Meri Saasu Maa 30th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 30th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Babita’s husband blurts out babita’s name, to not have to face her ire. babita however gives the blame on him only, branding him a liar. they both start arguing, while maasa eyes them angrily. Babita apologises and catches maasa’s legs. She snatches them both up, and says that she knows her son well, who got instigated by his wife, and started doing whatever he says. he apologises saying that he didnt touch anything, as his conscience didnt allow him. sattu is shocked to see him, and in his mind who was the other person in the house. Maasa asks them to be in the servant’s quarters, as they dont deserve to be the members of the family. they are thrown out, while they are apalled. Later, maasa fumes in her room, while

sattu comes to calm her down. She asks him not to advocate for them. he says that he wouldnt say anything that might hurt her, as what she did was absolutely right, and asks her to rest. she says that she cant. he asks her to do it for him. she says that she wishes she only had him, and he says that she loves them all. He gets to go, but then asks her if she called anyone to meet. she asks who. he asks her not to bother, and then switches off the lights and leaves. maasa gets the letter that pari left, for suman, and reads it, saying that she is Ankit’s sister, and that she wishes to talk something urgently, and asks her to meet tomorrow, at a designated address. she is enraged, and thinks that as long as she is here, nothing wrong she would allow to happen. she crushes and crumples the letter.

Scene 2:
Location: Pari’s residence
Pari comes back, and ankit anxiously asks about suman. She starts talking about what happened to her, and how she had a close shave. He asks about the letter and she says that she kept it. She says that she thought about waking up suman, but then finds that he kept food aside for her. she likes it and they both get down to eating. Pari’s phone rings and she hears something, that gets her happy. After cancelling the call, she comments that suman is lucky, as she got a job, and her father shall be discharged tomorrow, and that now everything shall be okay.

Scene 3:
Locaation: Hospital, and Shiva Temple
The next morning, suman discreetly takes an auto for the address, and a burqa clad lady also hires it, for the same address. Suman sits tensedly. As maasa is the lady in the burqa, she reclines in the garden chair, talking to soneone, that she is waiting for the brother and sister to arrive. she is surprised to see Ankit cannodling with suman. maasa wonders where is the girl. She grabs them both, while they are petrified. she says that its easy to fall in love, but difficult to maintain it through. she says that seeing their love, she is willing to give them a chance. She asks him to call his sister. he is overjoyed and hurriedly begins to leave. she then stops and asks him if he loves suman very much. he says yes. She says that he cant have suman, but for that, he shall have to give a test to prove his love for suman. he complies and says that he shall give any test.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
Sattu and pari, both accidentally collide into each other, on their scooty. she immediately gets angry, and strats on her rant, of scolding and reprimanding him, while he is unable to respond, standing mesmerised. She then asks him to speak up, while he apologioses profusely, and innocently accepts the blame, under her dominating influence. she asks him what does he think of himself, and asks him to get down rightnow, and why is he staring at her, while he keeps looking at her constantly without saying a word. she asks what should she speak, as he would have to pay for her damages right now. he eyes her sternly. She then asks for money, while he says that he forgot his wallet at home, and gets reprimanded yet again. She then gives him her address, and scooty number, and asks him to get the money to her house, and if he doesnt, he should be prepared for a case. he smiles, while she leaves.

Scene 5:
Location: Maasa’s residence
The ladies are boggled, as they prepare a lavish breakfast, as per maasa’s instructions, wondering who is coming. The middle one asks if they didnt ask suman. She is told that suman didnt say a word. babita comes in grumbling about the extra work as a maid, while all are amused, as maasa keeps her on her beck and call. the doorbell rings, and pari walks in, while maasa awaits her much anticipated enemy’s arrival. the ladies recognise her from the news and are stunned. They are tensed as to what shall happen now. Pari then clarifies that she didnt call the news reporters, but they took her off guard. maasa says that its better that they forget old things for a new start. She asks pari to sit. she complies. maasa then asks about her father, and how much they might have gone through a financial crisis, due to the treatment. Pari says that they are managing somehow, but it is a strain. Maasa says that she can clear her problems, and asks how could she use her brother as a lucky draw coupon, by getting him married to a rich girl. Suman sees this from the balcony. All are shocked. maasa then throws wads of notes, at her feet and asks pari to pick them up, saying that this is what she did it for. Pari picks the money up, and is about to clarify, when she is thronged by reporters, and is shocked. maasa says that this is breaking news, that this girl is exposed, as she did all this, to her and even to her brother, merely for the sake of money. All are shocked while pari is aghast. pari vehemently, clarifies as she is under the spotlight, and says that its all a controversy. She then spots ankit amongst them, and then brings him out, saying that her brother shall tell the truth, that she didnt do anything. he however speaks up, and says that whatever pari said that day was false and overexaggerated, and dragged him too into this. she is shocked to hear this. he says that maasa explained that till he doesnt stand on his feet, he wont get suman, which is absolutely right. pari is apalled at ankit’s betrayal, and rushes away from there. he leaves after her too. maasa smiles evilly, amused.

Outside, Ankit continuously goes after her, while she refuses to listen to anything. he then apologises profusely, saying that he had no other choice. she asks how could he think this was one, by disrespecting the family in front of everyone. she says that not just them, but their family’s respect is at stake. he says that he was scared as had he not done this, maasa would have killed them. pari asks if he knows what she is scared of. Pari asks him to think for once, what would her father feel, when he sees this newsbyte of his. He is set to thinking. she says that their father should never get to know of this. he complies silently.

meanwhile, inside maasa says to the reporters that now that they know the truth, they should get to doing their work. the ladies meanwhile stand tensedly, as the reporters leave. Maasa then asks the three ladies to forget that this ever happened, and not keep it in their mind. The screen freezes on her fiery face.

Precap: while pari returns after praying from the temple, in the night, some leering guys pass lewd comments, saying that she managed to get a bigpayload off the big family, and now she might try and take advantage of them too. sattu comes and beats them all up, as they scurry away from there. she however talks to him rudely, saying that they were his hired goons only, sent by him. A person comes and then identifies him, as not some goon, but their Sattu. She is surprised to hear this, while he eyes her intently.Meanwhile the coctor comes anc checks pari’s father in the family’s presence and says that this might have been created due to drinking contaminated Sur Sagar. pari remembers that this brand belongs to maasa ans swears that she wont spare her now. she goes onto confront maasa in the factory.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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