Meri Saasu Maa 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 30th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Shivpal eyes the water as maasa’s body sinks underneath it. he smirks and leaves.

Later, Sattu gets in the water, and screaming hard for maasa, and searching around for her frantically, while pari stands on the shores, apalled and distraught. he finally gets maasa out alive anyhow, while pari is tensed. they both express horror at the prospect of having lost her life. maasa gasps for breath. pari says that she would have forever blamed herself had she not been saved today, as she was the mastermind behind this plan, after she hears shivpal talking about maasa’s murder with sattu. she then calls maasa and tells her what she heard, when maasa says that she is still at the resort. pari is extremely thankful to the lord for having saved her

life. she then remembers how they put life jacket around her, with a water balloon full of red colour to deceive shivpal. they beg her to take care of herself, as its extremely risky. maasa asks them not to worry, as she is a tough bird. pari says that they had to do this, so that shivpal is convinced maasa is dead, so that when she confronts him, as a ghost and forces him into confessing his crimes. sattu says that he never thought she could be thrown like that. they are both aghast and apalled at the way maasa averted the danger. maasa tells him that she shall never leave him alone, and remembers and reminds them that truth always triumphs. pari asks what if they had gotten late. maasa says that they werent, and shivpal thinks that she has died, but the game has just started.

Scene 2:
Location: Bandhavgarh resort
Pari comes to sattu and informs that maasa is well, and is on the next part of their plan. they hide when they see shivpal coming in. pari rushes to him, asking where is maasa, as she isnt to be found anywhere, and confronts him regarding the same. granny says that she must definitely be around. all gather, while pari continues to accuse him and ask where is maasa. sattu asks her not to be childish, as they can try the phone. pari informs that the phone isnt going through. sattu enacts to try and confirms pari’s statements. the sons ask if they should file a disappearing report. pari agrees too. but shivpal asks them not to, as the police shall spoil the fun of the son’s marriage. they are tensed. pari, sattu and granny know better. shivpal says that they can search together. roop says that maybe maasa is doing this deliberately so that she can stop the marriage. shivpal immediately likes the idea, and they both start talking about maasa not wanting this marriage. sattu says that if this is so, they wont let her succeed. pari continues to enact asking him to atleast be a human, even if they arent blood related, and begs him to find her first, and then get married. granny too makes him swear that till they dont find bhavna, they wont get married. sattu resignedly agrees, and says that they shall marry when she is found. shivpal immediately gets nervous, and says that this cant be, and says that time doesnt wait for anyone, and that this is wrong. but sattu says that he cant deny what granny wants, as he loves her, and that hasnt changed at all. roop and shivpal get tensed. pari smirks at this dilemma. shivpal wonders what to do, and how to make them understand that maasa is dead and they wont find her. the bahus agree too to make all ends meet, so that they can find maasa, so that sattu can marry roop. they all get to searching. pari, sattu and granny smirk. shivpal nudges roop to play along.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
The eldest bahu tells the middle one, that she came out not to search for granny, but to shop in the area. they are amused. maasa, pari and granny watch them from a distance. maasa says that they wont ever learn. granny asks them to hide before they are seen. pari says that this is exactly what they want. they are boggled. she explains. pari says that these are shivpal’s detectives, and ocne they find her, they shall rush to him. granny and maasa understand and think that shivpal shall soon be in their trap.

In the jewellery store, while both the bahus are trying on the jewellery, maasa comes and stands in a ghastly manner in the temple. but when they turn around, they dont find, and get scared. they rush to see but dont find maasa anywhere. finally they spot her from behind, and are shocked. she disappears around a corner. they both go after her. they finally make the woman turn around, that it isnt maasa. they keep spotting her, and disappearing again and again. they are thoroughly boggled, even if they are sure that it was maasa. they take an auto and rush home.

Scene 4:
Location: Bandhavgarh Resort
Roop gets angry at shivpal for sending her mere papers, instead of cash, and trying to betray and conspire against her. he asks her not to worry, as she shall have her money. she says that she doesnt want this fake marriage, a shecant understand anything, and if she doesnt get the money in three days, then she shall expose him, and asks him not to take her threat lightly. he leaves tensedly. as he is going out, the bahus are coming in, and they narrate him everything, hearing which he is shocked and completely stunned. sattu too comes. shivpal asks how is this possible as this cant be. sattu is amused at his plight. shivpal then composes himself, and asks if they really saw her. they vehemently say that they did see. they both confirm. shivpal is shocked. sattu says that its good that she is found, as once maasa is found, then they can get married. the bahus understand. shivpal leaves tensed, while sattu is amused.

In his room, shivpal remembers how he himself killed rachna and then have her thrown, and what if someone saved her. he asks the shooter yet again, and he is happy to know when the shooter assures that maasa is dead, oblivious of the fact, that pari is paying him to say this truth. shivpal asks what proof he has. the shooter taunts and says that he shall send the pic of the dead body rightaway. shivpal receives the pic, and identifies it as hers and then cancels the call. then pari pays the shotter and thanks him for this help. the shooter asks her not to thank as its their work. shivpal wonders if they saw her ghost and is then amused at their childishness.

As sattu knocks on his room’s door, it doesnt open. pari reminds him the secret signal to knock thrice. he complies. and they are let in, by maasa, in her ghostly avatar, seeing whom pari is scared, much to granny and sattu’s amusement. maasa says that she had asked her to do this. granny and others are amused at her gesture, and then pari redoes her makeup. sattu is amused. maasa is hurt, and asks if she doesnt maek a good ghost. he asks her to rehearse as a ghost. maasa gets into acting mode, and they are furthermore amused, as she gives superb dialogues. maasa swears that she shall shock and scare him superbly. then they make maasa hide somehow through the backdoor in the storeroom’s almirah, before shivpal comes. Later in the night, shivpal enters the store room stealthily and then opens the almirah to put the papers inside. he does so, and is about to leave, when he hears a door knock and goes to open it. he finds maasa staring at him in a ghastly manner. He screams in his distraught state, as he retreats impulsively.

Precap: Maasa, pari and sattu stand behind a pillar, and watch shivpal, in scare and burning off the evidential papers. maasa finds the scare evident. Pari says that they have to petrify him about the ghost, so much so, that he is forced to take the help of this tantric once and for all. they hear intently. pari says that the tantric shall be noone else but their own person.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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