Meri Saasu Maa 31st March 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 31st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maa saa walks from behind where Papa ji had been washing his face.
Pari helps Sattu to his room and bed, she thinks she must go to Maa saa before Papa ji reaches her. Sattu holds her hand and thanks her. She gets rid of her hand and leaves. Sattu, drunk, says that she wants to tell her he has gift for her in once pocket and gulal on the other.
Papa ji doesn’t find Maa saa in the party and goes upstairs. Pari asks Jalabi about the drummer, Jalabi says he was asking about Maa saa, Maa saa has gone to her room. Pari heads towards Maa saa’s room.
Papa ji finds a lady on rocking chair, he calls Bhawna and apologizes her from behind. He says that he knows he made a huge mistake leaving her and his children, his mistake is unforgiveable but today he wants to apologize for it. Maa saa

wasn’t there on the rocking chair, it was Daddo who slaps him. She asks if he has come to take Bhawna’s money and children. He says he came to apologize Bhawna. Daddo says she knows him well, he is her son. He cannot think about anything but money. She accuses him that he only came to break their relations, he must go to someone else with the tears. He says he has arrived after so long, still she is angry, his daughter in law is higher in her eyes than him. Daddo says her daughter in law is still better than a son like him. Papa ji says it was her mistake that she brought an illiterate wife like her, how he could spend his life with a lady like her. Daddo slaps him again, she says it was only good for Bhawna that he left them, Bhawna is her daughter. She pushes him away from the home, he asks what if he doesn’t leave. Daddo says she has got all proofs against him, she will get him to jail. He warns her not to compel him become his real one. Pari comes inside, she tells Daddo she knows everything about him. She says she was confused till today if she was right and wrong when she didn’t let him meet Maa saa, but now she is happy and that wall has turned to a mountain now that will never move. She joins hands to him asking him to leave. He goes away from the house. Pari looks at Daddo.
Maa saa watches herself in the mirror, her head partition had been filled by sindoor. She remembers her husband, the curtness with him and cries rubbing the sindoor off her head. Daddo and Pari watch her, Daddo says Bhawna always lived a life of a widow, being a wife. Pari says Maa saa has faced all the troubles courageously. From today, every trouble will have to pass her before getting Maa saa. Daddo says she is worried why he has come back after so many years. Pari says he won’t get successful in whatever he wants. Daddo asks how she met him, Pari tells her about the Om Prakash office and then hospital. Daddo appreciates Pari and says her Bhawna could not have bear it. Daddo says if he has come back, he will do something. Pari says this time they will become the shield of Maa saa, he won’t even reach Maa saa in seven lives.
Bari and Babita boast about the food.
Pari calls her Papa and ask why he didn’t come to Holi. He explains he had to go somewhere else and reminds her that tomorrow is her first class of B.Ed. Pari was worried, she wonders how she must tell her Papa that she didn’t even get permission to go to college. She takes lime water to Sattu and assures him he will feel better. Sattu gulps it, he asks if he misbehaved? She says no, but he wanted to tell her something. He asks what? She says something like when he met her first… he wonders what he was telling her. She spots the gift box and asks what is in it? She asks what he wanted to say to her? Jalabi comes to call Pari that Maa saa will now announce who the best daughter in law is. Pari leaves, Sattu thinks he was gone today.
Pari join the bhabis, Maa saa comes down. Maa saa says that they complaint a few days ago that she doesn’t give just duties to everyone. She thought about handing the responsibility to any one of them, she held the competitions between them to know who is the most rightful. Before she tells them the name, she wants to say they all gave their full in the competition but only one of them will win. Maa saa says in the pooja, they did the whole work together but the one who did the best work is Pari.

PRECAP: Pari denies taking the keys and asks her permission for college. Maa saa says she did this all just to go to college.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. Shraddha Sharma

    Nice episode….. i hope pari gets permission ……?

  3. Yeah i hope she get it

  4. cool episodes b*t*hes

  5. poor pari maa saa misunderstand her again and again comme on sattu support your wife

  6. Gud episode, I already knw my pretti pari will win

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