husband pushed her off the terrace, and she fell on the floor, with eyes gushing blood, and dying instantly. she says that the mother’s daughter didnt know her mother is dead. the husband returns back to the room, and finds the daughter scared. she then says that she just now saw her mother’s ghost. he gets scared, as he had just killed the lady. then the girl said that her mother’s ghost is in the almirah in front of him. she then says that she opened the almirah to see. shivpal says that its must be the bahus say that the child was on the bed. pari talks about how the mother has taken her form and is sitting on the bed. when the person is scared, and turns around, the woman transforms into a ghost from a chil. she creates enough terror, and says that she elongated her hand, and caught the throat of the person and killed him. all are scared. then pari sits down, and then asks who dare to go into the almirah and retrieve something from it. sattu says that they can turn the bottle to find whose chance is it to go. they secretely pray that its isnt them. sattu spins the bottle and it lands on shivpal. he fumbles, and sattu asks him to let be, as its just a game. shivpal in his ego says that he isnt scared. he gets up and leaves. pari and sattu stand amused. then sattu texts on his mobile.

In the store room, maasa gets the message that shivpal is coming. they immediately hide. he goes to open the almirah, and again finds maasa staring at him ghostly. he screams and retreats, and comes out, saying that there is someone there. they are scared too and then they come with him, and find out, that there is noone. pari confirms that this story is true, as he must have seen a ghost. shivpal is shaken up and leaves. pari, sattu, granny and maasa are amused.

In his room, shivpal paces nervously, and then finds blood stained saree, the same one that maasa was wearing. he picks it up, but then ensures himself, that this isnt possible, as to how this saree landed here, then how the saree came here. he decides ti take it and burn it off. he hides it in his coat and stealthily moves out.

Outside, Maasa, pari and sattu stand behind a pillar, and watch shivpal, in scare and burning off the evidential saree. maasa finds the scare evident. Pari says that this wont help him, as by the time, he is burning this one, the other one would have been replaced by then. sattu complies to the same. shivpal returns back to the room, to find the same saree and is shell shocked. he is petrified as to how is his possible. he again rushes out to burn it off, and sattu comes and says that he did what he was told. shivpal says that he wont be scared like this, as the dead dont return back. he eyes the saree burning away. they watch this tensedly, as he leaves. maasa thinks that fear is weighing him down now. pari says that they havent succeeded yet, as they have to petrify him about the ghost, so much so, that he is forced to take the help of this tantric once and for all. they hear intently. pari says that the tantric shall be noone else but their own person. maasa complies but wonder how would this be made possible.

Whie passing through the lobby, shivpal notices sattu drinking, and is shocked. he comes and confronts sattu. he pretends to be inebriated and says that he had such an impact of the horror stories, that he has nightmares, which are doused only by alcohol. he wonders whether maasa is in trouble, and to ward off such negative thoughts, he has to sit here. roop too sees him passing by, and then comes and reprimands him for doing this. sattu shushes her, while roop asks him not to do so, and asks him to come along, so that they can drop him to the room. they together, wheel him out of the room. while barely able to keep his balance, sattu lunges towards maasa’s room, but they try and stop him. sattu eyes maasa and pari hiding, and then grabs shivpal by the throat, and throws him on the floor. roop asks him to come to senses, while he speaks with maasa’s prompt, as if the ghost is on him. sattu asks who is she to stop him, and then grabs shivpal by the throat, that he has killed her, and now he shall have to pay the price for it. he continues to gag shivpal, while roop and he himself are shocked. sattu then collapses on the bed, spent out after drinking. roop then remembers what she just heard and asks shivpal if this is the truth, as sattu spoke like maasa. they enter into a verbal arguement, as shivpal vehemently denies. pari and maasa are amused. roop understand that its self explanatory from the drained colour of his face, that shivpal isnt as simple as he seems. then pari asks maasa to go and rest, as its her scene now. she retires. pari enters and is aghat disbelieving that sattu can drink. she blames it on black magic and ghost spirits, responsible for this, and wonders whether sattu is trapped by maasa’s ghost. shivpal is shocked. he says that he doesnt think its true. granny comes and says that what he thinks doesnt matter. granny says that sattu has gone to a place where he has been influenced wrongly. pari says that he was threatening shivpal, and asks if he committed a crime. shivpal says that he doesnt believe in such stuff. he hastily retreats away. roop is boggled and goes after him. then sattu wakes up, and they are thoroughly amused at the success of their plan. the screen freezes on pari’s smiling face.

Precap: While passing through the lobby, she finds maasa in her black saree, from behind, and is amazed at the startling resemblance. as she locks the door, from outside, maasa trapped inside gets tensed. roop hurriedly leaves from there. roop then tells shivpal that she saw the old lady. he gets tensed and asks where. she points to the horror room. he is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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