Meri Saasu Maa 30th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 30th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: College
Shona waits in anticipation, but he disappoints her by saying that he already has someone in his life, and starts describing pari, without naming her. pari is overwhelmed at his confession of love. pari then makes shona understand that he has someone else. but shona says that he has someone else, only because he didnt come first to her, or else he wouldnt have had his girlfriend. he says that being with her is imposible as he loved, loves and shall always love her. she asks him to accept it then. pari is tensed. Shona tells sattu that its her challenge, as she has faith in her love, that within a month, she shall make him forget his girlfriend and his love and shall accept her love instead and asks if he has the guts to accept the challenge. he complies. pari

is distressed.

Scene 2:
Location: Maasa’s residence
The bahus have a hard time handling the children. pari and shona come in tensedly. the bahus are apologetic, as by chance they have torn the notes of sattu, to play with the children. sattu lashes at them. maasa comes and asks whats the matter. pari asks her not to apologise, and that he is tensed as sattu is in a bad mood. maasa asks what happened. pari asks her to come aside. In the room, maasa is shocked, along with others to hear what happened, and wonders what is their stratgey, now, as she has fallen in true love with her. they also narrate to everyone as to how shona’s friend suggested a cooking cmpetition to decide who is better. he says that his girlfriend makes a wonderful dessert. he is asked of his favourite dish. they both speak up together. shona says that she know everything about him, but is boggled how pari knows. shona asks how does she know about his likes and dislikes. sattu says that he had told, and makes a story. shona decides that then they shall taste hher and his girlfriend’s and then it shall be found who made a better dessert. maasa asks whats his plan. sattu says that he shall get the desert from the best baker in town. maasa smiles. pari is tensed though.

Later, in the night, while sattu is studying, he finds pari tensed, about whether it would be good to get it from outside. he says that its fine. she says that she shall make it. while they are talking, by the sway of his hand, the mangalsutra falls off. she considers it as an omen, but he warns her against it, and asks her not to be bothered, and if she is so adamant, then she shall make it. she smiles, while he assures that she shall have a mangalsutra to wear tomorrow. she is tensed still.

The next morning, while pari is in the kitchen, eyeing the ingredients, of the dessert, maasa comes in and eyes her appreciatively. she says that she knew that he would herself make the dessert, pari asks how did she know. maasa says that she knows her daughter. maasa encourages her to win today. she then gets shona’s call, who begs her to help her out. Pari is shocked, but has no option, but to comply. she asks her to wash the raw veggies first. maasa asks why is she saying so, and pari says t hat shona has noone else but her, as a friend, and she has to help her out. maasa says that she is incredibly proud of her, and wishes her best of luck. she then leaves. pari calls back shona. then she starts telling her the recipe, and they both make it together.

As she goes in the room, pari wonders where sattu is. Meanwhile, Sattu is busy tying the mangalsutra back, saying that he told her that he would get it in good shape tomorrow. she is overwhelmed, and lunges her neck ahead, as he makes her wear it. he promises to be by her side always. he tries to taste the dessert, but pari stops him, saying that its for the tasting. she then asks him to get ready for college. he complies.

Scene 3:
Location: College
Shona anxiously makes pari give her opinion about it. pari says that its okay. shona thanks pari for her help. she finds sattu coming and tells pari, as she sits as the judge, saying that she hopes that her dessert is better than his girlfriend’s, and hopes that he likes it better than the one he gets. pari asks how is she so sure, as she just wants th best one to win. sattu arrives, and eyes shona tensedly. they both place their tiffins on the table. Pari eyes them both tensedly. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Bbita asks sattu where is he rushing. he says that he is going to get the doctor. she says that the doctor has been called already. he asks whether they shall stay back, till he comes. the doctor arrives, and he is rushed in. maasa comes and asks him to inspec whats wrong with pari as she is unconscious. they are all tensed, as the doctor checks her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. is pari pregnant? hey i like the sudden twists and turns of this serial…

    1. She is not………….she just ate the whole bottle of red chilli powder as shona was defeated by pari and she ate halwa with half a bottle of chilli and said that sattu s girlfriend can’t do this and at home she ate a whole bottle without water

  2. I think pari is pregnant n now sattu will have to make a drastic change toward shona the devil n y pari keep helping her

  3. Pari should not entertain Shona, should keep away from Shona.


    Shona is psycho lover, why pari can’t see it and helping her to make problem for herself and sattu…
    I hope this challenge do not turn out to be seperation of sattu and pari, as right now only kaala teeka and meri saasu maa have lead pairs togethers, which make me watch show other wise on rest they are always shown seperated…..

  5. The stupidest girl in the world award goes to Pari from meri saasu maa.

  6. where are the updates… Authorjii u r always missing on the weekends…

  7. sorry it’s not always but many times… not meant to offend…

  8. Yes you are right always the updates are missing.

  9. Is . Only in índia serial . Another woman , is Always in . Love . With . Another woman husband why?

  10. Why written updates are missing? Please update soon


    Today’s episode in short as i only watched shortlly…..

    Sattu gives some statement in media.. everyone is shocked…
    Pari papa call bhawana and ask about all that drama which sona and satth did…
    Bhawana convice him that sattu is not betraying pari…

    Everyone is shown keeping tizz (तीज़) fast.. maa sa tell everyone about the importance of fast that if any married girl keeps fast for husband the lord shiv and parvati bless them and if unmarried keep fast they get husband as per their like..
    Pari and others are vry excited… maa sa says that pari is more happy due to her first fast for sattu after marriage… and she say come lets go temple…
    Pari say i will come in a min.

    Pari goes to sattu (he was angery on pari due to some reason; may be due pari would has asked sattu for that statement)

    Pari say to sattu that his wife is going to temple for praying for his long life. I have kept fast for my husband…
    Sattu listens but do not show any reaction..
    Pari says that if he will not talk, I will go very far and if he ask to talk her, she will not and leaves….

    All reach temple and even shona comes… shona is saved by pari as she was about to meet accident but pari meets… everyone cries for pari.. bhawana ask to call sattu but they all left their phone in car…
    Shona calls sattu he continuosly disconnect…
    Shona msgs him that pari met with accident; he reads and is shocked….

    Pari cries in front of temple that do not punish her pari didi for what she (shona) did….

    Precap- everyone is tensed in hospital.. dr. Comes and say that due to internal bleeding pari went in coma… and everyone is shocked…

    I am sorry as what i watched i updated…

  12. Where’s the updates makes us upset..

  13. Where are the Updates?
    Rimjhim doesn’t have a backup and the admin of this site must appoint someone to post the updates regularly


    Why rimjhim is not updatimg episodes since 1 july???
    Though i updated for 4 july but where is rimjhim???
    If rimjhim can’t do it someone from author should do it

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