Meri Saasu Maa 30th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 30th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sattu comes out and complains to Pari that there hasn’t been any arrangement. Pari says she will do the decoration within three hours, she needs his help. He says he is ready to help her except for money.
Daddo comes to call Bhawna for Holi Milan. Bhawna says she doesn’t want to come, she is disturbed today that her son is here around and this time he has come to snatch her sons. Daddo says he isn’t worth calling a son, a husband and a father, she must not be afraid as her sons will stand with her. Bhawna says she has kept it hidden for a long time and doesn’t want it to get revealed now. Daddo says she knows Bhawna is worried about what happened last night, but she must not be.
Sattu holds Pari as she was about to fell off the stool. He says the arrangement has been done well.

Pari cheers and was about to give a high five to Sattu who doesn’t respond. Jalabi whispers to Maa saa that there was no decoration till now. They come in to see the decoration, Maa saa appreciates and asks about flowers. Pari says she brought them from factory. Maa saa asks how she did the work in such little time. Pari tells her she has glued flowers over old curtains. Maa saa asks where she got the glue, Pari says she mixed flour in water and used it as glue. Maa saa is happy, she asks Pari about the colour and asks where she got this all. Pari was about to explain, Sattu says she made them herself. She says she made them from Rashan in the store room. Besan and Haldi were yellow, Lal chandar were red and mehndi was green color. Babita appreciates Pari and says the color won’t go until one week. Pari says the color will only get on skin when it mixes with water. Sattu asks how they will play Holi without water. Pari says water isn’t needed, so many people live without water as they already waste a lot of water. Manjhali tells Maa saa she prepared gifts, while Babita and Bari say they cooked whole night. Maa saa asks where the guests, Pari smiles as the guests arrive are. Maa saa asks if she had burnt the list of guests. Pari says she placed a notice in factory and mailed the distributors. Maa saa welcomes the guests, Pari takes Jalabi aside and warns her to keep a check on any stranger. Pari thinks how she will stop Papa ji reach Maa saa.
Papa ji buys a drum for heavy amount, rubs color over his face and heads towards the home. There, Sattu places color on feet of Maa saa and Daddo. Maa saa throws the color in the air announcing it is Holi. Everyone play Holi. Pari watches them happily. Sattu comes to Pari, she thanks him. He says he didn’t help her but try to save Doodhsagar and Maa saa’s respect. Pari was upset, Sattu rubs color over his hands. Pari watches him come to her and smiles. He passes by her, she was upset. Jalabi and Shalini come to rub color over Pari’s face.
Kailash begins a song. Pari hits Sattu, both got alert. Everyone dance except Pari and Sattu. Kailash takes Sattu and Pari in the dancing circle. Sattu gets drunk with Bhang. He comes to dance with Pari, both perform with each other. Sattu kisses Pari, he suddenly opens his eyes to notice he had been day dreaming. He comes to Pari, holds her hand and takes her to corridor and holds her in front of the wall. He says he loves…. Then stops saying he will say it sometime later. Suddenly there is drum beating, Pari couldn’t hear anything Sattu says. She takes her glasses and goes to see who the drummer was. Papa ji watches Bhawna and smiles, then starts beating the drum hard. Bhawna notices it. Manjhali had dragged Pari to dance, she comes to watch the drummer. Bari says that this time also this Pari will win. Babita says she is in her confrontation, it won’t be so easy. Bari comes to give a plate of red color to Sattu asking him to put it over Pari. The ladies laugh that it isn’t red color but chilli powder and will stop the party.
Kailash appreciates Pari’s arrangement and thanks her for inviting the drummer. She thinks she hadn’t called any and recognizes Papa ji. A boy throws water over Papa ji’s face and the red color washes off. Pari was shocked to see him.

PRECAP: Bhawna goes to her room informing Daddo. Papa ji goes looking for her. Pari hears him talking to a rocking chair that he has come to apologize her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Very bad sattu…. kam se kam holi to wish krna chiye tha pari ko…
    Or ab papaji ke karan ghr me tufaan aayega or sara blame pari pr aa jayega…

  2. plzz stop this bhabhi drama nd show some pari nd sattu romantic lovestory

    1. I agree

  3. I hope pari don’t stop him from apologizing to maa saa

  4. I don’t think that he was talking to maa saa,it was somone else

  5. that s not nice sattu i think he was talking to daddo

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